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Little Nicky's Coffee

Little Nicky's Coffee has a retro feel with muted colours, soft lighting, checkered tiles and glass cookie jars. Owner Renee Bonise opened the Queen and Peter cafe only a few weeks ago, but I could smell the main attraction as soon an I walked in.

Little Nicky's

It's almost impossible not to order the mini donuts. The sweet smell is intoxicating and while I'm trying to figure out what coffee I'd like my mouth shouts against its will, "I'll have some donuts please."

Little Nicky's

Cory and I watch as they come fresh from the rolling conveyor belt as Bonise handles them by inserting a wooden stick into their holes to pick them up. We try regular and cinnamon flavoured. They're hot, doused in sugar and bite-sized. With a decent price point, it's difficult to not grab some for the road. Six donuts are ($2.75) and a dozen go for ($4.00). The best part is their size, so the sugar rush is quick and the guilt is kindly non-existent.

Little Nicky's

As for coffee, their espresso is a personal house blend while the other coffee beans come from Concord. I had an espresso ($2.00) with raw sugar and Cory ordered an iced coffee ($2.50).

Little Nicky's

Before Cory added ten tablespoons of sugar to his beverage (he likes it sickly sweet) I took a sip. The iced coffee was delicious as is, not too creamy and refreshing. My espresso was perfect to be paired with a homemade semi- sweet chocolate chip cookie ($2.00).

Little Nicky's

Bonise bakes all the cookies herself which includes flavours like double chocolate cherry and banana toffee pecan oatmeal. The sandwiches like the grilled chicken club ($5.75) come from All the Best and the croissants are from Rahier Patisserie .

Little Nicky's

The cafe's name stems from Bonise's pet Chihuahua Nikita, hence the little black pup that is stamped on every manila coloured paper take out bag. Bonise and her staff are super accommodating and friendly, and I will definitely go back for those bite-sized treats.

Little Nicky's

Bonise comments, "I wanted something unique, Canadian and I always loved mini donuts as a kid." Don't we all.

Little Nicky's

Little Nicky's is open Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., and starting this month they will also be open on Sundays.

Photos by Cory VanderPloeg

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