I've always liked the idea of a hybrid cafe/convenience store - a place I could sit and eat or drink whatever I just bought, and perhaps read a magazine while I'm at it. The thing is - no such places have really existed in Toronto. That is, until last week.

A new spot on King West - across from the Holiday Inn - called Journo opened last week that offers precisely this. Inside, there's a cafe with an assortment of coffee drinks (serving Van Houte - the company behind the concept) as well as sandwiches and other snacks, a magazine stand and an assortment of confectionary and other products you'd expect to find at a 7-Eleven .

It's a decent spot. It was busy when I stopped by this morning before lunch. I think it will do well, although it could use a bit more character. While it's convenient; the ambience (or lack thereof) of the cafe leaves a little to be desired. They should also add free WiFi.

Journo is at 327 King Street West

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