dazzling cafe toronto

Dazzling Cafe

Dazzling Cafe is part of a worldwide Taiwanese chain that specializes in pretty desserts served up in cute and dainty spaces.

dazzling cafe torontoBunny ears protrude from the chairs and a carousel style horse greets you at the entrance.

dazzling cafe torontoDrinks and desserts definitely have a pretty theme. The Rose Lychee Soda ($7.50) fits the mold exactly. It's a light and refreshing fruity drink perfect for hot weather.

dazzling cafe torontoThicker and richer is the Matcha Caramel Smoothie ($7.99). This marshmallow-Oreo-laden drink is a bit bitter slight but caramel adds a nice dose of sweetness.

dazzling cafe torontoThe brown-coloured Deluxe Mocha Slush with Espresso ($7.50) might be the sugar kick you need after a long week or are just craving a jolt of caffeine.

dazzling cafe torontoThe Bacon and Poached Egg Spaghetti ($13.99) might look heavy but it's surprisingly light with a delicate flavour.

dazzling cafe torontoPrettier still with a soft pink hue is the Mentaiko Spaghetti ($13.99). It gets its rosy glow from the mentaiko (fish roe) and packs a bolder flavour.

dazzling cafe torontoMy favourite dish might just be the Poached Egg and Fried Chicken Waffle with Cheese ($12.99). The waffle could be a bit crispier but the well-seasoned chicken and cheese is a killer combination.

dazzling cafe torontoOf course, you can't leave here without ordering one of their toast towers. The Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($15.99) has a subtle sweet even if the presentation isn't as jaw-dropping as I had expected.

dazzling cafe torontoBetter, in my opinion, is the Mango Honey Toast Cup ($12.99). The novelty of having a densely packed honey toast dessert in a cup is enough to blow my mind. It’s also delicious.

dazzling cafe torontoMore conventional is the Strawberry Waffle ($12.99) where fresh strawberries and whipped cream are presented almost floral-like. It perfectly encapsulates the overall theme of the place.

dazzling cafe toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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