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Poetry On The (Better) Way

Poetry On The Way continues to be a nice departure on an otherwise mundane Toronto subway/bus ride, offering up a wide variety of poetry to audiences that may instead be using that time to stare at their iPhones or play 'what's that smell'.

This one is entitled Escondido Nights by Jim Christy, who joins a legion of poets whom I haven't heard of until I stopped subway-flirting long enough to look up...

The moon is the shape
Of this hidden cove
fishing boats are constellations
We floated through a heaven
that glittered phosphorescent
like plankton in tinfoil
And paused between a pair:
Aurorita and Viridiana, to thrash about like comets just
Let out of school.
And continued on a light year
later Moondust in my mouth
And all over your body

It's strange that there isn't an official website for Poetry on the Way to be found - nearly a decade after launch. Given the track record of the TTC's marketing efforts, I'm not too surprised.

Between ads with Harry Potter nerds promoting X University and chicks sporting cameltoe urging you to use pay-as-you-go phones, it's a concerted (and appreciated) effort by a few behind the scenes to squeeze in a bit of exercise in free thought and open interpretation - on the way.

Written by guest contributor Justin Gilburd.

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