Toronto's Literary Events: July 1-7, 2008

In this week's roundup of Toronto's literary events: A whole lotta screaming going on as the Scream Festival kicks off this week.

Tuesday, July 1

Yolanda T Marshall invites everyone to her launch party, A Poetic Journey into the Mind of Miss Marshall, which features readings, dances, and performances by Cloud 9 Co-op. The launch will be followed by an afterparty hosted by DJ MelBoogie from CKLN. It all goes down at Nile Bar & Lounge at 7pm.

Also on Tuesday:

Thursday, July 3

The Scream Festival kicks off with Alumni Night, where well-known poets take the stage to read the work of newer poets. Renown writer Emily Schultz will also read the winning poems of this year's EYE WEEKLY Poetry Contest. It all goes down at The Supermarket at 8pm.

Also on Thursday:

Friday, July 4

Artists Sonja Ahlers , Derek Beaulieu, Michael Maranda, Jesse Huisken and others take the Scream Festival by storm by creating a visual poetry gallery on the walls of Type Books. Language and images interplay at The Inarticulate Mark reception at Type Books at 7pm.

Also on Friday:

  • Phoebe Tsang, Clara Blackwood and Kyle Paul read at the IV Lounge Reading Series at the IV Lounge at 8pm.
  • Freedom in Death celebrates the work of writers whose works are now in the public domain at the Scream Festival at Type Books at 9pm.

Saturday, July 5

The Scream Festival embraces it's youth in Seen Writing, a celebration of the creativity and collaboration between young writers in the city. Hosted by Julie Wilson of Seen Reading, the event features readings by Rupi Natt, Aaryn Zhou and Georgia Webber, as well as readings from Shannon Bramer's collaboration with her 3-year-old child. It all goes down at the Tinto Cafe at 4:30pm.

Also on Saturday:

Sunday, July 6

It's not stealing if you don't know the original language, is it? Naive Translation, part of the Scream Festival, lets you shamelessly take from other people's hard work and turn it into your own literary masterpiece. Get ready to plunder at Type Books at 8pm.

Also on Sunday:

Monday, July 7

Forget about all that sleazy Harry Potter fan fiction around the web, and come to Into the ID Vortex (part of Scream) to discover the power and the appeal of fan fiction of many different types. Bring your favorite source text to this intriguing workshop at Type Books at 8pm.

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