Fly Nightclub

Fly is like a club out of an 80s Madonna movie. It has dark corners and metal staircases and a banging sound system. It's three floors in total, although the top one is more of a square balcony over looking the dance floor and the bottom one is more of a lounge where people collect or chill out when taking a break from the massive dance floor on the second.

I'm just gonna come out and say it, it's a gay club mostly for boys so don't go there if you're one of those straight couples from the States who just wanna grind up to some R. Kelly and makeout on the dance floor. having said that, there are several nights that get a mixed crowd and being that I am a straight girl, I've never once felt out of place or uncomfortable being surrounded by hard-bodied men on the dance floor.

What's good? On any given Saturday it's out of town guests a la David Morales variety getting down to house house house music, but the Divercity Series that Fly operates is where the mixing is. Monthlies, Grapefruit on the first Friday of the month is a retro pop and dance music night and attracts plenty of everything boys, girls, gays straights all of it. Other fun monthlies are South Asian night, Besharam with DJ Amita and Dance Camp, which is basically every big anthem dance club hit old and new. There's also long running quarterlies like Gairy Brown's Eden parties and Sydney Blu's Bitch Slap.

There are always go-go dancers and interesting drag shows which keep you interested in between sweating it out.

Fly is pretty much what every club wishes they could be: rammed on the regular, with good fast service from interesting bartenders, a great sound system and friendly bouncers. It's all that and a bag of chips.

Writing by Anna Von Frances

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