Augusta House

Augusta House is the newest venture from the former owner of White Orchid on Dundas (now Zed), and just like White Orchid, the parties are eclectic and run the gamut from Hip Hop to Disco and Retro and everything in between.

It's in the middle of the market , which keeps out the tourists and the rif raf. I'm pretty sure it was once a boozecan after hours, but it's always hard to tell the locations of those places during regular hours.`

Conveniently located on the middle of Augusta, halfway between Dundas and College street and on the second floor of a house-like building, Augusta House. It's one part restaurant, opening at 5PM Wednesday through the weekend, one part club, with a variety of local DJs keeping the dance floor hopping until 3AM.

The layout is simple, a square at the top of a narrow staircase, stage for the DJs at the front, bathrooms at the back, tables and chairs and a bar which is the focus. I mean, what bar doesn't have the actual bar as the focus?

The beauty of Augusta House is that it's generally full with downtown people. I would say it's 19-30, with people from the market, Queen West scenesters, those used-to-be hip-hop, now I ride fixed gear and listen to electro in flat caps, and people escaping College Street on the weekends.

It's not massively publicized and that's one of its qualities. It's the kind of place where you'd have to live here to know. And it seems that everyone who does go, respects it as such.

Drinks are not expensive and neither is the food, and neither are lacking in quality either. The service is the kind you'd expect from a family joint, and the flow of the room is easy. In a nutshell, Augusta House is where the cats from the Boat a few years back graduated too when the party ended.

Writing by Anna Von Frances

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