don't call me cupcake

Don't Call Me Cupcake

Don't Call Me Cupcake is a tiny bakery courtesy of Tova Harrison and her business partner/friend-of-20-years Reheleh Pourkhodayar. They do indeed bake and sell cupcakes here, but a customer once told them that theirs are better than just regular cupcakes, and so the name of their shop was born.

don't call me cupcake

There is definitely one baked good that shines above the rest, and it's Don't Call Me Cupcake's signature item: the rum cupcake ($3.25). Even if you're in the "cupcakes are so over" camp, this particular one is pretty special, and may still win you over; it's based on a rum cake recipe from Harrison's Jamaican mother (but modified to include a bit more booze than her mother would prefer).

rum cake

I try a slice of the rum cake itself that inspired the cupcake version ($2.75) and immediately understand why it led Harrison to get into the dessert business. It's still warm with a moist, light texture and a real kick of booze - you can definitely taste the rum, but it's not so strong that it overpowers the rest of the cake's just-sweet-enough flavour. It's a boozy, satisfying treat, and I can see myself getting addicted and craving it constantly. (No, I don't have a drinking problem; yes, I really like rum).

The non-rum cupcake offerings change depending on what ingredients are available in the market that day. Harrison bakes everything from scratch daily in the back kitchen, and she likes to fill the display case with 8 to 10 different flavours at a time. She tends to use plain vanilla or chocolate cake bases and builds the various flavours into her cream cheese frostings.

don't call me cupcake

On the day I visit, she's made vanilla cupcakes with lime frosting and chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting ($3 each, $1.50 each for a mini) using fresh fruit. Other popular flavours have been cookies and cream and salted caramel (has anybody else noticed that salted caramel is everywhere these days?! Not that I'm complaining).

don't call me cupcake

In addition to cupcakes, there are coconut lemon squares ($2), brownies ($1.50), shortbread cookies with sprinkles ($1.25) and made-to-order cheesecakes ($24 for a dozen mini 2" cakes), but I think I've already found my go-to. Just keep those slices of rum cake coming.

don't call me cupcake

Note: This business has since moved from Kensington Market to Broadview Avenue.

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Jesse Milns

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