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Someone robbed a Toronto gallery and got away with nearly $300k worth of art

In a heist that seems more like something out of a movie than something that actually happens in your home city, an independent contemporary gallery in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood has been robbed of nearly $300,000 worth of fine art.

Perhaps inspired by the new Netflix release This is a Robbery, three perpetrators broke into the swanky Galerie de Bellefeuille on Avenue Road just north of Bloor at around midnight on Monday.

The individuals managed to pry open the location's glass doors under the cover of darkness and make away with four pieces, which have an estimated value of $265,900 total.

The items include a crystal-encrusted Buddha statue and an elephant sculpture with some Warhol-esque soup cans and other painted detailing, both from the same artist, Metis Atash of Germany.

Also stolen were U.K.-based Sophie Ryder's imposing and mythical life-sized piece "Lovers on Horseback," and one of a series of the androgynous bronze figures that Dutch sculptor Hanneke Beaumont is known for.

Toronto police have released photos of the missing works, as well as stills from security footage that show the suspects masked up (because COVID-19 safety first, obviously) and dressed in all black save for one of the three, who obviously couldn't find a fully monochrome ensemble in time for the big event.

Though the crime itself was very Hollywood, the getaway vehicle was significantly less so: a grey Toyota Sienna minivan with the plates removed, which travelled northbound on Avenue.

The thieves are still at large, and authorities are seeking any information that the public may have to help with their capture — that is, if they don't manage to flee and sell the pieces overseas while the case remains a mystery for all time, as all legendary art heists tend to end.

Lead photo by

Toronto Police Service

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