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The top 10 art shows in Toronto for fall 2017

Art shows in Toronto this fall will have you looking at the world in different ways thanks to massive shows like Nuit Blanche and the Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the AGO. As always, there's also a host of smaller shows worth seeing at the cities up and coming galleries.

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    • September 15
      This is an exhibition dedicated to the future of Toronto that also reflects the vast changes in the city's culture as a result of decades of immigration and life in the suburbs. It will feature contemporary works and installations.
      Art Gallery of York University
    • September 14 - November 26
      This is a unique video art show from Israel looping films and clips from 1970-2012. The exhibit showcases the work of 38 artists, including early performances, films, and videos never before presented outside of Israel.
      Koffler Centre of the Arts
    • September 30 - October 1
      The 12th edition of Toronto's free, city-wide sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art returns with installations and works transforming spaces all around us for one night only. 
      Multiple Venues
    • September 23 - January 21
      From lavish textiles and intricately patterned carpets to colourful paintings, this world premiere show introduces Torontonians to a selection of the world’s most important private collections of Islamic art. The gallery is only closed Mondays.
      Aga Khan Museum
    • September 28-30
      Co-produced with The Power Plant and in collaboration with the AGO, this is an art event and a summit that weaves together ongoing movements led by indigenous peoples and the multiple relations between home, land, culture, and community.
      Multiple Venues
    • September 30 - January 7
      Don’t miss this rare glimpse into the fantastic and frightful world of renowned filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. It's an immersive exhibit featuring about 4,150 objects collected by del Toro, including props, sculptures, paintings, prints, and costumes.
      Art Gallery of Ontario
    • October 27-30
      Art Toronto is Canada's only international fair for modern and contemporary art. It's kind of like if Toronto had an Art Basel.
      Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    • October 13 - November 11
      Ottawa artist Carol Wainio's latest show of new works at this West Queen West gallery shows off her colourful, dystopian paintings that will transport you to another world.
      Paul Petro Contemporary Gallery
    • September 15 - November 11
      This is an exhibit featuring a new piece from Jérôme Havre, Cauleen Smith, and Camille Turner. It's a short film featuring puppets exploring worlds that both isolate and offer possibilities. There's also an immersive video component.
      Gallery TPW
    • September 15 - November 4
      Through film, sculpture, performance, installation, drawing, and photography, this show investigates traumatic episodes and invisible histories by digging into histories of slavery, migration, and civil rights’ movements in North America.
      Mercer Union
    Lead photo by

    Guillermo del Toro's Bleak House by Josh White

Lead photo by

Guillermo del Toro's Bleak House by Josh White

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