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Instagram star captures the moodiness of wintertime in Toronto

Ashton Persaud, or @ashtontekno on Instagram, knows it's weird he loves shooting Toronto in the wintertime.

“I’m more prone to shoot in the winter than I am in the summer," he says. "I just feel alive."

Unlike those who dig the sunshine, some of us love the mystery of the colder winter months and Persaud, 28, captures the beauty of our city in hibernation mode.

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He has just over 27,000 followers on Instagram and says he built up his fan base by initially maintaining a blue theme on his feed and by telling a story in each row.

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He's somewhat abandoned that strategy and now features much more vibrabt colours. Along with shooting in the winter, he often has his camera out at night to document the bright city lights.

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While he used to shoot a lot of streetscapes, he's been intrigued by street photography for the past year. He likes that the action on the street's always moving and changing - that can make it challenging for him to get his shot.

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"There have been times I’ve been waiting an hour to get that shot," he says of his sometimes lengthy process. "I’m not going to leave until I get it," he later continues.

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Photography, he explains, has let him explore all different parts of the city, including places near his residence in the Beaches. For instance, he's showed his followers a whole new side of the Scarborough Bluffs by shooting them covered in snow.

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Instagram has also connected him to a larger community and he sometimes takes his camera out with well-known photographers such as bora.vs.bora, snappedbycam and jazzy.vibes.

02/17/16. #cuteye 👀🐦 Tag Someone that gives you thst cuteye.😱🔪

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He first started messy around with cameras in 2013 and got hooked. The medium, he says, offers him a creative outlet. While he currently works in retail, he hopes to parlay photography into his full-time gig.

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In the meantime, he continues to give his followers his take on Toronto. Afterall, his camera has changed how he sees the city.

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“It gave me a whole new respect for the architecture, the culture," he says. "And it opened my eyes to what’s in this city.”

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