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The top 10 free events at Luminato 2016

The top free events at Luminato 2016 will let you take in the majesty that is the Hearn Generating Station, including the world's largest mirror ball. Just by heading down to the former power plant, you can take in all sorts of free programming. While the big-ticket parties and performances might steal the show, these events will steal your heart.

Here are my picks for the top free events to check out at Luminato 2016.

B.A.S.E. Aerial Services (June 10 - 11)
BASE jumpers from Team FX will be leaping off The Hearn's 215 metre smokestack 10 times during the first two days of the festival. You can watch this happen from pretty much anywhere outside the power plant.

Trove (June 10 - 26)
What are the 50 most important objects, works of art - and maybe even ideas - in Toronto? And how can we bring them to the public? This exhibit tries to answer that question with 3D images created by photographer Scott McFarland.

YTB Gallery Exhibition (June 10 - 26)
Younger Than Beyonce artist-run centre provide opportunities for artists under 33. This visual and immersive art show focuses on creating survival tactics in a dystopian world. Fun, futuristic stuff from an up-and-coming local gallery.

The Hearn Trail (June 10 - 26)
You can finally explore the grounds surrounding the old Toronto power plant that's been closed since 1995. Ignore all the parties and performances for a minute and take a walking tour of the Hearn site mapped by Luminato Festival's Nicole Hurtubise in collaboration with Six Nations playwright Falen Johnson and Spacing editor Shawn Micallef.

New Canadian Stage (June 10 - 26)
The Biergarten outside the Hearn will host live music from fresh Canadian talent. It's co-curated with Slaight Music. You can buy Mill Street beer and eat Parts & Labour food, but officially, you don't have a spend a thing while taking in nightly shows from folks like Emma Lee, Liam Titcomb, Turkwaz, and lots more.

The Coating Project (June 10 - 26)
A video portrait project from the Dietrich Group, which includes lots of naked bodies, will be running throughout the festival inside the Hearn.

Apocalypsis CD Listening Party (June 16)
Stand in the dark and hear the legendary musical project by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer on the massive sound system inside The Hearn. This was one of the largest performance events Canada has ever seen when recorded back in 2015. The listening party will be a tidal wave of sound.

Iftar at the Hearn (June 22)
To help welcome Syrian newcomers to the city, Luminato is throwing an Iftar dinner, traditionally served at sunset to break the daily fast during the month of Ramadan. Communities from across the city will gather to eat and drink traditional Syrian and Middle Eastern food with lots of entertainment.

Regent Park School of Music (June 25)
This is a live music show with a big heart and brains. The show includes students from the Parkdale Nonsense Orchestra, the Regent Park Wind Ensemble and more, performing and celebrating the results and "power of community music education."

Art, culture and place-making in the city (June 26)
This will be a discussion about transforming cool spaces in your city with a top notch panel of speakers. Karen Brooks Hopkins from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Aga Khan founding director Henry Kim among them.

Photo of the Hearn by Jesse Milns.

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