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10 almost famous YouTube personalities from Toronto

Some of YouTube's famous and almost famous content creators call Toronto home. With some boasting more subscribers and views than Billboard Hot 100 artists, they'll give you more than a few reasons to be proud of the city. Though many have relocated to the platform's epicentre, Los Angeles, you can still spot a landmark or two in the background of their vlogs when they return home.

Here are my picks for the top YouTube channels from Toronto.

LaurDIY is the go-to channel for all things crafty. Want to fashion the perfect Halloween costume or makeover your space? She's got you covered (and is much more reliable than a Pinterest photo guide). Fair warning, if you subscribe to her channel, you and the salespeople at Michael's will be on a first name basis in no time.

Vanoss Gaming
Evan Fong, the mind behind Vanoss Gaming, has taking YouTube by storm. His subscriber count is higher than Ellen, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber, and it just keeps growing. It goes without saying that gaming videos are some of the most watched on the site, but his take it to another level, with each upload garnering millions of views.

Gigi Gorgeous
Gigi is known on YouTube as one of the top beauty gurus, sharing her favourite products and pampering tips with her devoted audience. Since relocating to Los Angeles, she's befriended Kylie Jenner, been photographed by Miley Cyrus, appeared on numerous red carpets, and become a full-fledged celeb in her own right.

The Sean Ward Show
The Sean Ward Show is the brainchild of comic and video creator Sean Ward. Some of the channel's most popular videos feature costume clad superheroes battling it out on the streets of downtown Toronto. Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto shows the Marvel and DC heroes going at it around the city and has garnered more than 10 million views since its upload in 2012.

LaToya Forever
On her main channel, Scarborough native LaToya posts a little bit of everything. Expect to find rants, parodies, comedic skits, challenge videos, tags, and more in her uploads. She also runs a vlogging channel, LaToya's life, where subscribers can keep up with her day to day adventures.

Omar Isuf
Pretty much the antithesis of gaming videos, Omar Isuf encourages subscribers to get off the couch with his fitness videos. You'll find clips on everything from how to perfect your form to muscle anatomy. If you need that extra push to get out of the house and into the gym, spend a few minutes watching his transformation video, and you'll be more than inspired.

RachhLoves, a beauty vlogger, posts make up tutorials, Pinterest hacks, work out tips, Q&As and more. Her second channel, RachhLovesLife is mainly devoted to baby related videos, but has a few daily vlogs as well. If you're into her channel, she's been known to host meet ups at the Eaton Centre.

Furious Pete
If you're a fan of Man vs. Food - or just food challenges in general - you'll be a fan of Furious Pete. He's a professional competitive eater, so naturally most of his videos focusing on consuming ridiculous amounts of food (i.e.: 147 Bowls of Noodles in 5 Minutes). Peppered in with the eating challenges are a few work out videos, which explain how he's maintained his six pack.

FaZe Rain
Nordan Shat (or FaZe Rain) is a member of the world's most subscribed gaming team, FaZe Clan - so unsurprisingly, his feed is dominated by game-related content. Aside from that he posts prank videos, life updates and Q&As on the channel. He also runs a second channel, OMFGRain, where he uploads vlogs and additional gaming content.

Sylvia Jade
Sylvia Jade is a fashion/beauty/lifestyle vlogger. On her channel, she uploads expertly-edited lookbooks, hauls and morning routines. If you were looking to hop on the pastel hair bandwagon, she's even got a step-by-step guide to get you from dark to bright.

Who did I miss? Leave your favourite Toronto YouTuber in the comments.

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