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The top 10 tattoo artists in Toronto

The top tattoo artists in Toronto are not to be confused with your regular scratchers. While it goes without saying that all artwork is subjective, there's a collection of artists around the city who've garnered sterling reputations that set them out from the crowd.

Here are my picks for the top tattoo artists in Toronto.

Tony Hu, Chronic Ink

Tony Hu and his business partner Tristen Zheng are the award-winning duo behind Chronic Ink. Specializing in neo-Asian tattoos, Hu designs some of the most spectacular dragons you’ll ever see. Check out both artists' Instagram feeds and admire their world-class creations.

G.NO, Tattoo People

There’s something about G.NO’s work that has a storybook quality to it. Specializing in small, floral designs, this artist doesn’t shy away from colour and is especially recognized for her dreamy watercolour tattoos.

Jay Decator, Passage Tattoo

As the owner of both Passage locations and an architect of tattoos for over 30 years, Decator is, for good reason, in high demand. Adept at several styles – from line work to black and greys and irezumi – he needs to be booked months in advance, but it's entirely worth the wait.

Savannah Parent, Seven Crowns Tattoo

This artist combines her love of dolls with her tattoo abilities to create ethereal, neo-traditional pieces that are softly coloured. Working from Seven Crowns at Yonge and Eglinton, her work is full of nature and often features doe-eyed animals in woodsy settings.

Seunghyun Jo Potter, FY Ink

Often flying back and forth from Korea to his Queen West shop-residence in order to grace both ends of the world with his skills, Seunghyun, also known as Potter, is hands down the best realism portraiture artist in the city.

Franz Stefanik, Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

Nobody does American traditional quite like Franz Stefanik. His portfolio is full of classic bold red and black colour palettes, ranging from sleeves to back pieces and body suits. Working from one of the best tattoo shops in the city, his designs are in a league of their own.

Alanna Mule, Bellwoods Tattoo

Mule is the co-owner of Bellwoods Tattoo, located on Lower Ossington. Her attention to detail lends to her phenomenal black and grey floral designs, and her portfolio includes tons of gorgeous geometric stencil and mandala work.

Mr. Koo, Ink and Water

The delicacy and tiny-ness of this artist’s tattoos put him at the forefront of micro tattoo designs in the city. As the director of this custom studio at Bloor and Lansdowne, Mr. Koo uses the single needle technique to achieve some of his incredibly detailed fine line work.

Scoot Mason, Scoot Ink

The owner of his own tattoo shop on Dundas West, Mason’s clientele include celebrities like Johnny Depp and Travis Scott. He might be most well known for immortalizing Bautista’s bat flip on some bloke’s body, but it’s not just hype – Mason’s black and grey work is excellent.

Lisa Sinner, Adrenaline

Regardless of what you need, it seems like Sinner can do it all. Working out of the ever-popular Adrenaline on Queen West, she has a skill-set that ranges from black and white line work to super playful American traditional art and classic Sailor Jerry pieces.

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Hector Vasquez of Scott Mason

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