Last Call Poets with Shane Koyczan Tonight

Looking for something exciting to do on a Monday night? Well, get yourself to the Boat at 8pm for an awesome night of spoken word featuring Toronto's own Last Call Poets and a very special guest: Shane Koyczan.

You may have heard his name before &mdash most people interested in spoken word around the world have. Shane was the first Canadian to win the Individual World Poetry Slam and has performed with the likes of Ani DiFranco, the Violent Femmes, Saul Williams and many more.

The following video has Shane performing "This is My Voice," a poem particularly relevant in light of the upcoming election:

Special guest Shane Koyczan aside, tonight's performance by the Last Call Poets is one to look forward to. I spoke to That Brown Bastard, a member of the group, to tell us a bit more about spoken word in the city and what to expect tonight.

Who are the Last Call Poets? Why 'Last Call'?

The Last Call Poets are Amanda Hiebert, Dave Silverberg, Kevin Fortnum, Krystle Mullin, Valentino Assenza and That Brown Bastard. 'Last Call Poets' was the least worst of the names we we were considering for the project. Other names we considered and (thankfully) rejected: Words To Your Mother, Poetic Handjob, Consonant Sorrow.

How do you feel the spoken word scene has evolved in Toronto over the past few years?

Spoken word has gotten to the point where the other literary genres cannot ignore it anymore. Spoken word is kind of like the Green Party; three years ago, it was barely on anyone's radar, and now more people are attending spoken word events than ever before. Dave Silverberg has a lot to do with that, plus he's cuter than Elizabeth May.

In the upcoming show, you get to share the stage with Canadian spoken word legend Shane Koyczan. You've performed with Shane before — what's that like?

The Last Call Poets have never shared a stage with Shane, but I did compete against him in a Shane vs. the World slam last year. I was robbed, ask anyone. We're excited for sure, especially because Shane owes each of us money and he's finally going to pay up. Shane is definitely a huge influence on our work, individually and as a group. When it comes to spoken word and slam poetry he's as big as it gets.

What can we expect from tonight's Last Call Poets show?

You can expect tears, beers and cheers from a typical Last Call Poets. We don't rehearse often, so when we meet up to do a show it is a special event. On Monday, you're going to see the reunion of not just six kick-ass artists but friends. With LCP, it's always a party and if the drinks are flowing, then so will we! Shane will be pretty darn good too.

The show kicks off at 8pm tonight at The Boat. You can find more information about the Last Call Poets show with Shane Koyczan on the Facebook event page. See you all there!

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