Taking the ride on JEEPNEY @ Hysteria

A Jeepney is part bus, part Jeep, and anything but a smooth ride in this one woman play.

Shifting back and forth from childhood years in Manila, to her "Sex and the City" like adult life in Toronto, Simone's life is complicated. Finding out by accident that her mother abandoned her when she was young to getting jilted by a conman who took more than just her heart, Simone relentlessly goes to plate and batters up for the next round of balls.

Writer and actor Christina Florencio delivers a comical yet heartfelt performance as young Simone trying to pass the boredom while waiting for her Jeepney to arrive and savvy adult Simone navigating through her numerous boy toys and male eye candy.

Things are never as they seem as underneath the veil of booty calls and dreams of Farrah Fawcett being her 'real' mother, there is a struggle for one's identity, place and purpose in the world.

Ultimately, it's the ride of her life.

Jeepney @ Hysteria - Saturday, Novemeber 5th - 7pm

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