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LINE Knitwear 2011 takes me back to high school

Posted by Briony / April 3, 2011

You know that horrible, creeping feeling you get when you realize that the clothes of your youth have slowly come back into fashion? At 28 years old, this has finally happened to me as the nineties have come back into vogue. And now, LINE's fall/winter 2011 collection is my teen years incarnate.

The knitwear giant filled its fall line with bohemian grunge trademarks, from chunky multi-colour cableknit maxidresses and pastel silk poet blouses to slate-blue cords and crocheted everything.

Even the non-hippie pieces had a late-millennium air, like the tapered black trouser, exotic-print midi-skirt, and the shiny black fur shortie jacket. The floor-length fur coat had panelling, for gods sake!

As much as the cocoa-bean and eggplant lipstick shades, and chunky boots, took me back to my junior-high years, it's an era that's just not me. My seatmate adored the collection, crying, "I wish I was a woman so I could wear all of it!"

And it was indeed a cohesive, romantic little collection--I wish the current generation all the best in making this throwback their own.

Line knitwearLine knitwearLine knitwearLine knitwearLine knitwearLine knitwearLine knitwearLine knitwearPhotos and video by Istoica.

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