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Amanda Lew Kee misfires at LGFW Fall / Winter 2011

Posted by Briony / April 2, 2011

The Amanda Lew Kee fall/winter 2011 show featured probably the most egregious use of fabric I have seen in several years of Fashion Week coverage. Kee was one of a few Fashion Collective members to snag a coveted Runway spot, but she might not be ready for the big top just yet. Back to the fabrics. MY GOD, THE FABRICS.

I actually uttered, "Oh, my god!" not once but twice as fluffy lamé giftwrap-style fabric floated down the runway in eye-melting shades of copper, royal blue, and hot pink. Then there was a handful of pieces in a shimmering peacock/black 90s-raver fabric. Then there was the vaguely Asian floral splashed with celadon sequins.

Make it stop.

Now, I admire Kee for attempting something daring. Something wild. But a collection lives and dies by its fabrics, and if they look cheap, if they look gaudy...then you're done for.

Another daring detail that failed included skirts and dresses cut way too high. (And, coming from me, that must mean real high. A seatmate even leaned over to me and said, "I think I just saw her underwear. Possibly her vagina.") Another fail? The see-through blouses (very hot this season)...with big raw silk flowers or a sad ruffle flopping off both breasts. Yikes.

What Kee needs to do is stick to her strength: streamlined, nu-goth pieces that are chic, seasonless. The collection actually had a few of these gems, including the shaggy, big-shouldered fur coat that opened the show; leather crop-tops that turned into an elegant sheer shift in the back; jackets with bold gold hardware and a built-in sheer "skirt;" and the loose tapered trouser speckled with grommets.

And I loved the long-sleeved, tight-and-see-through maxi-dress with nineties-tastic vertical stripes (which was styled beautifully with bare ta-tas and high-waisted briefs)!

These pieces are what Kee needs to build on to avoid another horrifying boondoggle next season. Better luck next time.

Amanda Lew KeeAmanda Lew KeeAmanda Lew KeeAmanda Lew KeeAmanda Lew KeeAmanda Lew KeeAmanda Lew KeePhotos and video by Istoica.

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