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Fashion Week

Klaxon Howl shows high blue collar at Fashion Week

Posted by Kevin Naulls / October 22, 2010

Klaxon HowlI wanted to return to some longer form of journalism today. This week has been a whirlwind - if you haven't heard, it is LG Fashion Week, with designers new and ancient bleeding their hearts on a shiny pristine runway. It is always a bit crazy (you may or may not have noticed that my posts are a little shorter than usual), but I thought I'd get back to the heart of why we (the writers, the PR, the designers) gather whilst suffering some less-than-poetic self-lauding from the media 'elite.' We're here for fashion, so let's chat.

Klaxon HowlToday, Klaxon Howl, a store that needs no introduction decided to show their spring/summer samplings of rough and tumble hardened men. To begin, a khaki jacket with frontal utilitarian pockets walked down the runway with a partly concealed cargo belt cinching the waist ever-so-slightly.

Klaxon HowlThe same jacket followed, this time in navy - in my opinion, should you send variations of a piece, there should be breaks. The tailoring was more relaxed than a Philip Sparks or Dimitri Chris option which we saw last week, but that is part of Klaxon's charm. A Canadian tuxedo paired a denim blazer with a denim shirt and wide seat jeans that had all the qualities of high quality work wear - wider seat and a straight leg with a little wiggle room (not too much so shape is sacrificed, but just enough). Perfect.

Klaxon HowlHowl gets the separates right too with a classic gingham button up, or a Barbour-style jacket with the most flirty peek of buffalo plaid lining. Make no mistake, Klaxon Howl may possess a sometimes dandy aesthetic, but their strength is impressive work wear fits and what can be described as "high blue collar" - refining the ideas behind our father's old work fatigues, but making it so you would never want to get them dirty.

Klaxon HowlSomething that has been spotted on the runways of late and in the audience throughout the week have been high waisted linen trousers, which is something Klaxon Howl chose to show with a tucked button-up to emphasize their play with proportion. Again, perfect.

Klaxon HowlMy only confusion was with the why, rather than the what. As much as I love Klaxon Howl - and I do, I really really do- the repetition of the collection's many highlights made me wonder if the show needed to happen at all. I'm just not sure it made any extra impact or statement - it was just a collection of dudes walking down a runway. I would find the clothes just as appealing on a rack and there wasn't enough variety to make it worth the effort.

I guess Klaxon Howl was banking on people like me being in the runway - men and women alike who already dig the Howl offerings, enough to want to see them again and again.

But back to the clothes.

Klaxon HowlKlaxon Howl reintroduced their leather and wool club jacket, which - speaking for the piece alone - fit so much better than it appeared it would on a hanger in their shop (I spotted it when I reviewed the shop months ago). The brand also made a denim Member's Only style jacket, which was less cropped than the 80s equivalent, seeming more wearable and less flashy.

Overall, despite my confusion about the 'why', the 'what' really spoke to me on a personal level. I was left dreaming of a mining town, where oxfords replaced steel-toed boots and denim was everything. Carry on, Klaxon Howl.

Klaxon HowlKlaxon HowlKlaxon HowlKlaxon HowlKlaxon HowlKlaxon HowlPhotos by James Kachan

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