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Fashion Week

NADA, for the Dark, Mysterious and Sexy Type

Posted by Briony / October 23, 2009

NADA was definitely one of my favourite collections this season. Designer Nada Shepherd was able to marry excellent construction with an artist's eye, creating a series of looks that was exciting, but also wearable.

The first look even drew a burst of applause from the crowd, which was the first time I'd seen that happen this season. (Wondering what caused it? Think a woven leather minidress with a sheer black top, worn over striking lace tights.)

Sexy, right? NADA does sexy really well, but the clothes allow the wearer to maintain a certain mystery. For instance, I dug the slinky jumpsuits and rompers made from luscious silk that seemed both ladylike and femme fatale at the same time (they had a slight Barbara Stanwyck hotness to them).

Other great contrasts included a bulky boyfriend blazer over leather-mesh-like leggings, a sheer black lace top worn with slouchy lilac PJ pants, or pastel-blue shirt-dresses with surprising details like a tulip-shaped back or kimono shape.

Even her more sedate pieces had enough flair to elevate them--I adored the slinky shorts (a staple this spring!), the white blouse with enormous puff-sleeves, the mauve sheath with the black lace overlay, and the watercolour silk frock.

Oooh, Nada, I'm in Fashion Week love with you! Let's hope our affair lasts for many more collections to come.

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Photos by Jeremy North-Lewis. Video by Istoica.

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