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Fashion Week

6 Looks from Toronto Fashion Week

Posted by James Kachan / March 22, 2009

For the last day of LG Fashion Week in Toronto, I decided to highlight a series of entirely different looks - people who's whole dress style just stood out.

Ariel NeuerThe Scandal, blogger for stylemounties

What are you wearing?

  • Jacket (Loro Piana)
  • Custom shirt (Marlon Durrant Custom shirts)
  • Wool tie (Barney's New York)
  • Pants + Cashmere Cardigan (Eredi Pisano)
  • Shoes (Stefano Branchini)

Quote: "Clothes make the man baby!...When I dress I want to dress well."

Colton RiceColton Rice, Evan Biddell's boyfriend.

What are you wearing?

  • Vintage!
  • "Oh, and funny story, this vest used to belong to Evan and I somehow ended up with it. Then, later on, we started dating."

Quote: "Bowties with patterns on patterns IS men's fashion!"

Emmanuelle SalvadorEmmanuelle Salvador, Stylist with Monarch Event Group.

What are you wearing?

  • Custom Pants by Joey Samson (Filipino Designer)
  • Shirt by Joey Samson

Quote: "This is one of my best outfits. I was saving it for the last day.

Kim CathersKim Cathers of Project Runway Fame, Fashion Designer

What are you wearing?

  • "Denim Mermaid Bell Bottoms" by Evan Biddell

Quote: "I love him (Biddell) and his clothes, always."

Lucian MatisLucian Matis, Fashion Designer.

What are you wearing?

  • Custom pants by, uh, Lucian Matis

Quote: "I bleached them myself. I took a cotton rag and worked it in, then splattered some bleach too, then left it for 15 minuets. Then washed them in vinegar to neutralize the bleach."

Shaun CampbellShaun Campbell, Carlie Wong's PR (Unbranded Design Group).

What are you wearing?

  • Carlie Wong Obviously! - (seasonal fabric)

Quote: "The best part is the tie, obviously. Check out this clip too."

All photos by James Kachan

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