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The Best Banh Mi in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / June 29, 2016

banh mi torontoThe best banh mi in Toronto might be among the freshest and cheapest fast food options around. The hybrid submarine sandwiches are the product of French colonial influences on Vietnam and while traditionalist are still crafting them with pâté, cold cuts and pickles, plenty of new wave banh mi shops have mixed in cross-cultural flavours from across the globe.

This is the best banh mi in Toronto.
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The Best Tea Cafes in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / June 27, 2016

tea cafes torontoThe best tea cafes in Toronto are as varied as the seemingly endless blends, styles and flavours of tea available. While some brew cups with modern machines and techniques, others use centuries-old brewing traditions. Whether you're seeking to sooth your senses, invigorate or entertain, a cup of tea will always satisfy.

Here are the best tea cafes in Toronto.
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The Best Blues Bars in Toronto

Posted by Phil Villeneuve / June 24, 2016

blues torontoThe best blues bars in Toronto are like walking into your grandma's house and smelling that favourite dish she makes. They make you feel good and at home, even if the music itself tells of sorrow and heartache. Know what I mean? These are places that give the city a little bit of extra soul through raw emotion and amazing musicianship.

Here are the best blues bars in Toronto.
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The Best Place to Watch a Film in Toronto

Posted by Phil Villeneuve / June 22, 2016

movie theatre torontoThe best place to watch a film in Toronto is not your couch. Get out of the house! From our city's nostalgic rep cinemas to mainstream movie theatres, Toronto is blessed with a diverse array of options for soaking up the delights of the silver screen.

Here are the best places to watch a film in Toronto.

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The Best Pubs in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / June 20, 2016

best pubs torontoThe best pubs in Toronto foster a sense of community in a city that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether you're looking for an after work pint and bite, a cozy date-night destination, weekend brunch, or a place to catch up with your friends, these neighbourhood locals are great spots where everyone can feel comfortable.

Here are the best pubs in Toronto.
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The Best Cafes in Toronto (West Side)

Posted by Christina Cheung / June 17, 2016

toronto cafes west sideThe best cafes in Toronto on the west side are stalwarts on the caffeine scene. There's some stiff competition out there these days, what with the abundance of indie coffee shops opening up over the past few years. Yet many of these spots have managed to expand and improve their offerings over the last few years, and java-happy patrons are duly rewarded with some excellent joe.

Here are the best cafes in Toronto west of Yonge St.
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