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The Best Pilates in Toronto

Posted by Lori Harito / March 5, 2015

pilates in torontoThe best pilates studios in Toronto offer the foundation of pilates: strength, length and core. And there are plenty of studio choices in Toronto, all with their own unique way of teaching. Initially, pilates - which was named after founder Joseph Pilates - was invented for rehabilitation and physical therapy. Now, studios have evolved their teaching styles as they continue to learn more about the intricacies of the body's biomechanics.

Here are best pilates studios in Toronto.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Furniture Stores in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / March 4, 2015

furniture torontoThe best furniture stores in Toronto are stellar showcases for local and international design (and, with a big enough budget, your home can be one, too). Though clean, contemporary style continues to dominate the city's design scene, these stores reinterpret current trends in myriad ways, from industrial-cool to sleek minimalism to statement-making drama.

Here are the best furniture stores in Toronto.

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The Best Poutine in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / March 2, 2015

best poutine torontoThe best poutine in Toronto takes three humble, basic ingredients - fries, cheese curds, and gravy - and transmutes them into sloppy, melty, drunk-food magic. The Quebecois staple has become a bona fide food trend here in the city, colliding with everything from chicken wings to Japanese food to pizza. Purists prefer to savour the flavours of hand-cut potatoes, squeaky curds and slow-simmered gravy unadorned; I say there's room for everyone.

Here is the best poutine in Toronto.

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The Best Indoor Swimming Pools in Toronto

Posted by Chynna Wilson / March 1, 2015

swimming pools torontoThe best indoor swimming pools in Toronto allow you to splish-splash all year round, whether you're opting to keep fit with some lane swimming or would rather just frolic with friends and family. While some of you may choose to just drop in on one of the public pools where leisurely swims are usually free (and lane swimming tends to be $3.50), others may wish purchase a membership at a club to receive additional services - whatever floats your boat.

Here are the best indoor swimming pools in Toronto.

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The Best Shawarma in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / February 27, 2015

Best Shawarma TorontoThe best shawarma in Toronto is a product of patience - meat is built on a spit, then marinated at length and finally slowly roasted as juices drip down to coat and caramelize its exterior. Whether you get your shawarma piled into a platter or wrapped up into a sandwich is your call, but of course it's the meat that makes this dish, no matter how many pickled turnips or squirts of garlic sauce are applied to accentuate it.

Here are the best restaurants for shawarma in Toronto.

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The Best Salvage and Reclaimed Furniture in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / February 26, 2015

furniture torontoThe best salvage and reclaimed furniture in Toronto give battered, time-worn items new life. That's not to say they're restored to their former glory - when it comes to barn wood or century-old baseboards, these shops are careful to leave that glorious, beaten-in patina perfectly intact.

Here is the best salvage and reclaimed furniture in Toronto.

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