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The Best Wine Bars in Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / July 18, 2016

wine bars torontoThe best wine bars in Toronto are places to discover grape varietals and regions that you've yet to try. While the wine options at the LCBO are better than ever, the wonderful thing about drinking by the glass at a bar is that an expert has done the choosing for you, and if you don't happen to like what you've ordered, you can just move on to the next option.

Here are the best wine bars in Toronto.
Best of Toronto

The Best Gay Bars in Toronto

Posted by Phil Villeneuve / July 15, 2016

gay bars torontoThe best gay bars in Toronto are about as fun as places get in this city. Drag, DJs, dancing, cocktails, and people representing every letter in LGBT2QS can all be found in these spaces. If you don't know what each of those letters means, make it a point to visit any of these gay bars on any given night and get schooled.

These are the best gay bars in Toronto.
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The Best Sandwiches in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 13, 2016

sandwiches torontoThe best sandwiches in Toronto will make your brown bag lunch jealous and include everything from po' boys and BLTs to chicken parm and porchetta on a bun. Each one boasts bold flavours and comes crafted with quality ingredients and care.

Here are the best sandwiches in Toronto.
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The Best Milkshakes in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 11, 2016

milkshakes torontoThe best milkshakes in Toronto are worth the inevitable brain freeze. These thick, creamy and nostalgic concoctions are the OG of ice cream creations, and while classic blends of ice cream and milk prevail, there are plenty of original takes too, including some flavoured with foie gras and truffle or spiked with a couple shots of your favourite spirit.

Here are the best milkshakes in Toronto.
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The Best Lobster Roll in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 8, 2016

lobster roll torontoThe best lobster roll in Toronto is at the luxe end of the fast food scale and is usually more affordable than a lobster dinner. Some might argue that the simple sandwich needs nothing more than chilled lobster dressed with just the slight hint of mayo. Toronto kitchens are quite respectful, with only a few adding flourishes (perhaps a strip of bacon) and most let the sweet and succulent crustacean shine.

Here are the best lobster rolls in Toronto.
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The Best Fish Tacos in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 6, 2016

Fish Tacos torontoThe best fish tacos in Toronto are located at restaurants around the city. Whether you favour deep fried Baja-style fish or delicately grilled varieties, you'll find fish tacos starring on menus at taquerias, tequila bars and seafood restaurants.

Here are the best fish tacos in Toronto.
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