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The Best Clothing Stores for Local Design in Toronto

Posted by Alice Prendergast / November 25, 2015

clothing torontoThe best clothing stores for local design in Toronto are filled with goods created and curated by local fashionistas and fashionistos. You'll find racks and racks of Toronto and Canadian-designed goods, with everything from accessories to outerwear lining the racks, but what's most notable is the high quality on display. Sometimes local is better.

Here are the best clothing stores for local design in Toronto.
Best of Toronto

The Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Toronto

Posted by Darren "DKLo" Susilo / November 23, 2015

hot pot torontoThe best hot pot in Toronto is a perfect balance of fresh ingredients, delicious soups, and delectable dipping sauces. This classic Chinese comfort cuisine is perfect to warm you up as the temperature starts to cool down. Be it spicy, savoury, or lightly flavoured, the excellent varieties served up by local restaurants prove that there truly is a hot pot for everyone.

Here is the best hot pot in Toronto.

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The Best Pet Stores in Toronto

Posted by Alice Prendergast / November 21, 2015

pet stores torontoThe best pet stores in Toronto will have your dogs decked out in the finest fashions and your cats munching on organic treats. Unlike places like Pet Valu and Petsmart, these stores are largely stocked with luxury products and specialty foods, making them frontrunners in the world of pet care.

Here are the best pet stores in Toronto.
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The Best Museums in Toronto

Posted by Amy Grief / November 20, 2015

museums torontoThe best museums in Toronto let visitors and locals escape from the city to explore historical artifacts, priceless works of art and hockey memorabilia. As a cultural hub, Toronto is a hotbed for esteemed institutions that provide us with endless learning opportunities and stellar rainy day (and winter) activities.

Here are the best museums in Toronto.

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The Best Burger in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / November 19, 2015

best burger torontoThe best burgers in Toronto can be found at a motley crew of restaurants, from old school burger shacks to steakhouses to sprawling chains and pubs. These places couldn't be more different, but they all have one thing in common: a killer recipe for a juicy burger.

Here are the best burgers in Toronto.

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The Best Pizza Delivery in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / November 18, 2015

pizza delivery torontoThe best pizza delivery in Toronto was once a smattering of little shops that you'd otherwise rarely set foot in. While the pizza joint in closest proximity to one's house used to be the best option, there's a whole new world of restaurant-worthy pies that go the distance both in terms of delivery area and quality these days.

Here is the best pizza delivery in Toronto.
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