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The Best Video Stores in Toronto

Posted by Alice Prendergast / October 10, 2015

video rental torontoThe best video rental stores in Toronto are world class havens filled with cult films and blockbusters. With streaming services like Netflix cornering the at home movie watching market, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find well-stocked video stores. Luckily, these shops, have managed to stand the test of time and carry flicks you just can't find on the internet.

Of course, if you're a seasoned film buff looking for an expansive collection, you can always check out the TIFF Film Reference library, it may not be a rental store per say, but it's collection blows most shops out of the water.

Here are the best video rental stores in Toronto.
Best of Toronto

The Best Turkey in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 9, 2015

turkey torontoThe best turkey in Toronto doesn't come from a supermarket that sells frozen, mass market birds. For Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other occasion, your best bet is to go local and buy a turkey from a butcher close to home. These birds are typically sourced from Ontario farms and demonstrate that free-range, grain-fed and drug-free is the ideal way to go for the centrepiece of your holiday spread.

Here are the best places to buy a turkey in Toronto.

Photo by Scott Snider in the blogTO Flickr pool
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The Best Comic Shops in Toronto

Posted by Amy Grief / September 25, 2015

comic shops torontoThe best comic shops in Toronto show off our city's history with both comic books and graphic novels. From Superman (co-creator Joe Shuster was born here) to Scott Pilgrim, and the many other talented comic artists who call Toronto home, this city has definitely left its mark on the comic world. Perhaps that's why our related stores are both high-quality and plentiful.

Here are the best comic shops in Toronto.
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The Best Boxing Gym in Toronto

Posted by Amy Grief / September 23, 2015

boxing torontoThe best boxing gyms in Toronto let you train like a world class fighter regardless of whether you're itching to throw punches in the ring or you're simply looking to get some exercise. From old school facilities that'll make you feel like Rocky Balboa to sparkling boxercise studios, many of these spots will teach you basic self-defence and provide you with a sucker punch of a workout.

Here are the best boxing gyms in Toronto.
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The Best Waxing Salons in Toronto

Posted by Alice Prendergast / September 21, 2015

waxing torontoThe best waxing salons in Toronto will have you freeing your body of unwanted hair as quickly and painlessly as possible. Everyone and their mother has heard a tale or two about a botched waxing job or awkward encounter with an aesthetician, luckily with the help of these salons, you can skip those less-than-desirable situations and get the job done right.

Here are the best waxing salons in Toronto.
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The Best Whisky Bars in Toronto

Posted by Jen Hunter / September 18, 2015

whisky bars torontoThe best whisky bars in Toronto have been something of an unfashionable bunch recently, what with the resurgence in rum and the bourbon trend taking all the brown spirit headlines for the last couple of years. It doesn't help that Scotch whisky is one of the most expensive spirits in the world. That said, nothing really matches Scotch for complexity, so get thee to a whisky bar.

Here are the best whisky bars in Toronto.
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