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Girls Gone Wild: Beaver Edition

Posted by Jenny / November 25, 2006

Canadian Girls Gone Wild isn't just about flashing people your gazoongas. It's about showing your Canadian pride. By using the CN Tower as a backdrop for your tits.

Perhaps pouring maple syrup on them, while riding a moose.

If you're not aware already, there is a Canuck counterpart to the famed American version of the Girls Gone Wild DVD series that mainly involves a lot of drunk college girls flashing the camera and sometimes making out and fondling each other. Canadian Wild Girls, however, is "liberating" for young women, says one of the company's founders.

"We've had no complaints," notes operations director CWG Carm Giardina, who was inspired by the concept three years ago with a couple of buddies. They began spreading the word out to interested participants and even had a few "test nights" at Wasaga Beach, "just to see if it could work."

Girls Gone Wild in the States landed in some hot water in 2003, when one of the producers was fined $1.2 million US and charged with more than 40 criminal offenses after two 17-year-old girls said one of their photographers videotaped them in sexual situations in a Panama City Beach motel room.

Still, peanuts to a company profitting over $100 million a year on this.

Apparently, nothing like that has ever happened here. Papers are signed, I.D.s shown. Giardina attests that the producers don't force the girls to knock a few back before filming begins, but "I won't lie to you - probably about 75 per cent of the girls we shoot have had at least a couple drinks in them."

I don't know about you, but I don't really find anything liberating about a bunch of drunk chicks screaming, "WOOOOOOO!" while flashing equally-wasted frat boys in front of tourist locales or on historic monuments or representative animals. The Jason Lee Chasing Amy quote comes to mind: "Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I like the idea of a chick with a horse."

Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for sexual expression, nudity, all that good stuff. I was a webcam girl for six months last year and I find that to be much more liberating than this sort of thing. We interacted with people on a more platonic level first and tested our exhibitionist boundaries without shame later on.

I see flashes of Arrested Development's Kitty showing off her disproportionate wares on the "Girls with low self Esteem Gone Wild" videos and I end up laughing my ass off.

But, 18-year-old Joey, whom I speak to at the Everything to Do with Sex show in October, is a model-turned-Wild Girl and loves the action going on in front of the camera. "The atmosphere is so cool," she says. "I like watching behind the camera too."

Hmm. Maybe the girls have a voyeuristic side to them too.

A guilty pleasure of mine is to check out the late-night GGW infomercials to boost DVD sales. Usually, it's girls in bikinis playwrasslin' with one another; sometimes Jell-O is added. And, they have all kinds of merch, too -- it's crazy. They should have the tank tops fitted with a MacGyver-like invention for easier lifting.

Still, Giardina insists that it's all about creating a sense of fun and chatter at a party -- "It's great for stags and stagettes and poker parties. They pop it on and start talking about it and that's all we want to do."

Somehow, I get the feeling that he wants the people watching to lose their shirts too.

FYI: For extra fun, check out Squirrels Gone Wild on DVD.


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