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Ultimate show for bike geeks coming to Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / May 21, 2013

Brooks england dashing bicycle showOK bike nerds and design connoisseurs, this is an event to have on your radar. Brooks, the England-based saddle and bike accessory manufacturer, has organized a five city travelling bike show called "Dashing," which lands at the Kensington Market location of Bikes on Wheels June 8th. More akin to an art/design exhibition than a strictly commercial display, the idea behind the show is to highlight brands that aren't well-known in North America but which are nevertheless noteworthy for their design and craftsmanship. Well, that and to celebrate a little.

Think Pelago Cycles from Finland, which were showcased at the first show in San Francisco. In addition to the eye-candy, which naturally features an array of Brooks products as well, previous events have been sponsored by Hendrick's Gin and featured live music and other party favours. In other words, this is an occasion for bike livers to get together, imbibe, and share stories of their worst crashes (surprisingly fun, especially after putting back a few).

Given that the exhibit will only visit four other cities, it's significant that Bikes on Wheels will play local host. The choice to come to Toronto is at least an implicit endorsement of cycling culture in this city, as Brooks has chosen to bring the show only to what it refers to as its "Dealers of Excellence," all of which are hubs for the local cycling communities in their respective cities.



really / May 21, 2013 at 05:10 pm
FACK! of course it comes to toronto on the same weekend as the Ride to Conquer Cancer. who plans these events? lets plan a bike event when 20000 cyclists won't be in the city. (i don't know if it's 20000, but a lot of people, incld me:(
Ben / May 22, 2013 at 10:55 am
Pretty awesome that the organizers think that Toronto has enough of a bike culture to be worthy of such a cool event. Don't tell them we haven't yet actually figured out that bike lanes aren't just places to park delivery trucks.
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