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The top 8 board game stores in Toronto

Board games in Toronto are more popular than ever. Board games have evolved from the days of Monopoly and Sorry! Modern games are better balanced, often easier to learn and encourage more social group interaction. That's why board game sales are up and board game cafes like Snakes and Lattes have popped up all over Toronto.

Here are my picks for the top places to buy board games in Toronto.

401 Games
The full name is 401 Games, Toys and Sportscards. The store started as a convenience store 20 years ago, but has grown to one of Toronto's busiest game stores. Drop by for free board game nights (Wednesdays) or just marvel at the massive collection of games, action figures, sports cards, card games and more.

Snakes and Lattes
This board game cafe is also a game store. So if the place is full, and it usually is, you can just pick up a game and head home. Their collection of games to play is the largest in Toronto and for only $5 you can play them all for as long as you like.

The Hairy Tarantula
Look for the giant Zanzibar sign across the street and you'll find a staircase that leads to one of Toronto's oldest and most packed gaming stores. If you are looking for something rare or out of print; this is the store for you. Don't let its cramped interior fool you, the store is larger than it appears at first. And don't forget their location at 6979 Yonge St.

Strategy Games
On Mt. Pleasant Rd, just south of Eglinton Ave, you'll find Strategy Games. Though more focused on classic games (it's run by the Chess'n Math Association (CMA) a non-profit organization devoted to bringing the game of chess to Canadian youngsters), this store is packed wall to wall with new games as well.

Dueling Grounds
Though more focused on war gaming and tabletop role-playing games, this is a hidden gem just a few blocks east of Lansdowne station. There's a large gaming area (1500 sq.ft.) in the basement and though it doesn't rival Snakes and Lattes, it's free and available. The medieval weapon collection on the walls also help set the mood.

Silver Snail
You'll find the Silver Snail just north of Yonge Dundas square. Though heavily skewed toward comics, there's also a great selection of board games here. Grab a latte at the Black Canary Espresso Bar while you're there and watch the busy streets while contemplating what game to get next.

Heavy Support Games
If you're in the west end of Toronto and don't want to bother going all the way downtown: stop by Heavy Support Games on the Queensway. Mainly a miniature gaming and card games store, it has great prices on most modern games.

Meeple Mart
Named after the small person-shaped figures used as a player's tokens, this place at 247 Spadina Avenue boasts a massive collection of board games.

Writing by Jorgen Stovne, an an avid gamer and blogger at

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