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The Price Is Right comes (on down) to Toronto

Posted by Melody Brown / April 1, 2013

Price Is Right TorontoReaching the final shows of its eight-week-long tour, The Price Is Right Live! stage show popped up at Toronto's Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on Thursday and Friday night. The second show was added as an afterthought, after the first show sold out in under 15 minutes, proving that with or without Bob Barker (or Drew Carey), Torontonians are crazy about the 57-year-old game show.

Gone were the 70's colour schemes of Lord Barker's studio, replaced with the much more subdued navy hues of the Sony Centre. But people still brought their flare, wearing fluorescent custom-printed t-shirts — some with built-in lights, others with trap doors that opened to photos of new cars. Although costumes were scarce compared to the stage show's television-based older sister, those who dressed up showed little shame and tons of ingenuity in design.

Price Is Right TorontoAlthough the television show has given away over 6,000 cars, 10,000 trips, and $500 million in prizes over its half-century span on cable, this version is admittedly much less flashy. Prizes are worth no more than about $2,500 and include such items as Apple computers, small cash prizes, and, of course, stainless steel refrigerators — because The Price Is Right wouldn't be the same without stainless steel refrigerators.

Price Is Right TorontoThe crowd was loud and proud as the first contestants were called on down by host Todd Newton (he's famous because he talks to famous people...). One of the four players was in the washroom when her name was called. In true Canadian fashion, the show was put on hold and everyone politely awaited her return. When the first player to win in Contestant's Row made it to the stage, he was greeted with boos even Bieber would find unnerving. Turn's out, he wasn't from Toronto. He wasn't even Canadian! "Torontonians really know how to make Americans feel welcome," joked Newton.

Price Is Right TorontoClassic games like Cliff Hangers, Hole in One (or Two!), and Punch-a-Bunch were played, but instead of featuring products live on the stage, they were pre-taped and played on a big screen. Perhaps the best part of the show was the unveiling of the wheel. Not quite as big as the original, it still sparkled and spun, beeped and shined. It was almost as beautiful as the solo Barker's Beauty who smiled through Newton's subtly chauvinistic remarks.

Price Is Right TorontoLike most stage adaptations, The Price Is Right Live! was entertaining, but missed the glow of its glitzy cable counterpart and left me yearning for the real thing.

Photos by Brian Morton



Steven / April 1, 2013 at 01:06 pm
Not so nice finding out after the fact.
Nevets replying to a comment from Steven / April 1, 2013 at 01:20 pm
Maybe you need to check the interweb more frequently so you don't miss these events, hmm?
Teresa / April 1, 2013 at 08:23 pm
I wasn't in the washroom. I was on the upper balcony and it took me a while to get to the stage. But I was the moat excited guest ever!! I was so happy he said happy birthday to my mom. We all had matching happy 70th Nonna t-shirts !!! Loved the show!!!!
Monkeysack / April 2, 2013 at 02:03 am
Gone are the days of big floppy jugs bouncing about in pit stained t shirts and hyperventilating trailer trash creaming their hamburger hekper smelling granny panties at the thought of a new washer & dryer. Now it's all rapey frat boys and screaming methed out banshees hyped at how much jib they can swap the boat for! Drew Carry isn't fit to have Bob Barker mushroom swipe his chubby chops either!
contrarian grammarian replying to a comment from Monkeysack / April 3, 2013 at 04:02 pm
In Canada, we spell it "TONNES".

And who calls it jib now anyways? Go back to hiding in your rave cave.
Linda Stull / April 3, 2013 at 06:40 pm
Did you have to get to the price is right live early? We are going to the April 27th 08:00 p.m. show in Indiana and don't know what time we should arrive.
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