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Gore-Gore Rollergirls Take First Toronto Roller Derby Championship

Posted by Tanja / November 18, 2007

Gore-Gore Rollergirls Win the Toronto Roller Derby Championship
The Toronto Roller Derby League wrapped up their first season last night with a long-awaited championship bout between the Gore-Gore Rollergirls and Chicks Ahoy!.

The game was months in the making as the league was searching for a new venue but this was well worth the wait. Making the switch from George Bell Arena to Rinx, derby fans went from controlled cheering behind the boards to being seated 'rinkside', mere feet (sometimes inches) away from the ruckus.

Oh, and what ruckus there was...

Gore-Gore Rollergirls Jammer on the Move

Gore-Gore Wipe Out...

Chicks Ahoy! Rough Up the Competition
Of all the teams this season, Chicks Ahoy! is probably the toughest. They've got the hits, bumps and elbows down to a science -- even if it sends them to the box a few too many times. Unfortunately, what they lack consistency in is speed.

Gore-Gore Jammers Squeeze Through
The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, in contrast, appear to be wearing invisible jet-packs. Their jammers managed to fly through the Chicks Ahoy! pack before any blockers could even wind up for a hip-check.

Toronto Roller Derby

Toronto Roller Derby

As a result, Chicks Ahoy! trailed badly at the end of the first period and despite some threatening jams later on, they just couldn't quite close that gap.

Chicks Ahoy vs Gore-Gore Rollergirls

Fumbling and Stumbling...

Gore-Gore Rollergirls Hold Back the Pack

Toronto Roller Derby fans look on...

The Gore-Gore's took the title, the trophy and a rowdy victory lap around the rink.

Gore-Gore Rollergirls Show Off Their Win

Toronto Roller Derby returns in May 2008 for another season.

Ref, the Krow

For now, you can help support the world's largest roller derby league by attending Roller Suicide, the TORD fundraiser party tonight (Nov 18th) at the Mod Club. Organizers promise bands, burlesque, rollergirls and prizes. What's not to like? The event kicks off at 7pm. Cover is $10 with a game ticket or $15 without.

Toronto Roller Derby



Tim / November 18, 2007 at 10:37 am
Gotta love the sign.
Adam / November 18, 2007 at 11:27 am
SO much fun to watch! I'm not sure what the old place was like, but I totally agree about the new venue - it was great to see them kicking the crap out of each other mere inches from where you were sitting.
Nancy Paiva / November 18, 2007 at 03:09 pm
This looks like fun...something about seeing woman go at it is so captivating...nice shots..
mick / November 22, 2007 at 02:47 am
But what was the score?
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