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The Sumo Robots are COMING! RUN!

Posted by Tanja / March 11, 2005

This Sunday, March 13, nerds will reign and the Sumo Robot Challenge will take over the WORLD! Well, at least they'll take over OCAD (can the freaky campus pencil-building hold up?)...

we're talking about battling robots... the Sumo part factors in because the whole competition is modeled after traditional Japanese Sumo Wrestling. In one-on-one combat, contestants must endure three rounds in which the self- or remotely-controlled robot gladiators attempt to push their opponent off the playing field-a six-foot circular platform. The winner of at least two rounds wins the match.

There are various weight classes and even a heavyweight class that is basically a free-for-all (do you smell kerosene?). According to the website, this year in the heavy-weight "no-holds-barred" class, "scarring of the playing surface is no longer allowed. This new restriction eliminates saw blade wheels and the resultant danger to the audience."

Well then!

The event is open to OCAD students, faculty, alumni and the general public. Admission is free to contestants, $5 for non-contestants adn a mere $2 for students. the Lightweight preliminaries start at 10am and go til noon. The main events go down at 1pm and should wrap up at 5:30pm.

The OCAD Auditorium is located at 100 McCaul Street.
For more information call (416) 977-6000 et. 337


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MattAlexander / March 12, 2005 at 01:40 am
I'd like to add that my friend Phil Eddolls will be opening the competition with a memorial to all fallen robots.

His kinetic sculpture, which as far as I know is untitled, features a dead robot's rise into the heavens, complete with melodramatic music and stage lighting.

So get there early and learn to cry tears made of oil.
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