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25 aerobatic shots from the 2014 Air Show in Toronto

Posted by Guest Contributor / September 2, 2014

toronto air showThe 65th running of the Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) on Toronto's waterfront featured a selection of military and civilian aircraft taking to the skies to perform for the crowds at the Canadian National Exhibition, but, as usual, it was difficult to avoid seeing (and definitely hearing) them no matter where you were in the city this weekend.

Thankfully for those whose sensibilities are easily shaken, the air show's selection this year has minimized the shock-and-awe of modern US military jet teams (who are unable to perform here due to budget cutbacks) in favour of a much quieter, smoother show that still managed to amuse and delight.

Check out all the aerobatics from the Air Show in this photo gallery.
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Where to play outdoor ping pong in Toronto

Posted by Chris Bateman / September 2, 2014

outdoor ping pong torontoConcrete ping pong tables are rapidly invading Toronto's parks, and it's all thanks to Dianne Moore, an energetic enthusiast from the Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill who believes everyone in the city should have access to the game. Starting last summer in Mel Lastman Square, Moore has worked with advocacy group Park People and city councillors to have 21 precast concrete tables (and counting) installed in public parks and squares across the city.

The inspiration came from Moore's childhood. She used to play with her father on a daily basis. "I moved from Windsor to Toronto, and when I moved here I was reading in the paper about how expensive sports are for kids," she says. "And I'm thinking, 'you know what, ping pong does not cost a lot.'"

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The top 10 online stores for sporting goods in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / September 1, 2014

sporting goods online torontoSporting goods stores in Toronto manage to cater to virtually every kind of athlete, offering a level of service, quality and product depth the big-box stores can't quite touch. What the big guys do offer, however, is convenience - which makes it all the better that many of Toronto's top sporting goods retailers have moved their businesses online.

Though you might still prefer to go and pick out your stuff in person (and remember, in-store pickup is often an option), these stores make it easy for shoppers to compare prices and hunt for hard-to-find specialty pieces while still buying local. With this level of choice, there's a Toronto-based online store likely to have everything you need to hit the ground running (or swimming, or biking, or kitesurfing).

Here are the top 10 sites in Toronto for buying sporting goods.

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The top 10 places to take a walk in Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / August 31, 2014

walk torontoThere's no shortage of scenic places to walk in Toronto, a city that prides itself on over 1,600 some odd parks and green spaces. But not all parks are made for walking, and not all ravines will let you escape without hiking. There is, of course, a difference between a leisurely and contemplative stroll and trudging up and down off-camber ravine walls. No, the ideal walk is something that allows you to forget your body altogether in favour of some state in which you're consumed by the scenery at the expense of stresses of all kinds. We stroll to lose ourselves in the very hopes that we might find ourselves along the way.

Here are 10 places to walk in Toronto that'll help calm your mind.

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The sights and sounds of the CNE at night

Posted by Rick McGinnis / August 30, 2014

the cne torontoJust before the sun starts going down you see them - the exodus of fairgoers through the Princes' and Dufferin Gates out of the CNE, but after nearly five decades of the Ex I have never understood why they're going just when everything's about to get good.

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The top 5 late night drives in Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / August 29, 2014

late night drive torontoThe late night drive is a quintessential urban experience, one that reveals the city in its purest visual form, a mass of glimmering lights set against a black sky. It's late at night when one can really explore a city by car (during the day walking or cycling are vastly superior), when the traffic has thinned and it's possible to cruise along with no other purpose than to soak up the scene and the cool air that pushes through an open car window.

"I used to get in my car, get on the highway and drive and it would be nighttime and I would be looking at this city and if the music matched that scenery, then it was right for me," Drake has said of his last album Nothing Was the Same, underscoring, once again, that our biggest star is also our biggest fan -- not to mention someone who understands that late night driving is all about atmosphere.

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