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How to spend a day in Scarborough

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / October 22, 2014

scarboroughScarborough is one of the biggest districts in the GTA. Spanning from Victoria Park Avenue to the borders of Pickering, it's home to a vastly diverse population due to waves and waves of new immigrants over the years, as well as a handful of natural landmarks worth a long gander.

It's no surprise the neighbourhood is a hotbed for ethnic food and wholesome outdoor activities - there's definitely no roti or greenery quite like Scarborough's anywhere else in the GTA. The area may have an undeserved bad reputation, but there are quite a lot of things to do in its 188 square kilometres.

Here's how to spend a day in Scarborough from morning until late night.

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How to spend a day on West Queen West

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 21, 2014

west queen westWest Queen West is one of Toronto's most fascinating neighbourhoods - even Vogue, thinks so, recently naming this stretch between Trinity Bellwoods and Dufferin the second coolest neighbourhood in the world.

Populated by indie cafes, patisseries, galleries, home-grown fashion labels and restaurants, it's easy to see the attraction. The neighbourhood is a hub for dining and nightlife and while other neighbourhoods might call it a night early, West Queen West is often still bustling and raring to go if you muster the stamina.

Here's how to spend a day on West Queen West from morning to late night.

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How to book a fire pit in a Toronto park

Posted by Sarah Ratchford / October 21, 2014

fire pits TorontoToronto parks are good for more than just picnics, walking dogs, tossing the ball around, or lounging in the sun. In addition to sports facilities, our parks are also home to community ovens and fire pits, the latter of which allow city dwellers to soak up a bit of the country vibe with nightly camp fires.

Parks across the city have fire pits with capacity ranging from 50 to 200 people. It's not too much of a pain to book one, they're available all year round, and it's pretty affordable, too. I did a little digging to save others from having to figure out how to book a fire pit via the city's illustrious web site. Here's how to plan your next urban campfire.

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An insider's guide to Toronto with Anthony Rose

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 20, 2014

Anthony Rose TorontoChef Anthony Rose has just debuted his latest project, the compact Schmaltz Appetizing store devoted to Jewish-style brunch foods. It's the latest in a string of eateries - which also include Fat Pasha, Big Crow and Rose & Sons - where familiar foods get a luxe spin.

For a chef who's now slinging $45 bagels smothered in caviar, you might expect his tastes to be of the champagne variety. Surprisingly, that's not the case: his go-to favourites in Toronto, for the most part, veer from what's trendy and "happening", and are instead made up of long-standing stalwarts and oft-overlooked old-school joints.

Like most chef/restaurateurs, downtime is scarce, so I asked Chef Rose to share how he makes the most of his time off. His ideal day in Toronto might surprise you, or at the very least offer up some new spots to try out.

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How to spend a day in CityPlace and Harbourfront

Posted by Ryan Bolton / October 18, 2014

cityplaceCityPlace is great if you like banks (there's one on every corner), a sea of tall, anonymous buildings and an overpriced Sobey's. And the Harbourfront is perfect for tourists. Well, tourists that can actually get around down there now that the Queens Quay streetcar is back. As CityPlace is still a nascent community, the whole indie coffee shop and restaurant scene isn't really established. But there's still some great spots to spend your day. You just have to hunt for them a little harder than, say, Parkdale or the Danforth.

Here's how to spend a day in and around CityPlace and Harbourfront, from morning to late night.

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How to spend a day in Corso Italia

Posted by Rick McGinnis / October 17, 2014

corso italiaCorso Italia is basically Little Italy 2.0 - the next place postwar Italians lived after College Street got crowded and Woodbridge was still farmland. It's retained its Italian character - alongside a Portuguese and more recently arrived Latin American one, and its residential side streets are full of cute little houses that are going up in value every month, but hey - welcome to Toronto.

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