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Rain makes for historic racing at the 2014 Honda Indy

Posted by Rick McGinnis / July 22, 2014

Honda IndyMotorsports fans who turned out to Toronto's only race event this past weekend were in for frustration or excitement, depending on which day they attended. The weather - provided by our wet summer - took a hand in Indycar's "Two in T.O." Honda Indy weekend and managed to create some history by forcing organizers to run the only double-header the series has ever run after skies opened up on Saturday's race and brought out a permanent red flag.

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Barter your skills with the Toronto Time Bank

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / July 22, 2014

toronto time bankLet's say you've got an apartment that needs painting, but lack the time, patience, and smooth, steady rolling hand needed to make that happen - let alone the amount of cash required to bring in the professionals. You can, however, teach the guitar / proofread a report / fix a bike like nobody's business: Problem solved. Thanks to a new skill-swapping endeavour, the Toronto Time Bank, you can turn your own areas of expertise into a little free help from someone else in the community.

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Your photos of beaches in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 21, 2014

Beaches TorontoSun, sand and surf, er, super calm and (for the most part), swimmable waters make Toronto beaches the perfect retreat from the sticky city just as summer temperatures spike. We challenged our readers to share their favourite beach-side moments for our latest photo contest. Congratulations to danthowe_ for the above photo, which has earned our prize of a Pure Leaf Real Brewed Kit for winning this instalment of our photo challenge series.

Check out all the submissions in our Toronto Beaches stream.
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The top 8 fitness bootcamps for women in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / July 20, 2014

fitness bootcamp torontoThe top fitness bootcamps for women in Toronto meld some serious conditioning with a female-friendly atmosphere. Though there's not much of a military influence in modern-day fitness boot camps (unless you count, say, the O Course's fatigue-wearing drill instructor), the fitness industry's hung on to the term to describe anything that jams tons of all-over training into a brief time frame, with a focus on quick results (and an added bonus of camaraderie and team-building with your fellow bootcampers).

Toronto has tons of great co-ed bootcamp options, but women-only fitness programs take up a solid slice of the fitness landscape. If you're hoping to work out with other like-minded ladies, there's a range of bootcamps out there that will teach you some new kickboxing or yoga movies, boost your endurance, build muscle, and transform you into a lean, mean fightin' machine. And don't be put off by all the hot-pink branding and swirly fonts - these camps mean serious business.

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Toronto restaurant scolds diner after missed reservation

Posted by Staff / July 19, 2014

toronto restaurant reservationFor small Toronto restaurants, the reservation system, no matter how you dice it, is not without its share of problems.

It's true. Dinner reservations are one of the few things in Toronto we can commit to and pull a no-show with no repercussions whatsoever, financial or otherwise. Life happens. That's a given. Flights are delayed, meetings run late. What small restaurant owners want us to know, though, is that reservation no-shows take a real bite out of their business.

Some, bluntly and without apology, are "calling people out" for pulling a disappearing act when their dinner is served, in hopes of changing a long-standing philosophy that it's no big deal to miss a reservation without a phone call. They say that if a dinner reservation was treated more like an appointment it could make the difference between success and struggle for their business.

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The top 10 ways to cool down this summer in Toronto

Posted by Staff / July 15, 2014

cool down torontoWays to cool down this summer in Toronto aren't limited to hibernating inside with the air conditioning at full blast. On the contrary, there's plenty of fun ways to beat the heat that allow you to embrace the dichotomy of summer: as much as we crave warmth in the winter, once it finally arrives, all we can do is think of ways to get relief.

And yet there's fun in precisely this tension, this full experience of the heat of summer, which we can recall when we get our first sniff of fall in late August. So while the Chill House is still yet to open its doors and the splash pads are probably best left to the kids, there are still plenty of options for the rest of us to take respite this season while not hiding from the heat.

Here are 10 ways to cool down this summer in Toronto.

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