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Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a north Toronto enclave home to the David Dunlap Observatory telescope, Canada's largest indoor Wave Pool and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Not to be confused with Thornhill (an enclave in Markham), this other Toronto "hill" similarly boasts a large Chinese population which accounts for its many worthy Dim Sum destinations.

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3 Brewers (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

125 York Boulevard 289.637.2637 Website
3 Brewers (Richmond Hill)

3 Brewers is a French microbrewery/restaurant with several locations around the city. The familiar menu is filled with beer brewed onsite and eats like pulled pork poutine and gourmet burgers....

Abruzzo Pizza / Restaurants

9010 Yonge St. 905.881.8222 Website
Abruzzo Pizza

Abruzzo Pizza has been one of Richmond Hill's top pizza producers since opening back in 1981. A solid 34 years of tossing pies means owners Sergio and Vince run a...

Adrak / Restaurants

15 Wertheim Court Richmond Hill 905.889.8000 Website

Adrak is an Indian restaurant in Richmond Hill. There's a wide variety of Indian classics like tandoori, butter chicken and currie. Adrak has halal meat options available....

Akane Sushi / Restaurants

324 Highway 7 East 905.882.9959
Akane Sushi

Akane Sushi is a small sushi restaurant tucked away on the side of a plaza mall in Richmond Hill. They offer fresh sushi and sashimi lunch bento boxes for $7.99...

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

280 West Beaver Creek Rd. 905.764.9291 Website
Akasaka Japanese Restaurant

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant in Richmond Hill that been around for a very long time. Stepping inside, you will notice large teppanyaki and sushi tables surrounded in...

Alexander's Restaurant / Restaurants

10 E Wilmot St. 905.764.0675
Alexander's Restaurant

Alexander's Restaurant is a burger joint located across from World Bowl on Leslie (just north of Hwy 7). The food here is tasty and affordable, with quick service. For under...

Asian Legend (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

505 Hwy 7 East 905.763.8211 Website
Asian Legend (Richmond Hill)

Asian Legend is a very well-known restaurant chain known for its clean, modern décor and consistenly tasty Northern Chinese flavours with traditional style. There are six locations in total and...

Bali Restaurant / Restaurants

10 E Wilmot St. 905.882.0772 Website
Bali Restaurant

Bali Restaurant is a Southeast Asian cuisine restaurant that features dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. What makes this place special is that all their dishes are cooked without MSG...

Bayview Court / Restaurants

1070 Major MacKenzie Dr East 905.770.8623 Website
Bayview Court

Bayview Court serves quite a lot of Chiu Chou-style Chinese food items and it's clear that this is their specialty. The chin jew chicken here is nice but not as...

Big Mouth Kee / Restaurants

280 West Beaver Creek Rd. 905.881.8821
Big Mouth Kee

Big Mouth Kee is a veteran restaurant located in Jubilee Square in Richmond Hill that serves up classic Chinese and Hong Kong dishes. The menu is extensive, with a giant...

Broadway Restaurant / Restaurants

324 Highway 7 East 905.597.2215
Broadway Restaurant

Broadway Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style café restaurant that is well-known for its good value in food. A sandwich, salad, soup and drink combination set costs just $4.99. The place...

Cafe 28 / Restaurants

10 East Wilmot St. 905.370.2295
Cafe 28

Café 28 is a Chinese Western style restaurant located across from World Bowl on Leslie (just north of Hwy 7). Known for their seafood and steak dishes, you can order...

Chako Barbeque / Restaurants

163 York Blvd. 905.889.7898
Chako Barbeque

Chako not only offers unlimited table top grilling but also an AYCE Japanese menu. It also serve its pitchers in mini-kegs, so bonus marks for presentation of alcohol. Quality here...

Commerce Gate Dynasty / Restaurants

505 Regional Road 7 905.709.2880
Commerce Gate Dynasty

Commerce Gate Dynasty is a modest Chinese banquet-style restaurant. During lunch hours, they serve a nice selection of typical dim sum items that does not taste too salty and is...

Cosmo Music / Services

10 Via Renzo Dr. 1.800.463.3000 Website
Cosmo Music

Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill is one of Canada's largest music stores, at 56,000 sq. ft. The multi-floored shop boasts over 200 staff, 11,000 instruments for rent, handles instrument repairs...

Crab Harbour / Restaurants

280 West Beaver Creek Rd 905.731.5570 Website
Crab Harbour

Crab Harbour is a Richmond Hill eatery with a menu chock full of Japanese fare. On the menu you'll find everything from sushi to tempura. Almost all meal combos come...

Cyan Cafe / Restaurants

9737 Yonge St, RIchmond Hill 289.800.8928 Website
Cyan Cafe

Cyan Cafe is a Middle Eastern-fusion restaurant that serves fresh kabobs, hummos and other dishes. There's flat screens all over the place ideal for sports night. Friday nights turn into...

Cynthia's Chinese / Restaurants

16715 Yonge Street, Newmarket 905.836.8113 Website
Cynthia's Chinese

Cynthia's Chinese is popular enough to have three constantly busy locations around the GTA (including this massive one in Newmarket), yet it's still relatively unknown. (The other two are in...

Deer Garden / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill 905.762.8828 Website
Deer Garden

Deer Garden is a Richmond Hill eatery specializing in Chinese food. Meal combos are available all day and fall under the $10 mark (aside from curries, which are $10.25), so...

Dessert Kitchen / Restaurants

3623 Highway 7 East, Markham 905.604.6300 Website
Dessert Kitchen

Dessert Kitchen is a Richmond Hill outpost with a confection-heavy menu. If you're looking to indulge in savoury fare, the menu includes items like fried squid balls and chicken wing...

Destiny Tea House (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

165 York Blvd. 905.889.7899
Destiny Tea House (Richmond Hill)

Destiny Tea House in Richmond Hill is one of the major bubble tea hot spots in the GTA. The place is perhaps most busy during after dinner hours, when groups...

Dick and Jane Romance Boutique / Services

10216 Yonge St., Richmond Hill 905.508.0110 Website
Dick and Jane Romance Boutique

Dick and Jane Romance Boutique features toys, lingerie, educational seminars and private shopping experiences. Also of note, their employees are non-commissioned and they boast a VIP Club with exclusive promotions...

Dickens Cafe / Restaurants

9425 Leslie St, Richmond Hill 905.237.4726
Dickens Cafe

Dickens Cafes serves up Western-style Chinese food. In other words, there's quite a bit of pasta and baked rice that's plated with meat with cheese and sauce. Sound delicious? Not...

Dong Dong Pastries / Baked Goods

280 West Beaver Creek Road 905.882.1232
Dong Dong Pastries

Dong Dong Pastries is a Chinese bakery located in a strip plaza in Richmond Hill. They are most popular for their amazing all-day pineapple bun deal, in which they sell...

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine / Restaurants

160 East Beaver Creek Rd. 905.731.3718 Website
Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine is a popular Chinese restaurant that serves unique dim sum and banquet-style entrée main dishes. Although they are on the pricier side, they provide a modern,...

Fresh Burger / Restaurants

9206 Leslie St. Richmond Hill 905.597.7224 Website
Fresh Burger

Fresh Burger makes hamburgers with 100% fresh Canadian AAA sirloin ground on site daily. All hamburgers come dressed one way, with a homemade secret sauce, Canadian cheese, pickles, red onions,...

Fuji Mountain Bakery / Baked Goods

350 Highway 7 East Unit 110 905.882.8281
Fuji Mountain Bakery

Fuji Mountain Bakery is a Chinese bakery which used to be known for their HK-style milk tea (they competed in the Kamcha Competition in First Markham Place). Their buns and...

Full House Desserts / Baked Goods

9425 Leslie Street 905.737.2300
Full House Desserts

Full House Desserts is a popular Chinese bakery in Richlane Mall. You'll find the menu stacked with sweet eats like durian pancakes, soya bean jelly, and mango sago. Good for...

George's Tastee (Leslie St.) / Restaurants

9021 Leslie Street 895.881.6878
George's Tastee (Leslie St.)

George's Tastee is a Carribean restaurant best known for its beef patties and jerk chicken. It is somewhat randomly located in a Chinese plaza strip, but you don't get to...

Golden Court Abalone Restaurant / Restaurants

270 West Beaver Creek Road 905.707.6628 Website
Golden Court Abalone Restaurant

Golden Court Abalone Restaurant is known to-be one of the better places in the GTA to get dim sum. They offer most traditional dim sum dishes and they are freshly...

Goldsor Restaurant / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.881.8392
Goldsor Restaurant

Goldsor Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style Western restaurant located inside the Time Square plaza. The place is best known for its quick, friendly service and delicious set meals at amazing...

Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant / Restaurants

280 West Beaver Creek Rd. 905.886.0680
Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant

Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant is a Chinese vegetarian cuisine restaurant located in the Jubilee Plaza in Richmond Hill. They offer an extensive menu of over 200 vegetarian dim sum and main...

GTOK / Restaurants

550 Hwy 7 East 647.930.7628

GTOK is a go-to spot for hardcore Chinese snacking. The friendly owner here assured me that for Chinese purists, there is no better accompaniment when watching TV than a glass...

Hanna's Shawarma / Restaurants

9301 Bathurst St Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9S2 905.918.0125 Website
Hanna's Shawarma

Hanna's Shawarma is a Richmond Hill restaurant offering everything from shawarmas to baklava. ...

Haru Sushi / Restaurants

10 East Wilmot Street 289.597.2136 Website
Haru Sushi

Haru Sushi, not to be confused with Sushi Haru on College, is a Japanese restaurant in Richmond Hill. The menu ticks all the right boxes, featuring modestly priced maki and...

Health Herb Harmony / Restaurants

500 Highway 7 East 905.886.8380 Website
Health Herb Harmony

Health Herb Harmony is a Richmond Hill restaurant that serves up savoury Chinese fare and a selection of traditional desserts. The menu flaunts items like chu hou beef, ginseng chicken...

Hipot Hot Pot Restaurant / Restaurants

350 Highway 7 East 905.709.1188 Website
Hipot Hot Pot Restaurant

Hipot Hot Pot Restaurant is an all-you-can-eat place where you cook your own food in a boiling pot of water. Perfect on a cold winter's day, you will automatically sense...

Ho Shin Tang / Restaurants

328 Hwy 7 East, richmond hill 905.707.6983
Ho Shin Tang

Ho Shin Tang is the place to go if you're looking for Korean food in Richmond Hill. The menu boasts a wide range of hearty dishes filled with flavour....

Hockey Sushi / Restaurants

1102 Centre Street 905.882.6663
Hockey Sushi

Hockey Sushi in Thornhill is known for having service a bit on the slight side, but the quality of the grub makes up for it. A large party room downstairs...

Hot Taste Restaurant / Restaurants

324 Highway 7 East 905.886.9989
Hot Taste Restaurant

Hot Taste Restaurant is a Sichuanese Chinese cuisine restaurant that is located in Richmond Hill. The menu specializes in a wide variety of unique spicy foods, including pork lungs in...

Ichimoto / Restaurants

360 Highway 7 E 905.886.3288

Ichimoto Japanese Restaurant is an all-you-can eat place that is known for its fresh sashimi and non-greasy tempura. Dinner AYCE on weekdays start from $19.99 and on weekends it's $21.99....

Inaho Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

155 E Beaver Creek Rd 905.889.8533
Inaho Japanese Restaurant

Inaho Japanese Restaurant is one of the few places in the GTA where you can find fresh quality sushi at reasonable prices, and also where the owner and chef are...

Inatei / Restaurants

9021 Leslie St. 905.881.9500

Inatei is a Japanese restaurant located in a new plaza strip just north of Hwy 7 on Leslie. Known for its stylish and modern décor, high ceilings and dimmed lighting,...

Jim Chai Kee Noodles / Restaurants

270 West Beaver Creek Road 905.881.8778
Jim Chai Kee Noodles

Jim Chai Kee is well-hidden from the sight of drivers on Highway 7 (or whatever it's called nowadays) and is the home of quite possibly the most mouth-wateringly delicious shrimp...

Joe's Hamburgers / Restaurants

10825 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill 905.884.4846 Website
Joe's Hamburgers

Joe's Hamburgers is a Richmond Hill joint offering a mix of diner classics and Middle Eastern fare. Whether your craving a burger or a shawarma, Joe's has got you covered....

John's Chinese BBQ / Restaurants

328 Highway 7 East 905.881.3333
John's Chinese BBQ

John's Chinese BBQ is a good place to go if you are craving savoury and crunchy honey bbq pork (aka "char shiu"). Although the food tastes good, the prices are...

Judy Cuisine / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.762.1888
Judy Cuisine

Judy Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant that serves up traditional family style dishes ranging from beef brisket wonton noodles to pork neck meat in XO sauce. Spacious and clean, the...

Jyuban / Restaurants

505 Hwy 7 E. 905.882.1188

Jyuban is a Japanese ramen noodle house located in the Commerce Gate plaza. There are not many other ramen options in the area, so this is a good place to...

K2 Hair Creation / Fashion Stores

280 West Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 10 416.827.6228 Website
K2 Hair Creation

K2 Hair Creation is a newly-opened hair salon that draws heavily from Asian trends and techniques. With an attentive staff that takes the time to address your concerns and meet...

Kasra Persian Rugs / Design Stores

9120 Leslie St, Richmond Hill 905.881.8481 Website
Kasra Persian Rugs

Kasra Persian Rugs imports genuine rugs, specializing in handmade, wool and silk rugs. There's vintage and antique rugs, and the shop restores damaged rugs. Kasra also does rug cleaning....

Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.763.8338 Website
Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant

Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant is located in the Times Square plaza and has been a local favourite for over ten years. The pho noodles here are delicious and the spring...

Kim Tao Hot Pot / Restaurants

10 E Wilmot St. 905.882.8877 Website
Kim Tao Hot Pot

Kim Tao Hot Pot is an all-you-can-eat restaurant where you cook your own food in a boiling pot of self-selected broth. It is located across from World Bowl on Leslie...

Kim's Ichiban / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.881.2583
Kim's Ichiban

Kim's Ichiban is a Japanese restaurant located inside Time Square plaza. They are well-known for its fresh sushi and sashimi party trays. A medium platter costs $30 and is stacked...

Korean BBQ Restaurant / Restaurants

505 Highway #7 East 905.762.1338
Korean BBQ Restaurant

Korean BBQ Restaurant (Richmond Hill) is located in the Commerce Gate plaza and is one of the first grill-your-own food places to open up in the area. Most people come...

Kum Hong BBQ / Restaurants

420 Highway 7 E 905.881.6704
Kum Hong BBQ

Kum Hong BBQ is known to be the best place to go for savoury and awesome BBQ pork (starting from $5.25 no tax). Most people come here for lunch to...

Kung Fu Chop Chop / Restaurants

16 Vogell Road, richmond hill 647.360.9955
Kung Fu Chop Chop

Kung Fu Chop Chop is a Richmond Hill restaurant that offers affordable Chinese food. 3-item combos cost $7.99, with options like roasted duck, BBQ chicken wings, and honey BBQ pork....

Les Chateaux Bakery / Baked Goods

550 Highway 7 East 905.709.9793
Les Chateaux Bakery

Les Chateaux Bakery is located in the Times Square Plaza and offers a traditional range of Chinese buns and pastries. You'll find the usual selection of BBQ pork, hot dog...

Louis XIV / Baked Goods

550 Hwy 7 E Unit 67 416.508.6616
Louis XIV

Louis XIV is a cake & wedding desserts shop located in the Times Square plaza. Despite its location in a Chinese strip mall, it does not sell Chinese buns, but...

Lucky Season Hot Pot / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.709.8983
Lucky Season Hot Pot

Lucky Season Hot Pot is newly opened in Richmond Hill, and offers a clean, spacious, and comfortable setting. For all you can eat options, you can choose from beef hot...

Lucky Star Restaurant / Restaurants

360 Highway 7 E 905.882.8802
Lucky Star Restaurant

Lucky Star Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style café that serves a mix of Chinese and Western foods. They serve breakfast from $1.99, lunch from $3.99 and dinner from $4.99 --...

Lucullus Bakery (Richmond Hill) / Baked Goods

328 Highway 7 E Unit 19 905.771.9709
Lucullus Bakery (Richmond Hill)

Lucullus Bakery is a well-known Chinese bakery chain with various locations in Markham, Scarborough and Richmond Hill. They are considered a more "premium" bakery with good quality buns (try the...

Luna Maternity / Fashion Stores

10785 Leslie St., Richmond Hill 905.508.5862 Website
Luna Maternity

Luna Maternity is Richmond Hill's go-to stop for everything a mom-to-be needs, with a wide stock that runs the gamut from jeans to lingerie to versatile day dresses and knockout...

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine / Restaurants

324 Hwy 7 East, Richmond Hill 905.597.7770 Website
Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine serves up Taiwanese fare in Richmond Hill. The menu boasts an array of authentic specialties, with everything from braised pork to oyster omelets. A huge plus,...

Mexican Amigos / Restaurants

10720 Yonge Street Richmond Hill 905.780.0303
Mexican Amigos

Mexican Amigos just wants to be your friend. This relatively new restaurant all the way up north at Yonge and Elgin Mills not only serves up the usual assortment of...

Milky Lane / Restaurants

9631 Yonge St, Richmond Hill 905.508.5263 Website
Milky Lane

Milky Lane is not just a dessert place - it's an everything wonderful, sweet and nice place. Serving up awesome coloured milkshakes (like the blue bubblegum flavor) waffles and even...

My Kitchen (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

9021 Leslie St. 905.881.1338
My Kitchen (Richmond Hill)

My Kitchen (Richmond Hill) is a fusion Cantonese and Chiu Chow Chinese cuisine restaurant. They serve delicious comfort food such as congee and steamed rice rolls ("cheung fun") that is...

My Sushi / Restaurants

420 Highway 7 E 905.763.1388
My Sushi

My Sushi is a small, cozy Japanese cuisine restaurant that is located in Richmond Hill. They offer an all-you-can eat dinner menu for $18.95 (+$2.00 on weekends) and also a...

New Choice Restaurant / Restaurants

324 Regional Road 7 905.886.2313
New Choice Restaurant

New Choice Restaurant is a Cantonese cuisine diner that is open super late, till the wee hours of the night of 3 to 4am. Food here is decent but is...

Niemeyer Imports / Grocery Stores

10 E Wilmot St 905.764.0302 Website
Niemeyer Imports

Niemeyer Imports is a Dutch themed store hidden away in a strip mall in Richmond Hill. Go here for hard-to-find food and non-food products including Dutch cheese, chocolate and licorice....

Nonna's Oven / Restaurants

1285 Elgin Mills Road, Richmond Hill 905.770.6800 Website
Nonna's Oven

Nonna's Oven is made from stone, which makes all the difference. With a great mix of options for pizza and panzerotti, choosing is the hardest part. For something different try...

Northern Dumpling Kitchen / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.881.3818
Northern Dumpling Kitchen

Northern Dumpling Kitchen is an excellent place to go to if you are craving delicious and authentic Chinese dumplings. Choose from a wide variety of fillings and you can get...

Ocean Seafood Restaurant / Restaurants

328 Highway 7 East 905.889.0829
Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Seafood Restaurant is a popular place to grab Cantonese cuisine in the Hwy 7 and Bayview area. The menu includes a wide selection of popular Cantonese dishes, many of...

Omei Chinese Cuisine / Restaurants

420 Highway 7 E 905.881.8188 Website
Omei Chinese Cuisine

Omei Chinese Cuisine has been a long-time local favourite restaurant for their seafood dishes. Perhaps their most popular item is lobster, which they offer to cook in four ways: with...

Owl of Minerva (Major Mackenzie) / Restaurants

815 Major Mackenzie Dr. Richmond Hill 905.737.7275
Owl of Minerva (Major Mackenzie)

Owl of Minerva's relatively new location on Major Mackenzie in Richmond Hill boasts an array of Korean food options, like pork bone soup, handmade noodles and more. ...

Pepino's Pizza / Restaurants

13130 Yonge St. L4E 2T3 905.773.8500 Website
Pepino's Pizza

Pepino's Pizza is an old-school Italian restaurant and pizzeria located close to the Oak Ridges area on Yonge Street. To make the trek worth it, be sure to sample their...

Pepper Wok / Restaurants

280 West Beaver Creek Rd. 905.889.8928
Pepper Wok

Pepper Wok is a small Hong Kong-style restaurant that serves a mix sample of Western, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Lunch sets are available starting from $5.99 that comes...

Petal Dust Bake Shop / Baked Goods

9301 Bathurst St., Richmond Hill 905.237.6233 Website
Petal Dust Bake Shop

Petal Dust Bake Shop is bringing fine confections to the Richmond Hill area. Having always dreamt of opening a retail store, Laurie Waldman found a passion for baking during a...

Pho Hoang Kim / Restaurants

330 Highway 7 East 905.886.0003
Pho Hoang Kim

Pho Hoang Kim is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the Golden Gate Plaza in Richmond Hill. Prices are comparable to other similar Pho joints, but the quality of the food...

Pho Hong / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.763.2272
Pho Hong

Pho Hong is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant that has been around for many years. The pho noodles here are packed with beef, but the broth is mediocre and lacks the...

Pilates North / Fitness Clubs

6 Scott Drive 905.882.1442 Website
Pilates North

Pilates North is one of the largest pilates studios in the GTA. The 3500 square foot Richmond Hill space hosts a range of mat and reformer classes, chair classes, barre...

Pink Heong BBQ House / Restaurants

280 West Beaver Creek Rd. 905.886.3978
Pink Heong BBQ House

Pink Heong BBQ House is a Chinese BBQ restaurant located in the Jubilee Plaza in Richmond Hill. It is a convenient and great place to grab a quick lunch meal...

Pun Cao Tong Herbal Tea and Desserts / Cafes

550 Hwy 7 East 905.762.8822
Pun Cao Tong Herbal Tea and Desserts

Pun Cao Tong Herbal Tea and Desserts sports a bright and cheerful interior alongside a rather formidable menu resplendent with drinks and dessert. In the mood for something warm? Try...

R Kitchen Eatery / Restaurants

9301 Bathurst Street 905.237.7717 Website
R Kitchen Eatery

R Kitchen Eatery, on Bathurst in Richmond Hill, serves up an eclectic menu full of international cuisines, like Italian, Asian and Mediterranean - not to mention the Western 'English' classics....

Restoran Malaysia / Restaurants

815 Major Mackenzie Drive East 905.508.1432 Website
Restoran Malaysia

Roti Canai. Teh Tarik. Rendang Daging. Crispy Ayam Goreng. Slurpy Laksa. Chewy Bakso Ikan. That's a short list of foods that I was beginning to...

Richmond Court Restaurant / Restaurants

550 Highway 7 East 905.709.1628
Richmond Court Restaurant

Richmond Court is a combined restaurant, BBQ meat and bakery joint located in the Times Square plaza in Richmond Hill. It is well-known for a wide array of food choices...

River Star Restaurant / Restaurants

155 East Beaver Creek Rd. 905.763.8899 Website
River Star Restaurant

River Star Restaurant is a small Hong Kong style Western café located in Richmond Hill. They pride on not using any MSG and for serving fresh quality ingredients in their...

Royal Kebab / Restaurants

815 Major Mackenzie Dr. E Richmond Hill 905.780.6820
Royal Kebab

Royal Kebab is a place to get a kebab fix north of Toronto. They offer dine-in and take-out as well as a host of other Persian and Iranian dishes. ...

Ruelo Patisserie (Richmond Hill) / Baked Goods

550 Highway7 E. Unit C73 905.762.1500 Website
Ruelo Patisserie (Richmond Hill)

Ruelo Patisserie is a fancy pastry shop located in the Times Square Plaza in Richmond Hill. They are best known for their macarons and afternoon tea set meals. For about...

Saigon Star / Restaurants

330 Hwy 7 East 905.731.7221
Saigon Star

Saigon Star is a famous Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese fusion restaurant located in Richmond Hill. The restaurant has won a number of awards and is most famed for its curry...

Sapporo Sushi (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

330 Highway 7 East 905.882.7877 Website
Sapporo Sushi (Richmond Hill)

Sapporo Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located in the Golden Gate Plaza in Richmond Hill. Locals and even out-of-towners love to come here to get a taste of fresh sushi...

Senbazuru Sushi Bar (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

9665 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill 905.508.0049 Website
Senbazuru Sushi Bar (Richmond Hill)

Senbazuru Sushi Bar has three locations across the 9-0-5 serving up a crazy selection of sushi, maki and sashimi. There are also hot mains like curry dishes, noodles and rice...

Shaanxi Restaurant / Restaurants

505 Hwy 7 East 605.882.7611
Shaanxi Restaurant

Shaanxi Restaurant is a Chinese cuisine restaurant serving some dishes influenced from Sichuan. Half of their menu is comprised of spicy dishes, including chicken in chili pot. A bowl of...

Shanghai Wok / Restaurants

360 Highway 7 E 905.709.6488
Shanghai Wok

Shanghai Wok is a restaurant located in Richmond Hill and serves up traditional Shanghainese dishes. The egg dumpling and seafood pot is a recommended dish here, as well as their...

Sophie Spa / Fashion Stores

550 Hwy 7 East 905.707.8111 Website
Sophie Spa

Sophie Spa has been a staple for many Asian ladies (and men!) looking for luxury brand items at reasonable prices. Apart from their large selection of accessories and skin care...

Sunny Bay / Restaurants

10610 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill 905.737.8808
Sunny Bay

Sunny Bay serves up some Chinese food in Richmond Hill. Offering a menu with traditional fried rice, noodle dishes, as well as veggie, beef and chicken options. My fav -...

Super Star Bravo! Wings & Burgers / Restaurants

135 York Blvd. 905.889.8832
Super Star Bravo! Wings & Burgers

Super Star Bravo! Wings & Burgers is a great place to go to if you are looking for a great selection of wings (100+ flavours), decent prices and a load...

Sushi Tei / Restaurants

115 Times Avenue 905.882.1110
Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant located in the same plaza at Ten Ren's Teahouse in Richmond Hill. Service is friendly here and the menu features a variety of...

Szechuan Legend (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

505 Hwy 7 East 905.889.7883
Szechuan Legend (Richmond Hill)

Szechuan Legend is found inside Commerce Gate, a plaza that essentially consists of what feels like row after row of Chinese restaurants. The most amazing thing that people need to...

Ten Ren's / Restaurants

111 Times Avenue 905.881.8896 Website
Ten Ren's

Ten Ren's is a popular bubble tea house in Richmond Hill that also serves Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine dishes. The drinks here cost more compared to other bbtea places, but...

That's Italian Ristorante Express (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

10447 Yonge St, Richmond Hill 416.482.5426 Website
That's Italian Ristorante Express (Richmond Hill)

That's Italian Ristorante Express on Yonge Street - all the way down Yonge in Richmond Hill - is a family run business that offers 'nona's' tried-tested recipes to the...

The Jaipur / Restaurants

165 East Beaver Creek Rd. 905.709.3773 Website
The Jaipur

The Jaipur is a fine Indian cuisine restaurant located in Richmond Hill. They offer a lunch buffet everyday consisting of over 30 different items, making it "The Mandarin" equivalent of...

Three Coins Open Kitchen / Restaurants

10140 Yonge St 905.884.0643
Three Coins Open Kitchen

Three Coins Open Kitchen is a classic diner in Richmond Hill. Tables and chairs are at a premium but it's worth waiting for the BLT, not to mention the table...

Ti Amo Gelato & Cafe / Restaurants

10255 Yonge St, Richmond Hill 905.780.8887 Website
Ti Amo Gelato & Cafe

Ti Amo Gelato & Café serves Italian ice cream made from real ingredients. There's espresso too and other Italian coffee aside from the gelatos and sorbet. Definitely a nice little...

Tomo Sushi / Restaurants

9625 Yonge Street 905.770.2129 Website
Tomo Sushi

Tomo Sushi is not merely an anagram of Sushi Moto, despite their geographical proximity. This restaurant offers a quiet and somewhat upscale sushi experience whereby you are always greeted with...

Touro Churrascaria / Restaurants

125 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill 905.738.6876 Website
Touro Churrascaria

Touro Churrascaria is the newest restaurant specializing in Brazilian style Rodizio (AYCE) in the GTA. And when I say GTA, the A is amplified. Touro is located in a busy...

Tsuki Izakaya / Restaurants

135 York BLVD, Richmond Hill 905.763 5757 Website
Tsuki Izakaya

Tsuki Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant serving its authentic dishes with exquisite attention to presentation....

Wasabi / Restaurants

270 West Beaver Creek Road 905.881.6288

Wasabi in Richmond Hill is big. Really big. Think cavernous, open-concept paradise of sushi consumption, where you can enjoy the AYCE experience from start to finish as you watch chefs...

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine / Restaurants

9665 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill 905.884.3388 Website
Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine is known for their delicious, sweet egg yolk buns which must be eaten immediately upon being served (or else, their fillings solidify somewhat). Prices aren't cheap...

Yoga Tree (Richmond Hill) / Fitness Clubs

360 Highway 7 East Unit 1 905.882.9462 Website
Yoga Tree (Richmond Hill)

Yoga Tree's Richmond Hill location--one of four--is a full-service studio offering many forms of yoga including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, and hot. In addition, the studio endeavours to be green through...

Yogi Noodle Delight / Restaurants

165 East Beaver Creek Rd. 905.709.3338
Yogi Noodle Delight

YOGI Noodle is a Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant located in Richmond Hill, and it is a much bigger, newer version of its sister branch in Bamburgh Circle. They have a...

Yuan Yuan Restaurant (Richmond Hill) / Restaurants

9425 Leslie St. Richmond Hill 905.237.8877
Yuan Yuan Restaurant (Richmond Hill)

Yuan Yuan Restaurant has two locations in the GTA including the original one in Scarborough. This spot in Richmond Hill is found inside the wonderfully obscure Richlane Mall. It specializes...

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