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The Commissary

Posted by Staff / Listed on March 23, 2012 / review policy

The CommissaryThe Commissary has taken over the space formerly home to Sophie Cafe on Queen East. So far the main attraction has been its extensive line-up of eggs benny and French toast available during weekend brunch.



jayne whyman / April 14, 2012 at 04:06 pm
Considering the fact this place was started by Joy Bistro, I was really surprised how badly run it is. They should know what they are doing right out of the gate, with all that restaurant experience under their belt?
The interior is very poorly designed. Diners walking in end up standing in the middle of the restaurant? They become quite embarrassed when they realize there is no place to wait, and are forced to go back outside. What will they do in the winter months?
Other issues were the tables that wobbled causing drinks to spill.( how can new tables be broken already?) The exhaust fan didn't seem to work and the entire place was smokey.( we realized the reason later on as the food arrived burnt).As a result the door was left wide open which let in a cold breeze. (we noticed some people asked to move as they were too cold).
The brunch took 38 minutes to arrive from the time we were seated. It was only two orders of classic french toast and two sides of bacon. The FT was 3 slices of diagonally sliced french baguette? Two pieces were burned to a crisp on one side , and then placed burned side down to hide that fact.
There was not much flavour even after adding syrup and the watery mango salsa that came with it.The small garnish of salad was actually delicious,( tasty dressing).The sides of bacon had still not arrived 10 minutes after the main, so we cancelled them.
One bright spot was the waiter really tried his best and was very pleasant. He did a pretty good job considering he was was very handicapped by the problems in the kitchen.
Overall this was a very disappointing experience. The fact that we had some obvious issues with the burned food and slow service didn't seem to matter to the manager? No one asked how we enjoyed the meal, as it was obvious they didn't want to hear the answer.And no one offered any explanation for any of the problems that we were experiencing. Not a great way to build a customer base.
The table of 4 right next to us did get a visit from the manager however, as they returned an entire grilled sandwich that was still raw in the middle. They passed on a getting a replacement. I think it's obvious, we won't go back. Too bad,we had high hopes for this place,and love living in the neighbourhood.
ted / April 17, 2012 at 04:04 pm
I went here last week to try it. The staff was so disorganised. My food arrived 40 minutes after ordering it and was burnt. To top it off, it was flavorless. I wasnt even asked "how was your food?" after leaving half the dish untouched. The waitress knew i was unhappy but didnt bother investigating why. She knew she wasnt getting a tip from me so she gave me a stinky attitude. She didnt even say thank you when she gave me the bill. This place is over-hyped. Dont bother trying it.
don / November 15, 2012 at 07:08 pm
I just had the worst meal ever! Their signature dish " the commissary" sandwich comes with bacon, I assumed it would be cook bacon not raw!!!
My dog could make a better sandwich, by the way the soup was shit too.

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