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Thai Spicy House

Posted by Staff / Listed on May 12, 2011 / review policy

Thai Spicy HouseThai Spicy House is a newish Thai option that has arrived on Mount Pleasant. A little more formal than it needs to be (could do without the old school tablecloths) it nevertheless is a decent option for some last minute take-out.



Diane / June 1, 2011 at 02:32 am
I went here the other day and it deserves a better rating. They have standard toronto phad thai (tomato and sweet) and their stuff isn't the freshest, but it was good. Crispy spicy beef was one of the best cheap eats I've had. We had 3 entres and out bill totalled (with tax) $30. The decor was nice (minus tableclothes, which aren't that awful) and the waitstaff was attentive and friendly. Considering the high price neighbourhood, and the food was enjoyable, I'd recomend if on a budget or are along here and want some thai :)
David / November 4, 2012 at 11:08 am
I have always enjoyed the food at Thai Spicy House but I ordered pickup last night and found it to be disastrous. I recommend avoiding it all costs. My phone call to the restaurant to place my order went unanswered, a situation I later learned was common. The person who eventually answered awkwardly took my order, which I had to repeat several times. I was told to pick up the order in 30-45 minutes.

Arriving at the restaurant, I found absolute chaos - waitresses scrambling, phones ringing or on hold but unattended, a bartender who was clueless about mixing drinks. I've never seen a restaurant as badly organized as this one. A large crowd awaited their orders near the cash. Orders were coming from the kitchen, with no names attached to them - so takeout orders sat around unattended, getting cold, while customers waited. I finally asked about two brown paper bags that looked about the size of my order, "what's in that one?" and discovered it was, indeed, mine. I paid and left but will never order from them again. It's a shame. There are rarely more than a few patrons in the restaurant, even on what should be a busy Saturday night. Now i know why. Another establishment about to hit the dust.

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