School Restaurant Toronto

School Bakery and Cafe

School Bakery and Cafe in Liberty Village doesn't look like any school I attended. The huge glass displays that cordon off the kitchen from the crowd are definitely cafeteria-esque and there are a few tips of the hat to study hall--the odd chalkboard scattered around this sunny space, a wall full of clocks that have all been magically frozen at "3:30", that golden moment school lets out-- but it doesn't feel like all the pieces add up to a cohesive whole.

I was told the servers would be in school uniform and while the outfits the staff actually sport definitely flatter the statuesque servers; I think most fetishists will be slightly disappointed.

School Restaurant Toronto

The card is comfort food but definitely a step up from your usual high school cafeteria fare. All the dishes we order come in cute, single serving cast iron skillets that add a nice visual touch but their high sides make for slightly more challenge than you should really have to muster on a Sunday morning.

Still, it'll take a lot more than tricky tableware to keep me from sopping up thick, creamy complimentary hollandaise that I've smothered all over School's steak and eggs ($19). The toothsome homefries are well-seasoned and worth ordering an extra side just in case the small portion that comes with your meal doesn't seem like enough (trust me, it isn't). Not strictly 'textbook', the SBC Benni ($13) floats standard poached eggs and bacon atop a crumbly cheese scone.

School Restaurant Toronto

The potato-sausage omelet is definitely a stand out offering a spicy puck of homemade porky goodness pillowed on fluffy, brie-laced eggs'n'spuds ($12) who's recipient is probably left a little puckish since he's forced to share his meal with the rest of the table.

School Bakery and Cafe

Newly sated, the crew at our table agree that school's definitely 'in' for a decent (albeit slightly pricey) brunch if you happen to live in Liberty Village. But unlike its namesake, you might wanna get to this School a little early.

Photographs courtesy Martino Lozej

School Bakery and Cafe

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