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Ruby Thai (Urban Eatery)

Posted by Staff / Listed on October 22, 2011 / review policy

Ruby Thai (Urban Eatery) TorontoRuby Thai (Urban Eatery) offers fresh Thai food from within the Eaton Centre north food court. Ruby Thai is known for its soups, spicy curries, and various noodle dishes.



J / January 27, 2012 at 11:11 pm
Don't eat there in the evening.
I used to like there because they served fresh food. It has been changed since a couple months ago.
3 days ago, I ordered 2-item combo and the seafood wonton noodle.
The chicken bbq was too sweet-full of sugar and the thai rice was sitting there way too long and it became hard to chew.
Seafood (specifically squid) looked okay but taste gone bad.
Later that night, I got rashes and bad stomach.

Their food was no longer fresh.
The soup was disgusting. Cannot describe even. Dirty(I think they use dirty towels to clean the surface near the food-it even touches the food. eekkk), smelly...

I didn't like the fact but I was super hungry and tried them.
I regret.
I am not sure about the food in the morning but don't try to eat there in the evening. (I ate around 4-5 o'clock)

I am still suffering from the food poison from this store (3 days already).

I am going to call the owner of this one to investigate the problem.
Be careful when you go there in the evening.

Servers used to be nice but their attitude has been changed. I don't know why. I don't recommend this one anymore!

J from Toronto
SS / February 20, 2012 at 02:31 pm
I was just there for a lunch order. Ahead of me was a gentleman who was hard of hearing/speech impediment. He asked the server for some sauce and she grabbed him one of each kind. I thought she was being helpful until I heard a very audible and frustrated "Jesus Christ" at him..I thought that was so rude! I was next and she over charged me. Turns out she gave my order away and was charging me for the person behind me. She got my order together so rudely, I almost didnt want it (was it even my fault?!) She literally threw the food together in the take out box and dropped my receipt in front of me. I left telling her I hope her day was going to be better.

In my opinion, if you dont want to be in customer service, then the food industry is the wrong place to be. I felt bad for the gentleman in front of me, and then of course, the vibes of her putting my order together was just so rude. I hope they change their attitude soon, because courtesy still matters..and no matter how good their food may be, people still like to be treated pleasantly, for basic customer service. I hope their Management reads this.
This took place between 155PM and 215PM at the Eaton Centre Urban Eatery. I will not be going back.
R / April 19, 2013 at 11:13 am
Stale food and horrible, rude service. Will never go back!

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