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Posted by Liora Ipsum / Profiled on July 3, 2013 / review policy

Roux TorontoRoux is the newest incarnation of what was, until recently, The Junction Eatery on Dundas West. Owned and operated by the same team, the transformation is described by owners Jamie Delany, Joe Ross and Derrick Markland as something the neighbourhood deserved.

The food has always been commendable but the space was previously a mish mash that could no longer keep up with the influx of stylish new establishments booming in this section of town (think Playa Cabana Cantina and the Indie Alehouse, to name only two). The new interior makes use of the original floor plan but has been given a chic makeover that incorporates inlaid wood floors, deep turquoise and ochre upholstery, subway tiles and black and white graphics.

Roux TorontoThe menu is new too, though veteran Chef Derrick Markland (he got his start at Truffles and The King Edward Hotel) doesn't see it as a big shift. Like before, the dishes still draw from French-Cajun, American Southern comfort foods, but now the dinner menu has been tweaked and expanded and the influences made more obvious.

Roux TorontoOysters (MP), shucked to order and served with hot sauces and traditional shallot vinegar mignonette are among the new offerings.

Roux TorontoFrom the starters, I also try the refreshing tuna, crawfish Ceviche ($11) mixed with avocado and pickled beets. It's served along with crostini, mixed greens and a crawfish head for those that like to suck out all the good stuff.

Roux TorontoI sample the Catfish ($18), which is seasoned with house Cajun spices and pan fried for delicious results. Making it a heartier, more gratifying plate, the delicate fish is served over a thick slab of whiskey braised pork belly and accented by a smoky tomato and black eyed pea ragu.

Roux TorontoLocals will be pleased to know that plates like Scallops ($20) and The Yardbird ($16) are still available in various forms. The scallops now come plated over creamy grits; the fried yardbird (buttermilk-soaked and seasoned flour-dredged chicken) comes with a choice of mashed potatoes with slaw or waffles with bourbon maple syrup and seasonal fruit compote.

Roux TorontoThe bar menu is still a work in progress but Ross tells me to expect cocktails ranging from $7 to $11, including bacon infused bourbons and a caesar menu for weekend brunch.

Currently, Roux is open for lunch starting at 11am, Tuesday to Friday. Brunch is offered on weekends from 9am until 3:30pm, and dinner is served Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30 on. Reservations are accepted and a patio off the side is in the works.

Roux TorontoPhotos by Jesse Milns



TALLET / July 3, 2013 at 02:07 pm
The Junction is so hot right now!
Sugnutter / July 3, 2013 at 02:17 pm
Man I can't walk down Dundas West because it's too damn hawt. Like scorching right now. Burned my feet just cruising the sidewalk the other day. Think I might move to the Danforth just to cool down.
TALLET replying to a comment from Sugnutter / July 3, 2013 at 02:23 pm
Agreed. Anytime you can get two pieces of dark meat fried chicken for twenty bones and a cocktail for ten you gotta pull the trigger. ND.
Henrybar / July 3, 2013 at 02:28 pm
West end > East end
Sugnutter replying to a comment from TALLET / July 3, 2013 at 02:34 pm
At least I don't have to settle on another god forsaken greek salad and chicken souvlaki every night of the week. You'll always have 'taste of the Danforth' pal. You should marry that. Wait a minute, how do I know where you live? #creepy
Pat Schnurr / July 3, 2013 at 02:43 pm
Derrick Is a Phenomenal Chef! Tried the Food, Loved it! Can't Stop Thinking about it!
TALLET / July 3, 2013 at 03:05 pm
Plus the red ramp at the front steps is wicked cool for sweet ollies and railslides on my longboard. #JuncLiving
Atrain replying to a comment from TALLET / July 3, 2013 at 03:38 pm
Man - I can get to my downtown office job on my fixie in only 40 minutes from the Junc!! that's dope!!
Rob Ford / July 3, 2013 at 03:57 pm
I had 6 of those dark meat fried chickens the other day and a rail. Not a bar rail, the other one. It was off the hizzle.
stuart / July 3, 2013 at 08:59 pm
Dropped by for a quick drink...great looking place....we are coming back for some food and drinks very soon.
bobo / July 3, 2013 at 09:34 pm
I honestly don't know where the hell Dundas and Keele is but I'm going to find out because that place looks f***ing deeelish.
My fixie is faster then yours replying to a comment from Atrain / July 4, 2013 at 01:13 am
I think youre mistaking riding a bike for driving a car... I ride a bike and I travel from the junction to king and bay in under 20min
Your mom is hot / July 4, 2013 at 11:00 am
Yay - Neighbourhood douche fight!!!
gl replying to a comment from My fixie is faster then yours / July 4, 2013 at 11:06 am
Claude / July 5, 2013 at 11:09 am
Chicken and waffles look tasty, but seriously? $16 for something half the size of an appetizer?
Jen L / July 5, 2013 at 02:09 pm
My partner and I have eaten here twice, so far. The food is extremely good and the prices are low. So much value for your money. We also tried the wine on tap which was surprisingly good quality. We plan to eat here again this weekend and are looking forward to the 5@5 special starting Tuesday. Thumbs up for sure!
Linda / July 16, 2013 at 09:11 pm
Ate here a few days ago, and will definitely go back. Great food mostly on little plates for a good price! Had a great pair of beef and pulled pork sliders, shrimp fritters, fried scallops and a tasting of 4 oysters. Great beers on tap too, Conductor's and Mill St. Organic. Friendly service too.
Ginger / September 12, 2013 at 11:40 am
I've been going here since I moved in, and back when it was still the Junction Eatery.

Can't say enough good things about the brunch! I just love it. The flavours, the presentation and the price is good, too. I really enjoy eating here and taking my friends here.

I'm glad for the makeover, before it was a little too crowded and difficult to get in and out of. Now it's so chic... I was a little worried they would change the menu a lot but it's still the same, so I will keep going back!

Seriously. Go for brunch here, it's amazing. Or don't. That way I can get a table ;)
mongrel-heart / October 23, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Who is the handsome bartender? I go there for the delicious food but he's a treat to look at.
eric / November 15, 2013 at 10:06 pm
Went to dinner on a Friday. Place got packed by 830. We got ahead of the crowd so didnt need a reservation, but it would have been tight if we showed a half hour later. Good on them for having lots of overflow seating bar style along the open kitchen though - great view of the action makes it a great place to sit though. Very nice vibe, relaxed but a 'nice' place. Seafood creole style is the trade mark. They seem to specialize in oysters - we had a couple each, fresh and very tasty. The catfish and pork belly was truly excellent, the shrimp fritters were alright, creme brule dessert was smooth and decadent. Overall food was awesome, will go back for sure. Amazingly, only one main chef in the kitchen to pump out the food for everyone, it may mean a little wait but he kept it going, even for the bigger groups. Nice to have such a great place right around the corner!
Maggie / August 1, 2014 at 10:15 pm
This place was fantastic! The original blogto review says the cocktail menu is a work in progress but 1 year later this place has managed to obviously fix the cocktail menu and impress majorly. The mains, the desserts were mouth watering! The wait staff really gracious and kind. This place is a gem. A must savor!
WTF / September 5, 2014 at 10:00 am
Went on Fri for dinner just before it got busy. The space looks great. Waitress was... new hopefully... We are seated and wait 5 minutes (no biggie, but we were 2 of 4 ppl in the whole restaurant) before she rolls up "You want to hear the specials?", um how about your name to start, a hello, and perhaps get some drinks going, haha. She was nice otherwise, if not useless.
Cocktails were excellent, wine was good too. Shared an app and it was tasty (this was the second app we ordered b/c said waitress came back 5min after we ordered telling us the 1st app we order they were out of... on a Fri... at 7pm...).
The entrees we had however were just OK. Soso flavours, and portion sizes. Desert was fine.

Not sure what I was expecting, the place is good, but with Farmhouse just down the street I don't feel the need to come back to this place.
West End Girl / November 2, 2014 at 04:42 pm
We were looking forward to patronizing Roux, hoping it would be our new local go-to. Not off to a great start as the table service was very slow: 20 minutes to get our drinks, 40 minutes for food and 45 minutes for cutlery to eat said food.
We had heard their chicken and waffles were good, and were excited to give them a try. Sadly, the waffles were over-cooked; the chicken had broken bones and no meat, just gristle. The cheddar grits were under cooked and the apple and cashew salad had no cashews and the apple was mushy and flavorless.. As a final insult, the chicken and waffles, which were left untouched, remained on the bill. Overall a disappointing brunch experience, we certainly won’t be returning for any of their meal services.

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