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Mill Street Brew Pub

Posted by Susan Hu / Listed on August 20, 2008 / review policy

Mill Street Brew PubMy first visit to the Mill Street Brew Pub was two springs ago to meet up with a friend who was even more unfamiliar with Toronto than I was at the time. It was back when the words Distillery District, organic beer, and Mill St. held little meaning or understanding. But as I ordered my glass of said organic beer sitting outside on a patio, both surveying the stonework setting and eyeing the impressive looking eggplant-parm sandwich being mowed down before me, I vowed to come back.

Since then I have been back, but mainly because it's the only option if you want other than coffee shop or bistro-glam in the Distillery. The Mill Street Brew Pub is a corporate-styled gastro pub safe bet type: exposed brick, black swathed staff and sometimes kilts, a menu that's just a tad more upscale in price and offerings.

It's tourist friendly pub food with lots of hand-held options for mid level professionals who like watching the food network and eating without cutlery. Of the sandwiches we tried, none were remarkable. The steak and gouda wrap ($9.99) at a bite tasted of juicy, smoked from the grill meat in a crisped shell, however, it was reported later to rapidly decline into soggy disarray. It also could have used more cheese. The lamb burger ($9.99) deemed dry, also disappointed with a skimpy more - for show than taste - topping of feta. The prime rib burger ($12.99) was judged as"surprisingly good". I found the pulled pork sandwich ($11.99) satisfactory. The pliant pork was deeply infused with a fragrant barbecue sauce singing of apricot and well matched with a soft, eggy onion roll, but again, the cheddar served atop was strangely imperceptible.

The cheese in the appetizers fared much better. The stilton in the spinach, artichoke and stilton dip ($9.99) was completely over-powering; in a good way as I'm a huge fan of brazen blues. The decorative salt on the pretzel bread alongside was cute, but overkill. Creamy dollops of mild goat cheese in the strawberry spinach salad ($12.99) perfectly offset the dessert-quality candied almonds and ripe fruit.

We also had the soy and ginger wings ($10.99/2lb) which I thought were just ok - a bit over cooked with sauce that wasn't quite lick your fingers good - even though everyone else seemed exclaimed otherwise. The steak and stilton pie ($11.99) was quite nice: buttery crumbly crust and not too stringy meat in a robust gravy with a depth of their coffee porter brew. It was sided with textbook mash and pleasantly sweet peas without a whit of mush.

Although not on my list of wow-worthy hits, I'm sure I'll be there again, and many times more if only for a sunny seat outdoors and an icy pint of that Belgian Wit beer I'm currently obsessed with.
Mill Street Brew Pub



Sean Williams / March 29, 2008 at 11:14 am
It is not a good idea to place an ashtray just outside the door. Going in or out, you are met with plume of cigarette smoke! Cough, cough. Bad enough you have to open your mouth to say "EXCUSE ME" as the smokers are dumb and weak to move when people are obviously going in or out THE FRONT DOOR.

Move that dumb freaking ashtray as far east away from the door, as prevailing winds blow from west to east.

If the smokers continue standing right at the door, I, family and friends will have no choice but to boycott the establishment. Got it????

Heard a group of people getting burned on the "Thursday night rib special." The restaurant ran out of ribs at the dinner hour. Duh!? A group of four had to substitute for something else. Wonder if that's just a gimmick to get you in?

Hope the Mill St. Brew Pub grows up real soon or face loss of interest and business real soon.
sillylizard / May 29, 2008 at 01:07 pm
I have been to Mill Street a few times, in various circumstances. For a drink & a snack on the patio = very enjoyable. With a small group, for after dinner drinks and snack = the service is excrutiatingly slow & the atmostphere is not very jovial.

Observing larger groups (20+) who have clearly booked ahead of time: I think they would enjoy the decent fare & ales.

Sadly, it's the most casual watering hole in the distillery, so there's not other choice sometimes.
Jenny / April 19, 2010 at 04:15 pm
Had a really nice lunch with my husband on Sunday. The salmon salade Nicoise is terrific. Nice space and very pleasant wait staff. I will definitely go back.
Steven / May 7, 2013 at 08:52 am
Not the first time they ran out of ribs. Wish they would have told me that BEFORE I ordered the beer. Paid for the drink and ate elsewhere.
Adalsteinsson replying to a comment from Sean Williams / March 13, 2014 at 01:35 pm
Wow, you're a horrible person. I really hope the ashtray doesn't move so you never come back.
Lilya / December 16, 2014 at 08:48 pm
The food is too expensive. And because it's so far away I probably won't go back. The best thing about it was the Millstreet Cherry beer. They need to sell that stuff elsewhere.
Grant / July 24, 2015 at 09:34 am
I agree that the food is too expensive - I had a small basic smoked meat sandwich and salad ($18). Beers were $8 each.

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