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Lion City Restaurant

Posted by Staff / Listed on March 1, 2012 / review policy

Lion City RestaurantLion City Restaurant has a number of diehard fans who proclaim it as the most authentic SMC restaurant around. The interior ambiance feels a little like Coconut Island in that it's simple, slightly underwhelming, and reminiscent of a small eating place in Asia. The Hainanese chicken rice is excellent, rivaling that of Phoenix restaurant, and the bak kut teh (pork rib in herbal tea - yes I'm serious) is quite close to the ones I've had in Singapore.

The owner is a Singaporean lady, which explains a lot of the "authentic" feel to all the food. Living in Markham as I do, I don't think it's worth the drive all the way to Mississauga when I have closer options that are almost as good, but this is a personal preference. This restaurant is a definite must-try for all those who live nearby or don't mind the drive. Try the fried kway teow too.

Photo from the Lion City web site.



Sydney / May 2, 2012 at 02:14 pm
This is not chinese food (more like signapore and malaysian) but this restaurant I absolutely LOVE. Amazing food, very friendly owner & waitress... I wish more people would recognize this restaurant! It is tucked in golden square, which there are many other choices people would pick over this place... Give this place a try. I recommend "kway teow" from this restaurant (which is some indonesian fried rice noodle with eggs). It is their signature dish.
mrs thing / June 17, 2013 at 01:26 pm
okay when we first got their we asked about one of the dish's on the menu they didnt know anything about it just said i dont know about the dish's we have...... we waited for our food it came i asked for forks and had to ask for plates for our food... the chop sticks were just sitting on the table on a napkin half way on the table... so i didnt want to eat with them the food was good but the crab soup had no flavor and im pretty sure its imatation crabb and dont get the baizle chicken blaaaaaaaaaaa nasty but everything elts was good might go back for pad thi but thats about it!
Tony / October 17, 2014 at 12:23 pm
Read my comments on Mississauga's Lion City restaurant in DKLo's related article: "6 places to eat Singaporean-Malay Chinese food in the GTA"

Lion City was featured in this Globe and Mail newspaper article "Ten of the best places to eat just west of Toronto... Chef and owner Lillian Ow cooks real-deal Sing-Malay food at this nearly 20-year-old Mississauga institution, with all the sweets, sours and funky, fishy flavours that make the polyglot island nations’ cuisines such a profoundly addictive force. The popiah, spring rolls of a sort that come stuffed with refreshing sweet yam, poached shrimp and hoisin sauce, are a gentle way to start a meal here. The beef rendang, a wicked-savoury curry, is also excellent. The rojak, a green mango, pinapple and cucumber salad that’s tossed with dried jellyfish and peanuts, gets deep-savoury pong from fermented shrimp paste; the taste is well worth acquiring. The desserts are all fun, no funk. Try the boboh cha cha (it’s sweet potato mixed with palm sugar and coconut milk). And if you’re trailing children, do not skip the ice kachang, a gaudy-coloured shaved ice assemblage that’s just exotic enough to help you forgive the ensuing sugar craze."

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