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Dragon Pearl Buffet

Posted by Staff / Listed on January 1, 2011 / review policy

Dragon Pearl Buffet TorontoDragon Pearl Buffet is a massive new all your can eat buffet restaurant near York Mills and Leslie. The menu features Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, and the food is good quality. Prices are about $20 for dinner during the week, and $25 on weekends. A more affordable lunch buffet is also available.



Keith / May 30, 2011 at 03:07 pm
I took my father in-law and our families (party of 9) for his 73rd on May 29th, 2011. This was our first (and last) visit at the Dragon Pearl in North York. We are of Asian descent for your information. As soon as we arrived an older Caucasian couple was complaining about something to the front desk as they were leaving the restaurant – it had to do with something being “not as advertised”. We were escorted to a stuffy party room which was located in the farthest corner of the restaurant and we were told that there would a dining time limit of 2 hours upon sitting down. This took us by surprise since we were not aware of such a rule when we booked our reservation. My other guests arrived 15 to 20 min late so this was cutting into our time limit. We informed the hostess that we did not want to sit in the assigned party room and that the distance from the serving stations would be difficult for the seniors in the group to trek back and forth. She said she could NOT relocate us even though the restaurant was TOTALLY empty. I stood my ground and demanded that she relocate us. We were moved. Once again we were reminded to leave at the end of 2 hours. I heard that the restaurant spent 5 millions to decorate the place. Trust me when I say there wasn’t anything “grand” to write home about and as far as I am concerned they wasted their money. For those looking for ambiance, you’re not supposed to look for that at a buffet. As long as a buffet restaurant doesn’t look like a cafeteria, is super clean and has great food, I am happy. I did not enjoy going to “the” food station because you had to lineup at the end of a “single” line. This waiting game was cutting into our time limit. The foods at other restaurants are displayed such that you can reach from both sides of the many food stations. This minimizes waiting time. The food here was average in taste at best and limited in variety compared to other buffets I have been to. If you are interested in desert, they do have an above average selection. I like the fact that Lobster is served rather than having a pack of wolves fighting for the main dish like in other establishments. Keep in mind that you are only allowed a ½ lobster per guest – no repeats. In other establishments, the main dish is all you can eat – after all, it is a buffet. The servers will stand beside your table and remove them when you are done (lol sometimes not done). Sometimes they can be a little rambunctious. I had not finished my drink and the bottle somehow disappeared without warning – heck I didn’t even know who took it. Some servers speak some form of English even though at times it was hard to understand. It really annoyed me when the servers started clearing our dishes, glasses, napkins, place mats and all, 15 minutes prior to our 2 hour limit. I had one guest who still had food in their mouth. It felt like we were being tossed out. As a whole, the restaurant is nothing special and the service even less. I will not be going back again. Chances are this restaurant will not be around for long. Chinese buffets are a dime a dozen in Toronto and this one does not stand out from the crowd. They do not understand the true concept of quality food and service.
maria / July 10, 2011 at 11:18 pm
I and my family and friends had just come from Dragon Pearl Buffet to celebrate my 6oth b-day. We were given a private room and were told that we only had a 2-hr. limit, I was worried about this being as we had a large group of 22. However my husband spoke to the manager and he assured us that we could stay longer, that they only say this just in case another large group comes in, but we had our reservations. Anyway, what I wanted to say was we had great service from the waiters who were assigned to our room and the one I liked the most was it has it's own ladies/men's room, so our family and guests did not have to go out of their way to use the outside ones. We also could close the doors so as to be more private. The food selection was great, and I myself don't usually like going to buffets 'cause they have the same kind of food. It is also very clean and neat which I really am very particular about. Good times was had by all and we will definitely be coming back soon. There was so much variety of foods that we were not able to sample everything. I learned about this place because my granddaughter had her b-day here last January when they just opened and so when we were deciding where to host my party my grandkids said let's go eat at "at the Big Boat". So all in all great food and service! Keep up the good work!
maria / July 10, 2011 at 11:23 pm
I forgot to mention that the ambiance was great as well!
Dormzorge / February 7, 2012 at 07:56 pm
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Rob / September 26, 2013 at 08:43 pm

We have ordered from this place before, and enjoyed the food. This last time that we placed an order, nobody picked up the phone so we placed an order on their website. I paid for it online, and (luckily) printed a receipt.

After waiting for an hour for the food to arrive, we called the restaurant. The lady we spoke to insisted that it is impossible to order from the website. I had to argue with the lady until she went to a computer and tried for herself. Indeed, you can order from the website...

I was then told that it was an IT mistake. The e-commerce part of the website wasn't supposed to be turned on yet... She told me she would call back.

After waiting for the call (still no food), I called the restaurant back. I asked if they would at least take my order and send the food out. She said that I would have to pay (a second time), then drive to the store in a month with my visa bill to ask for a refund.

I had to explain how I felt it was a little unfair that I had to pay twice for delivery food which never came, then DRIVE to the restaurant in a month to get a refund (again, for delivery food which never came).

Her response was that "[I] had to understand that [she] had to protect the interests of the restaurant." She didn't want to run the risk that the restaurant would be out $40 over a mistake on their own website.

I explained that I felt this whole entire conversation was terrible customer service, and only then did she tell me that she would give me two adult buffet dinners when I come to get my refund in a month.

I worked in the restaurant business while in university... The right thing to do would have been to send the order out immediately.
bob replying to a comment from Keith / October 2, 2013 at 10:07 pm
hey keith i never read peoples ratings but i read yours.
Lol. It was TOTALLY empty but there was a "single" line cutting into your time. ps nice emphasis on the word the. Lol what a joke
bob replying to a comment from maria / October 2, 2013 at 10:10 pm
my family, friends and I **
Cathy / February 15, 2014 at 11:48 pm
Really bad experience a while ago that the staff keep reminding us about 2 hrs limit and one of family member was late and end up eating for 15 minutes because were about to end our time.Charging us $101.68 For 3 adults and 1 toddler we don't even have desserts can't even enjoy eating the foods and they are not even good at all..Honestly they used too much baking soda to tenderize the meat and and the seafood are not really fresh at all .Manager sucks and very rude to us we are not even arguing with him and he ended saying that oh I don't want to argue..he told us to leave as soon as possible..Go back where you belong don't know how to respect Canadian customer at all..NOT COMiNG BACK AT ALL!!!
ali duman / June 24, 2015 at 03:31 pm
Would give "0" star if i could to the delivery and food quality is mediocre.
I have been a regular customer here and decided to order again. This is the only time i have forgotten to add tip online when i was ordering online and i didn't have any change when the delivery guy brought my food. He was rude and disrespecrtful and i was shocked with what he told me when he was leaving.
He first asks for tip with the words " Give me something". I told him i didn't have any change now and he just turned his back giving bullshit and i heard him say "fuck" and "shit" when he was walking away.
It is common courtesy to tip the people but it is NOT mandatory. I always tip about 15% everywhere if the service meets the standards and more if everything is better than standards. One rule that applies to everybody is that YOU DON'T ASK FOR TIP WITH A DEMANDING ATTITUDE !
More importantly , YOU DON'T CURSE AT YOUR CUSTOMER , if he can't tip you for only one time !!
I was shocked first and i only slammed the door but i feel like everybody needs to knows this attitude.
Shame on you for treating a loyal customer this way and this was my last order with them.
After i close the door, i got so pissed at myself for not saying anything back because i was shocked...and I couldn't even enjoy my $50 dollars worth of food..
Also Dragon pearl should be ashamed of having an employee like this !
In the customer service business, your employee always represents your company. Big company, small company doesn't matter.
Also when i called in the restaurant to complain, the guy on the phone didn't understand my complaint and i had to repeat it about 5 times and finally he told me his manager, Vicky will call me tomorrow. Lets see what happens...

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