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Radar: Art Salad, Open Roof Festival, Insert Here, Movies in St. James Park

Posted by Lauren Pincente / July 25, 2013

Open Roof FestivalToronto Events on Thursday, July 25th

ART | Art Salad
Artists from Ottawa and Toronto mix together for Art Salad, a gallery show at Norman Felix that celebrates our two capitals and those that create their artist communities. Eight artists including Robyn Marie, Holly Steeves, Erin Shadoff and Maxwell Hyett toss together their pieces, each reminiscent of their hometowns, in the mezzanine of the gallery. Food and drinks will be served and musician Brian O'Brien will perform. Check out the freshest talents from Ottawa and Toronto at Art Salad tonight.
Norman Felix Inc. Art Gallery & Management (627 Queen Street West) 7PM $2

FILM | Open Roof Festival
Patirck Moote asked his girlfriend to marry him at a UCLA basktball game. She said no. The next day, a video of his rejected proposal went viral. To make matters worse, she privately divulged that it was because his penis was small. And that led Moote to making Unhung Hero, a documentary that seeks to answer the question "Does size really matter?" Screening at Open Roof Festival tonight, the film will be preceded by a Heavyweights Brass Band performance. Saucy Pierogi and Bricks & Mortar will be on site selling food throughout the evening. Tickets to this film are still available online and even if they sell out before tonight, there's always the rush line.
The Moonview Lot (175 Queens Quay East) 7:30PM $15

ART | Insert Here
Artists working in abstraction collectively showcase their works at Edward Day Gallery tonight. While west end art events seem to dominate this Thursday's events, this group of seven working with everything from object hybridism to fragmented picture planes take abstract art one step further in Insert Here. Swing by the show this evening in this garage-turned-gallery tucked behind a Queen West building. The show's opening reception runs until 8PM and all artists will be in attendance.
Edward Day Gallery (952 Queen Street West) 6PM Free

FILM | Movie in St. James Park
Best In Show is the selection for tonight's Movie in St. James Park. A Canadian comedy about a cast of competitors in a national dog show, this film stars Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy as dog owners with their eye on the prize. The first 200 people to arrive at St. James will get free popcorn courtesy of Rainbow Cinemas. This is the last film to screen this summer in St. James Park before the Music in St. James Park series returns so show up with a warm blanket and a cozy chair to enjoy the free outdoor film. Dogs are obviously welcome since Woofstock is a sponsor of the event.
St. James Park (105 King Street East) 9PM Free


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Photo by Woodrow Walden



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Stone crushing Zhengtian Long is the square boulder to get it back, but this time no longer on the desktop. He thought of his Cleveland go bird things, but square boulder here but also in the bread where it, if they only vivre curse Zhao Tie, Zhao Tie will anger the boulder. Think of here, Zhengtian Long drew a deep breath, firmly push down on his anger, said nothing, and turned to walk proudly strode away, but his heart was secretly angry, will come back one day to succeed find this Zhao Tie afterwards. "Pooh to the kid kinda proud of it, what!" Zhao Tie Zheng Tianlong will not think so, he has always been among the workers are mighty gods, this time face quite embarrassing. "Oh, iron brother, your adult large, as the saying goes, the prime minister goes to punt, not with his general knowledge." "Iron brother, this Maotouxiaohuo, pay attention to him doing very Although he now hard gas but to go out to know the world is not as a good mix, I see one accurate he had to come back to ask you." Would not want to call the young master, right? She even said a word, and also playing with dumb like Han Tel Yeah!"Ha ha ha ha ... your own clothes and tore the? Are you really willing to, just bought a few days ago Versace's new limited edition, ah, I'm just slow no buy a beat you to a good tear up their own!" Liangyu Chen hearty laughter infected Weng Yue day, I saw his deep Mouli vivid and somewhat bright, long inhaled smoke ... "I gets on a lot of oil pollution in the tunnels, clothes tore a hole, so I simply put the whole face wipe spent, then tore the clothes, so that can confuse Endo. Really Dianxuan, I just authentic drilled out less than two minutes with Endo appeared Weng Yue days back reminds Endo beaten the expression, my heart burst of fun. 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Her way pitching in the protest, the last voice becomes hoarse only slightly quiet. Weng Yue days after short stunned, mouth Yang Qi hint of a smile. This feeling is wonderful, like the poet suddenly is rub a cotton to him that a chilled heart instant feel surprisingly warm. Naturally, his arms around her thin body embedded in his arms, but also showing he's tall, strong build. Two so quietly holding stood for a moment, a small head the Wenjing only from Weng Yue Tianhuai lift, bright Shuimou looked at him ... bent into a crescent shape of her eyes, she was laughing, she happy, because he did not leave her. This warm rely on the safe embrace, Wenjing do not know for what kind of feelings before in such a short time with his acquaintance began to covet your neighbor up ... Weng Yue days hand gently rubbing her hair, nutation saw this black and blue face, a tight heart gratuitous: "your face yet Cayao the moment sleep rub." 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"That you have not seen really is no insight for the average person, the instruments used in the role of what I just said to melt the ghost of Health Wang change the luck and the like, but for us, it is the collection and value-added. ' "Ah? Collection and value-added? I only heard the antique collection and value-added, also this thing?" Zheng Tianlong hand press Baijian Yun's forehead, and then added: "No fever ah! Would not want to get rich think obsessed?" "Smack!" Baijian Yun Zheng Tianlong hand a sweep, and then said: "Go away, I'm not sick, not stupid." "Instruments like antique collection is also worth tens of millions have good instruments used, you think about it, if we were able to have such an adder Would not it be made?" "Ah? Baijian Yun shook the hands of the beer, quite nostalgic sigh. "Well, yes." Out a few days before, Zhengtian Long found himself as an old man, become nostalgic to come up. "Come on, drink!" Zhengtian Long to touch the hands of the beer bottles and Bai Jianyun, then hand lift, but also the rest of the half a bottle of beer suddenly blown away. Call ~ cool ~ " Bai Jianyun touch of mouth, suddenly said: "We are reading less, a good job is not to think, However, if Maili Qi that this life is the hair can not be reached." "Oh, you have nothing else path?" The Zheng Tianlong Nieqi a peanut up throwing up, and then the head of a belief, a mouth to catch. Now that that is out thinking you want to make a fortune, or what you want to back away from their well? Sigh and miss but because the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny Bale. "Wait a minute, I have to show you something." Baijian Yun said, come to a corner turned, took a few things on the Zhengtian Long before. Zhengtian Long looked at which a horse, another a turtle. The boring Zhengtian Long was on the verge of a stone thrown back on the desktop, inadvertently thumb and index finger of the right hand while holding a small stone up and down both sides of the most central point."Huh ~~" Zheng Tianlong your fingers hold the place seems to have a loose feeling, could not help but hard pinch. Card! " Suddenly a slight noise, and then the finger at came sharp pain, Zhengtian Long looked down and found the finger at pouring a lot of blood, and scared he immediately force the toss, the stone flung to the ground."Rub, this is how it was! Zhengtian Long looked at the stones on the ground, stunned, his own hands pouring blood on a stone like a sponge absorbs generally disappear at once, with the blood sucked, the stones began to shine beginning is not obvious, but slowly the stone becomes transparent, like inside a few kilowatts lamp installed in general, then, the stone began to spin, faster and faster, eventually even in addition to residual Shadow could not see the stone frantically spinning the small dots on the surface of the stone began to slowly earth, suspended in the air and then turned to leave the stone. This performance is further proof of just absolutely did not listen to speak for themselves a Bai Jianyun picked a the peanut towards Zhengtian Long throw hard in the past! "Is ... Is the stone and those white spots?" The side of the head, Zheng Tianlong nimbly evaded Bai Jianyun threw peanuts, but this one the peanuts also reminded his previous things happen to them - he remembered the stone hit on the site, as well as later finger what stabbed in the bloodshed, there is poured into their eyes white spot. This is the only strange things happen to them, and somehow get the ability to identify adder can only have such an explanation. "Will afford what I have said is in vain." Bai Jianyun looked snappily Zhengtian Long, did not know what to say. "Hey fat man, I'll give you identification of the two instruments used in good or bad?" Bai Jianyun look of disdain looked Zhengtian Long long pause, then said: "Brothers, you know French is?
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As small to large every time she resists him, he used a habitual coercion. Yet different from every coercion. Just because now he is - kiss! In addition to the full of anger, the heart also infiltrated the trace of sadness When Ouyang Chen wind the end of the kiss, she let go, Ouyang Zi TM, I do not know where the courage and strength with lightning speed, raising his hand - "Popping" sound crisp and loud sound abrupt, sharp sound in the office. Of Ouyang Chen style eye bottom flashed a touch of surprise, the Chun Yan instantly turn black. A moment of silence! Ouyang Zi TM, silly Leng Leng looked Ouyang Chen Wind flushed left cheek, biting the lip could not stop trembling, the rage after Mi hearts is scared and sad. She does not even know why they would beat him, even three years ago, he did forcibly occupy her, she just quietly escape, a man in hiding cry to him, never had the slightest resentment. "Ah!Zhengtian Long once again barking up clinging to their own head, playing on the bed roll to bursts sweat frantically flooded out, all of a sudden put pants wet. The minutes ticked past, Zhengtian Long's voice hoarse, but the pain in his head is still a while to take a while, and is getting crazy. "Roar ~ ~ Finally, Zheng Tianlong can not stand this pain, it is simply a coma for the past. To lose the last Zhengtian Long lay in bed, like a shrink up shrimp in general, and the body is still about then look twitching, it is clear that even coma is still felt in the past extremely painful. Just fainted Zheng Tianlong not found in the surface of his body began shrouded in layer of Ruoyouruowu aerosol, these aerosol roll the flashing colorful light, and over time, this the layer aerosol increasingly concentrated light flashes above also has become a lightning Zheng Tianlong like a strong magnetic field is generally attract ... Finally, do not know later how long these aerosol light and lightning suddenly suddenly brought together, and the influx of Zheng Tianlong eyes disappear, and he also like the pain is over generally, the entire body begins to slowly unfold, and then turned a body, and sleep in the past. "Hey, Is this a bunch of money is the amplifier? Can amplify four bats suck the gas?" Himself "strange eyes, Zhengtian Long found the gas wire four bat spit it only a, but concentrated to the central bats and then the money comes out, turned into a full 20, and each one than before that bat spit it out to be rough is much greater. So that a bunch of money not the amplifier is it? "Why is it so? Why Fushou four full-adder gas filaments central peaches kept up, where gas wire were spit out and enlarge it?" Zheng Tianlong deeply confused, in order to figure out the problem in his footsteps involuntarily moved to the smallpox at the center of a bat under, looked up and read it carefully. "Bundle of money seems weird!" To see that a bunch of coins, Zheng Tianlong shift the pace, at the same time side his head aligned with that bunch of coins when mutation suddenly appeared, however, in his eyes, suddenly emerge out of their minds stone, and the stone rapidly spin up spot in the rotation, while the stone into capsules, the last of these points of light formed a nebula vortex. After careful observation, Zheng Tianlong finally found the instruments used on the gas is formed, I saw a gas wire connection between the four bats with four coins together, when the of four bat with four coins gas wire connection together to form a small vortex-like gas field, the slightest like a fog wire around suction over, and then through the the bat open mouth of peach spit into the central. "Gas field has attractive, able to suction over is the instruments used in this should be able to melt the ghost why." Zhengtian Long thought to himself. People living in the environment due to the building, even the layout of the houses within reason, shaped the formation of many evil impingement against the bow in the form of evil, evil, evil sickle fire evil; Road red impulse radio Water shot, and so on. Evil spirits after the formation of the body of interested people as well as the impact of air transport, so use the instruments used to melt the ghost. Appear on the face of the Sun column embarrassed look, look like a bad opening. Column brother, the natural price of a good thing is a little higher, I understand, even though you offer, take it or leave it is my thing. " Heart Lok Sun column, and he knew Baijian Yun has begun to bite, but his face still remains very embarrassed look, said: "Well, to be honest these two things are based on 1500 prices close up if Bai Jianyun you really took a fancy to a 30% increase you away." "" Bai Jianyun hesitated, and he had come here to buy the instruments used, the maximum is not more than 1000 instruments used today has more than he expected. "Bai Jianyun, this is not cheap ah, you have to think, ah, to buy you have no money to eat." This sentence is like an arrow, as thorn to Bai Jianyun heart, as Zhengtian Long said in 1500 on the acquisition of 30% plus price, is 1950, is a month's wages. All of a sudden to spend so much money is not worth it? However, Bai Jianyun feel the hands of an instruments used are to be better than before to buy their own, to buy or not to buy, Bai Jianyun tangled up. Sun column saw a big hate. A year ago, Bai Jianyun first into their own store, own an adder sell him 30 bucks when Bai Jianyun just one out of the shop near Sun column on people stepped forward with 200 dollars to buy the instruments used Since then Bai Jianyun become loyal customers. He thought of his Cleveland go bird things, but square boulder here but also in the bread where it, if they only vivre curse Zhao Tie, Zhao Tie will anger the boulder. Think of here, Zhengtian Long drew a deep breath, firmly push down on his anger, said nothing, and turned to walk proudly strode away, but his heart was secretly angry, will come back one day to succeed find this Zhao Tie afterwards. "Pooh to the kid kinda proud of it, what!" Zhao Tie Zheng Tianlong will not think so, he has always been among the workers are mighty gods, this time face quite embarrassing. "Oh, iron brother, your adult large, as the saying goes, the prime minister goes to punt, not with his general knowledge." "Iron brother, this Maotouxiaohuo, pay attention to him doing very Although he now hard gas but to go out to know the world is not as a good mix, I see one accurate he had to come back to ask you."
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