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Pape Village

Pape Village is a modest neighbourhood north of Danforth Avenue. The main arteries are Pape Avenue and O'Connor and each is dotted with casual restaurants, bakeries and other local hangouts. The area is definitely off the radar for both tourists and most Torontonians but both Donlands and Pape are essential paths to get between the Danforth/Leslieville and Leaside.

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808 Social / Cafes

808 Pape Ave 416.519.4938 Website
808 Social

808 Social is a coffee bar on Pape Avenue a few blocks north of Pape subway. They serve espresso drinks and pastries to commuters on the go, but also have...

Big Moe's Burgers (Pape) / Restaurants

1042 Pape Ave 647.350.6637
Big Moe's Burgers (Pape)

Big Moe's Burgers on Pape is one of four locations around the GTA. The specialty here is burgers...big burgers...small burgers...all kinds of burgers...Burgers are made using fresh ground beef patties,...

Brother's Pizza & Wings / Restaurants

976a Pape Avenue 647.351.5566
Brother's Pizza & Wings

Brother's Pizza & Wings in Pape Village sells all the eats you could ever want on game night. Its menu includes budget-friendly pizza stacked with familiar toppings (no crazy add-ons...

California Pub & Grill / Restaurants

914 Pape Avenue 416.461.1251 Website
California Pub & Grill

California Pub & Grill offers an assortment of breakfast food (until 12 p.m.), pub food, salads, california-style sandwiches, and Greek-inspired dishes like souvlaki....

Chelsea's / Restaurants

1027 Pape Avenue 647.346.3588 Website

Chelsea's is a grocery store/restaurant hybrid in Pape Village. It serves hot Filipino dishes, all-day American breakfast and has grocery items you won't find at your average Foodland. ...

Chopsticks King / Restaurants

134 O'Connor Dr 416.425.8828 Website
Chopsticks King

Chopsticks King is a take-out Chinese restaurant in Pape Village. The menu includes all the standard "North American" Chinese offerings like egg rolls, chop suey and chicken fried rice. There's...

FightClub (Donlands) / Fitness Clubs

401 Donlands Avenue 416.200.0200 Website
FightClub (Donlands)

FightClub offers Systema, a Russian martial art taught by owner Emmanuel Manolakakis. When I walk into the gym, he shakes my hand and brings me into his office, a cubicle...

Folia Grill / Restaurants

1031 Pape Ave. 416.424.2800 Website
Folia Grill

Folia Grill took me away this weekend. Sun, sizzling meat, olives the size of coconuts, and clean crisp beer are the things of summer in Greece, and after popping into...

Forbidden Fruit / Restaurants

2 Sammon Avenue 647.500.3051 Website
Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is a Pape Village juice bar that serves up cold-pressed beverages and nut milks. It also offers cleanses if you're in the market for some intense detoxing....

Fresh from the Farm / Grocery Stores

350 Donlands Ave. 416.422.3276 Website
Fresh from the Farm

Fresh from the Farm, located on a 2 block village like stretch of shops just south of O'Connor at the top end of Donlands, is all about hormone and drug...

Goat Coffee Co. / Cafes

893 Pape Ave. 416.551.7737 Website
Goat Coffee Co.

Goat Coffee Co. has been, as its Twitter states, "kinda sorta open" for a little over a week in Pape Village. Occupying what used to be a Cash for Gold,...

Hansen's Danish Pastry Shop / Baked Goods

1017 Pape Ave 416.425.8877 Website
Hansen's Danish Pastry Shop

Hansen's Danish Pastry Shop and its stately black and white sign is hard to miss on this stretch of Pape Avenue, north of the Danforth. Owned by the same family...

Kleinburg Nursery / Design Stores

903 Pape Ave 647.346.8283 Website
Kleinburg Nursery

Kleinburg Nursery is a garden centre in Pape Village. From picking out beautiful flowers, shrubs and more to delivering them and installing them in your new dream garden, this place...

La Grotta Pizzeria / Restaurants

951 Pape Avenue 416.425.7970 Website
La Grotta Pizzeria

La Grotta Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant serving dishes such as veal, chicken, and surf 'n' turf alongside an extensive pasta selection, pizza, salads, and seafood-centric appetizers....

My Dog Spot / Services

911 Pape Avenue 416.466.7387 Website
My Dog Spot

My Dog Spot is a cheery and cute little shop just north of the Danforth on Pape dedicated to making your pooch clean and happy. The friendly staff at...

Pape Subs & Grill / Restaurants

1048 Pape Ave 416.422.0834
Pape Subs & Grill

Pape Subs & Grill is a eatery located in Pape Village. Their menu boasts a wide array of speciality subs, souvlaki, wraps and salads. ...

Sammy's Eatery / Restaurants

158 O'Connor Dr 416.424.4700
Sammy's Eatery

Sammy Eatery is a local option in Pape Village for a prime rib dinner or all day breakfast. ...

Sandwich City / Restaurants

968 Pape Avenue 647.748.4448
Sandwich City

Sandwich City has recently undergone a menu change and now offers their eponymous menu item, as well as subs, paninis and soups....

Serano Bakery / Baked Goods

830 Pape Avenue 416.462.2735 Website
Serano Bakery

Serano Bakery is the quintessential Greek bakery; family-run, bred from authentic recipes, and filled with lots--and I mean lots--of food. No dainty little lone pastries here. The first thing...

Souv Like / Restaurants

708 Pape Avenue 647.349.9420
Souv Like

Souv Like on Pape serves up Greek food - namely souvlaki - but they have the other staples like gyros, fries, Greek salad and tzatziki too. This place feels like...

Steady's / Restaurants

852 Pape Avenue 647.339.4289 Website

Steady's is a Jamaican and Caribbean restaurant in Pape Village. This place does take out, catering and dine-in with tons of freshly cooked food options. Specialty dishes are oxtail jerk...

The Greek Boy / Restaurants

942 Pape Ave 416.421.8228
The Greek Boy

The Greek Boy serves up Greek food goodies like souvlaki and gyros. Located on Pape, this family-owned joint offers tons of hot meals. Not to mention the Greek salad...

The Greek Grill / Restaurants

128 O'Connor Drive 416.461.5200 Website
The Greek Grill

The Greek Grill offers a range of traditional Greek dishes such as tzatziki appetizers, pork and chicken souvlaki, gyros, moussaka, and seafood-based meals....

The Wally / Restaurants

302 O'Connor Drive 416.425.6136
The Wally

The Wally is a sausage fest at its finest. I recently walked into Wally around 2 p.m. to find a bar of middle-aged men and a stray pair at a...

Tzatziki Restaurant / Restaurants

873 Pape Avenue 647.350.3333
Tzatziki Restaurant

Tzatziki is a sparkling-new family-run diner on Pape, about 500 metres north of the Danforth. Off the main drag and only in its third week, I'm surprised to find, when...

Victoria European Deli / Grocery Stores

1013 Pape Avenue 416.423.7713
Victoria European Deli

Victoria European Deli is a Pape Village eatery specializing in deli fare....

Voli European Delicatessen / Grocery Stores

1052 Pape Ave 647.345.4788 Website
Voli European Delicatessen

Voli European Delicatessen is an authentic European deli in Pape Village. This place might be right by a gas station, but that makes it even more down-to-earth. Voli offers European...

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