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New Toronto music fest to boast flea market and arcade

Posted by Aubrey Jax / July 21, 2014

Wavelength Endless SummerIf Toronto was music festival city last summer, 2014 started out packed and is now becoming somewhat of a joke - or would be if local music fans weren't so thirsty for the word "festival." Appetites for the combination of stacked outdoor music line ups with added perks of anything from food vendors to art installations to bouncy castles seem insatiable, and now Wavelength, some of Toronto's most seasoned event promoters (organizers of the annual Wavelength Festival amid other projects), are jumping on board.

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10 fun ways to watch a flick this summer in Toronto

Posted by Erinn Beth Langille / July 21, 2014

rush line tiffDrive-ins, dinners and dives (into the lake off your boat) are just some of the fun ways to watch a flick this summer in Toronto. Cinephiles can tuck into dark theatres, or celebrate in the open-air, watch blockbusters or rarities, pay for lux seating or get in for free. There's really something for everyone.

Here are 10 fun ways to watch a flick this summer in Toronto.

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TIME Fest is reborn at Fort York Garrison Common

Posted by Staff / July 21, 2014

Time Festival 2014TIME Festival's 2014 return after a three year hiatus will be over-shadowed in tales of its one-day glory by one thing: rain. From light haze to down pour, it never stopped raining at Fort York Garrison Common. Add to that the festival losing two of its major draws - Death Grips (to the band breaking up) and Charlie XCX (to...?) and the day could've been a write-off.

Against the odds, people still showed up and partied through it all. Grimes, Flume, Action Bronson, St. Lucia, Majical Cloudz, Kaytranada and more did their part to keep everyone's minds off the weather (or their confiscated umbrellas) and focused on the music.

Check out our photo gallery for 20 of our favourite rainy memories from TIME 2014.

5 things you didn't know about John Tory

Posted by Chris Bateman / July 21, 2014

toronto john toryJohn Tory is without a doubt the most politically experienced candidate among this year's mayoral hopefuls. Since the late 1970s, the wily conservative strategist and perennial business leader has held numerous high-profile positions, yet he has only held political office once, as an MPP from 2005 to 2007.

Tory got his start in politics while a student at University of Toronto Schools, a prep school affiliated with the university, when a friend convinced him to buy a $1 membership to the York Mills Young Progressive Conservatives Association. "It sounded like an interesting thing to do. He made it a story with a little intrigue. He made it all sound very exciting. If I bought a card, I could vote for this friend of his who was running for treasurer against this other fellow who was somehow bad news," he told The Star in 1983.

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Sports & Play

Your photos of beaches in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 21, 2014

Beaches TorontoSun, sand and surf, er, super calm and (for the most part), swimmable waters make Toronto beaches the perfect retreat from the sticky city just as summer temperatures spike. We challenged our readers to share their favourite beach-side moments for our latest photo contest. Congratulations to danthowe_ for the above photo, which has earned our prize of a Pure Leaf Real Brewed Kit for winning this instalment of our photo challenge series.

Check out all the submissions in our Toronto Beaches stream.
Fashion & Style

Bad Boy to open store in Honest Ed's

Posted by Derek Flack / July 21, 2014

Honest Eds Bad BoyBad Boy is coming to Bathurst and Bloor in November -- specifically to the kingdom of kitsch known as Honest's Ed's. While there's not much time left for discount retailer (the store is set to close at the end of 2016), with Sonic Boom set to vacate come the fall, there's a lot of space left to fill as the store rides out its run before Westbank Corp. starts to redevelop the site.

Sold back in October 2013, Honest Ed's has been operating mostly business as usual since then, save for the nostalgic outpouring on display at a sign sale in the spring.

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