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The top 5 free events in Toronto: July 25-31 2016

Posted by Phil Villeneuve / July 24, 2016

free events torontoThe top free events in Toronto start off on a more relaxing tip (films, city talks) and then move into immersive park hangouts and dance parties. Bring a handkerchief, 'cause there will be sweat and tears.

Here are my top picks for absolutely free things to do in Toronto this week.

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It's Not U It's Me is elevating Toronto's party scene

Posted by Phil Villeneuve / July 23, 2016

toronto party collectiveHow many times have you left a dance party too early because you had way too much to drink and can barely even remember who was playing? Or maybe you left in the wee hours of the morning, but your main goal the whole night was partying and getting drunk/high/laid.

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The top 6 falooda in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 23, 2016

20160721-falooda-toronto.jpgFalooda might not be as popular in Toronto as say, soft serve, but on the Indian subcontinent, it's one prized frozen treat. It originated in Persia (modern day Iran) and it's sometimes like a milkshake, while at other spots, it's more of an ice cream parfait. It features sweet rose flavouring and ofter fun add-ins, such as noodles, basil seeds, nuts and/or tapioca pearls.

Here's were to find falooda in Toronto.

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The top 5 new fusion restaurants in Toronto

Posted by Amy Grief / July 23, 2016

Eat BKK TorontoToronto is filled with unique fusion restaurants. Some of the most famous ones include Rasta Pasta (Caribbean and Italian food) and the Hungary Thai, which are both located in Kensington Market. Delicious things can happen when different cuisines come together, so get ready to make your palate sing.

Here are my picks for the top new fusion restaurants in Toronto.

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New Toronto bar has board games and cheap booze

Posted by Martha Stortz / July 23, 2016

watsons torontoThis new Toronto bar has board games and darts, but the big selling point here is cheap prices on top shelf booze.

Read my profile of Watson's in the bars section.

Toronto gets an elaborate new merry-go-round

Posted by Amy Grief / July 23, 2016

Pride of Canada CarouselStep right up to downtown Markham! The growing Toronto suburb may not get an NHL arena, but it does have a new designated downtown area (by Warden and the 407) complete with condos, offices, chain restaurants and a movie theatre.

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