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CHFI plagiarizing articles from other Toronto web sites

Posted by Staff / September 13, 2014

chfiCHFI has some explaining to do. Just check out this Reddit thread and you'll see they're clearly plagiarizing content from other sites including us. On Friday we posted an article about the impending closure of Sunrise Records' two downtown locations. What did CHFI do? They not only reported on the same news, but they used our photo and text verbatim.

CHFI. What do you have to say for yourselves?
Best of Toronto

The Best BLT in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / September 13, 2014

BLT TorontoThe best BLT sandwiches in Toronto follow a simple formula: Salty, cured meat layered onto bread with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and creamy mayo. The classic combination leaves little room for improvement - but that hasn't deterred Toronto sandwich makers from trying.

Many of the spots this list take an artisanal approach; curing and smoking meats themselves, whipping up aioli from scratch, or taking liberties with the recipe, diverging-from the three namesake ingredients by swapping lettuce for bolder arugula, or fresh sliced tomatoes for roasted or fried variations.

Here are the best BLT sandwiches in Toronto.

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Just opened bake shop might be Toronto's smallest

Posted by Erinn Beth Langille / September 13, 2014

petit nuage torontoThis new bakery is certainly in the running for one of Toronto's smallest. Occupying a blue container at the Market 707 complex at Dundas and Bathurst, this tiny spot specializes in macarons and creme puffs. You can also buy ceramic cups and gift cards while you satisfy your sweet tooth.

Find out more in my profile of Petit Nuage in the bakery section.
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A guide to late night booze in Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / September 13, 2014

late night booze torontoPlotting where one can find late night booze in Toronto is bound to be a frustrating task if only because there are so many places that offer post-LCBO and post-last call options that absolutely do not want anyone writing about them for fear of legal repercussions. I also don't want to spoil the fun by idiotically revealing the location of an after hours or which booze delivery services will come to your apartment at 4am. This information, for better or worse, will have to remain confined to word of mouth.

What I can do, on the other hand, is sketch out some of your options when it comes to securing liquor after the typical LCBO closure time of 9pm and what some of the more official options are when it comes to securing booze after most places have shut down.

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The 5 worst movies at TIFF 2014

Posted by Alexander Huls / September 13, 2014

tiff 2014Not everything at TIFF can be great. Given the volume of movies that appear at the festival, everything being good would be statistically impossible. You're always bound to see some duds, stinkers, and out right walk out worthy movies now and then. Naturally, this year was no exception. Here are the 5 worst films I saw at TIFF in 2014. (Two of which, disappointingly, came from my Top 10 most anticipated list no less)

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Cash shortfall could slay 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / September 13, 2014

toronto zombie walk 2014Usually, zombies hunger ceaselessly for brains, but it looks like Toronto's undead are in need of some cold, hard dough. The Toronto Zombie Walk, one of the world's largest annual convergences of shambling undead, looks to be in some financial hot water. According to a crowdfunding page set up this week by walk organizers, the annual event is $7,000 under budget for the 2014 edition, which is currently scheduled to swarm city streets on October 25.

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