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Portions are plentiful at this new fish and chicken spot

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / September 21, 2014

sharkys fish and chicken torontoThis fried-chicken and fish joint opened in Toronto in April, drawing throngs of hungry students from local schools for its cheap eats in plentiful portion sizes. Catfish and chicken are the specialty, but you can choose anything from wings to shrimp to oysters to mozzarella sticks to samosas - all served up with a heap of fries and dusted with a zippy lemon-pepper spice. Basically, if you can fry it, they've got it.

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Toronto canning company looks to open rental kitchen

Posted by Derek Flack / September 21, 2014

manning canningHave you ever tried to can something in a small kitchen? It can be a royal pain in the ass, what with the whole sterilization process and all. So if you're into this sort of thing, it's exciting to learn that local company Manning Canning is looking to make its kitchen available on a rental basis to would-be canners. It's all part of a Kickstarter project that involves two commercial kitchen spaces on Vanderhoof Avenue in Leaside. One will be a general purpose space with ample space for prep that's made available 24/7 for rental, while the other will be a dedicated canning space.

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5 historic Toronto buildings that could use a makeover

Posted by Chris Bateman / September 21, 2014

toronto waverly hotelBroadly speaking, these are good times for heritage buildings in Toronto. Developers are increasingly aware of the value of historic structures and the various levels of government are becoming better at ensuring links to the city's past are kept safe from destruction or manhandling (there are still grievous loses, however.)

Problems often surface if businesses that own historic buildings fall on hard times. When the cash flow dries up, so too does the ability to properly maintain the building. Repairs get postponed, cracks go unfixed, and paint starts to peel. If the property is outside of an area popular with developers, the neglect can snowball, like it did at Walnut Hall. Jilly's at Queen and Broadview was reportedly close to collapsing into the street last year.

Here are 5 historic Toronto buildings--some with heritage protection, some without--in need of love.

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Free events in Toronto: September 22-28, 2014

Posted by Aubrey Jax / September 21, 2014

Free events TorontoFree events in Toronto this week include 3D printing, so plot the means for your escape from wage slavery now. Maybe an unlimited credit card for Cosco? Dream big, but not too big. Celebrate your new found counterfeit riches with the launch of the Smart World Music Festival featuring Os Tropies, and Culture Days, the most unfortunately named event of the year, which will host various free cultural events across Canada all weekend. Get cultured, you dirty masses. And use that credit card on laundry soap (the good, liquid stuff).

Here's how to work off that tiny body / mighty hand burn in Toronto this week.

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The top 10 most collectable Toronto albums of all time

Posted by Guest Contributor / September 21, 2014

Toronto collectable albumsFor avid record hunters, Toronto's abundance of used record stores and high-density turnover can be both a blessing and a curse when trying to track down a specific slab of rare wax. Luckily, we've compiled a list of some of Toronto's own highly sought after original pressings.

Although names like Rush and Fucked Up may be the only familiar artists found here, crate diggers and record store owners will surely covet some of these titles currently fetching high prices online. Categorically, older and obscure original pressings demand the most cash, but reissues have made some of these titles a little more affordable to enjoy for the non-discerning.

Here are the top 10 Toronto albums to keep an eye out for while thrifting for gold.

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Long Winter goes national, plans cinema takeover

Posted by Aubrey Jax / September 21, 2014

Long WinterApologies for filling you will dread on the first day of fall, but winter is on its way (and it's going to be brutal, according to some book a farmer wrote). I'm stressing over what size booties to order for my mini pug before the snow hits, but the coming cold weather does have one bonus for Toronto indie fans: music and art series Long Winter ("winter" being a six-month+ ordeal, here) will return for its third year in October, with some new surprises in store including an out-of-city expansion and a film screening party at the Bloor Cinema.

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