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Where to eat jerk chicken bao on Toronto's east side

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 11, 2015

Mean BaoToronto's favourite bao purveyor has expanded to the east side with its largest restaurant to date. Along with jerk chicken, pulled pork, sloppy joe and pork belly bao, feast on cold noodles, sticky quinoa and a small selection of dim sum.

Read my profile of Mean Bao in the restaurants section.

Dazzling photo journalism exhibit returns to Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / October 11, 2015

world press photoWorld Press Photo is back in Toronto for another year, and just as stunning as ever. Divorced from a gallery context, this is one of the best ways to take in the profoundly good work that the world's top photo journalists are producing each year. Better to do this before lunch, though -- some of the images are rightly disturbing, and you'll be left brooding for the rest of the day.

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Sports & Play

Massive Blue Jays logo painted in Toronto park

Posted by Amy Grief / October 11, 2015

blue jays logo parkIf you're gearing up for game three in the ALDS against the Texas Rangers, you may want to head to Canoe Landing Park to get pumped up. That's because Toronto Parks, Recreation and Forestry have placed a giant Blue Jays logo in the centre of this downtown green space.

Like all modern-day rivalries, this festive new addition to Canoe Landing stems from a Twitter feud between Toronto parks and rec and Arlington, Texas's parks department. Regardless of its origins, the massive logo is a welcome, and spirited new feature in our city.

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The story of the first public hanging in Toronto

Posted by Chris Bateman / October 11, 2015

toronto king jailIn October 1798, John Sullivan was sent to the town gallows on King St. E. The unfortunate crook, an illiterate tailor, had been convicted of passing a forged banknote worth three shillings and ninepence, slightly less than a dollar, and conspiring with a friend, Michael Flannery, to have it cashed.

Unfortunately for the pair, the hasty scheme was quickly uncovered. Flannery fled to the United States, leaving Sullivan to take the fall. Though it was Flannery who had concocted the idea and actually made the forged note, Sullivan was the one who had tried to use it. In the eyes of the judge, that alone was enough to warrant death by hanging.

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5 neighbourhoods to stay in when visiting Toronto

Posted by Amy Grief / October 11, 2015

best toronto neighbourhoodsToronto is a city of neighbourhoods so when choosing where to stay it's worth looking beyond parts of town that cater to business travellers, package tours and conference organizers. While the Yonge subway line and the Financial District might be a hotbed for major hotel chains, the areas below are where you might opt for a cozy Airbnb, furnished apartment or boutique hotel while getting to know places where locals live and play.

Here are my picks for 5 neighbourhoods to stay in when visiting Toronto.

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The top 5 free events in Toronto: October 12-18 2015

Posted by Alice Prendergast / October 11, 2015

free events torontoThe top free events in Toronto this week will test your skills at knife throwing and appeal to your love of zines. TKTO, an East York knife throwing range, is opening this week and inviting everyone to check it out, free of charge. If the sharpest object you can handle is a pencil, no worries. Canzine is back for another year so you can check out the latest zines or make your own.

Here's what to do if your bank account is collecting dust.

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