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Office Space

Posted by Staff / July 28, 2014

Fashion & Style

The top 10 cruelty free makeup & cosmetics in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / July 27, 2014

cruelty free makeupCruelty free, vegan, and organic makeup and cosmetics in Toronto have a loyal following; much like the local food movement, Torontonians like to know where our beauty goods come from and how they're being made. Buying with ethics in mind isn't the only bonus to the organic movement, either - homegrown, natural beauty resources are the sign of a healthy, thoughtful lifestyle. Your skin will thank you.

Here are my picks for the top cruelty free makeup and cosmetics companies in Toronto.

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Beaches Jazz Festival

Posted by Staff / July 27, 2014


Thousands turn out for bizarre, tense Ford Fest

Posted by Chris Bateman / July 26, 2014

toronto ford fest"He's had his problems, but he's not the boogeyman," said Allie as we rode the bus up Brimley Road to Thomson Memorial Park. A woman in her sixties, she had traveled alone from her home near St. George station, and although she didn't know how she would vote, she wanted to witness the spectacle of Ford Fest first hand. She wouldn't be disappointed.

Several thousand people, some of them in white Ford Nation t-shirts, many of them fanatical in their support for the Ford family, descended on Scarborough last night, lured by the promise of free burgers and the chance to meet the city's incumbent mayor.

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Eat & Drink

The top 10 early morning brunch restaurants in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 26, 2014

brunch torontoEarly brunch in Toronto might be an oxymoron (or more plainly, it might just be breakfast), but it's not exactly nonexistent. Sure, some might argue that brunch involves booze, which makes even the concept of an early brunch negligible - I, however, am happy to argue that "brunch" is a verb, something we Torontonians like to do on weekends. Or in the very least, it can be defined as a menu that offers both breakfast and lunch on one page.

Here are my top picks for early brunching (see, it is a verb), so that next time you find yourself trying to get an early start, you'll need not endure a torturous wait 'til 11am for some french toast or eggs.

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Eat & Drink

The top 10 ways to get caffeinated this summer in Toronto

Posted by Erinn Beth Langille / July 26, 2014

caffeine torontoNeed a caffeine jolt this summer in Toronto? You can choose from a mix of the city's best roaster offerings, delivery services, events and ice cold beverages. A little coffee buzz might be necessary to keep energy up for all the fun events of summer, so if you need a little pick-me-up (or just love coffee), this list will be your guide.

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