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North York

North York is a name for the area north of Toronto that includes a wide range of neighbourhoods including The Bridle Path, Hogg's Hollow, Lawrence Park, York Mills, Willowdale, Bayview Village, Jane and Finch, Flemingdon Park and Lawrence Heights. Some of the main attractions include the "other Koreatown" at Yonge and Finch, Downsview Park and great bagels and Jewish delis on Bathurst north and south of the 401.

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Absinthe Pub (York) / Restaurants

4700 Keele Street 416.736.2100 Website
Absinthe Pub (York)

Absinthe is the last of the student-owned and operated. In the basement of Winters College, the Ab (as it is known by local patrons) offers all of the standard pub...

Agra Fine Indian Cuisine / Restaurants

4850 Yonge Street 416.222.7500 Website
Agra Fine Indian Cuisine

Buffets can be scary, depending on the restaurant. I usually opt for ordering from the menu because of this, but a friend recommended the one at Agra Fine Indian Cuisine...

Ajisen Ramen / Restaurants

5229 Yonge St. 416.223.0618
Ajisen Ramen

In the dying hours of 2006 I found myself 1) in North York, 2) in a car with three drunk friends, one hungry driver and, of course, my camera, and...

Akivas Fruits & Deli / Grocery Stores

6245 Bathurst St. 416.733.9733
Akivas Fruits & Deli

Akivas Fruits & Deli near Bathurst and Steeles Avenue is a good local source for fruits, vegetables and Eastern European products....

Alborz / Restaurants

5907 Yonge Street 416.226.6564 Website

Alborz is a very moderately priced Persian restaurant (in the arena of Persian food). The atmosphere is always joyful and the staff are incredibly accomodating. The Persian specialty...

Allwyn's Bakery / Restaurants

81 Underhill Drive 647.847.4698
Allwyn's Bakery

Allwyn's Bakery may not look like much from the outside, but this takeout spot, found in an unassuming North York-area strip plaza, doles out delicious and budget-friendly meals. Allwyn's moved locations...

Alminz Kakanin / Baked Goods

369 Wilson Avenue 416.877.0171
Alminz Kakanin

Alminz Kakanin is a small bakery in the North York region specializing in authentic Filipino pastries, cakes and breads. Cold beverages are also sold....

Altona Kabob / Restaurants

6099 Yonge Street 647.348.1067
Altona Kabob

Altona Kabob in North York is a take-out and eat-in restaurant offering up Iranian and Persian foods, including spicy kebabs and rices. ...

Amaya Express (Yorkdale) / Restaurants

3401 Dufferin Street 416.783.7634 Website
Amaya Express (Yorkdale)

Amaya Express in Yorkdale is a great option if you want to steer clear of greasier food court staples. On the menu are all the tried and true Amaya Indian...

Amazing Donuts / Baked Goods

3772 Bathurst Street 416.398.7546 Website
Amazing Donuts

Amazing Donuts Bakery is a pastry shop selling donuts (including those of the cake-sized variety), breads and kosher treats. The bakery is an ideal destination for Jewish holiday desserts....

Amulet / Restaurants

4700 Dufferin St 416.663.7820 Website

Amulet restaurant is a lavish testament to Russian banquet culture, but covers a range of neighbouring regions, including Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgian wines. Try the mamalyga--a blend of cornmeal and...

Annvita / Cafes

5437 Yonge St. 647.505.5666 Website

Annvita is a chain of Victorian tea rooms originating in Shanghai. The North York location is the sole outpost in North America, offering formal afternoon tea service featuring tiers of...

Aoyama Sushi / Restaurants

2766 Victoria Park Avenue 416.494.7373
Aoyama Sushi

Aoyama Sushi is a Japanese-run and operated restaurant on Victoria Park near Sheppard that serves sushi legit enough for purists. The thing to get here is the assorted sushi, sashimi...

Ararat International Fine Foods / Grocery Stores

1800 Avenue Road 416.782.5722
Ararat International Fine Foods

Ararat has been selling flavourful Middle Eastern delights (breads, cheeses, preserves, desserts and more) for almost fourty years!...

Archers Arena / Fitness Clubs

1140 Sheppard Avenue West 647.992.7362 Website
Archers Arena

Archers Arena is an archery tag facility located in North York. I visited Archers Arena on a Saturday afternoon, located in a plaza a few minutes walk from Downsview Station....

Aren't We Naughty / Services

3250 Dufferin St. 416.783.6533 Website
Aren't We Naughty

Aren't We Naughty is a Canadian chain of sex shops with multiple locations around Toronto. One of the noteworthy features is the Price Match Program for those who value financial...

Arepiando / Restaurants

2892 Dufferin St 647.633.6799

Arepiando is a Colombian restaurant where owners Juan Carlos Perilla and Sandra Caballero make their arepas from scratch. Don't mind the bright orange walls. The little North York restaurant offers...

Aristokrat BBQ Restaurant / Restaurants

3434 Bathurst Street 416.635.6812
Aristokrat BBQ Restaurant

Aristokrat BBQ Restaurant is a buffet-style restaurant serving Filipino and Asian-inspired food. Menu items include palabok (a Filipino noodle dish) and barbecued meats. Aristokrat has a second location in Mississauga...

Armenian Kitchen / Restaurants

1646 Victoria Park Avenue 416.757.7722 Website
Armenian Kitchen

The Armenian Kitchen is a Middle Eastern restaurant on Victoria Park in Scarborough that makes some of the best hummus in the city. It's great by itself or paired with...

Artisan Noodle / Restaurants

5421 Yonge St. 647.345.1155 Website
Artisan Noodle

Artisan Noodle is where those in the know go for Shaanxi-style (Northwestern) Chinese cuisine in North York including authentic versions of the noodles and buns the cuisine is well-known for. Owner...

Asahi Sushi (Bathurst Street) / Restaurants

7000 Bathurst Street 905.760.1294
Asahi Sushi (Bathurst Street)

Asahi Sushi is a sushi restaurant at the corner of Bathurst and Steeles....

Asian Legend (Finch & Leslie) / Restaurants

125 Ravel Road 416.756.9388 Website
Asian Legend (Finch & Leslie)

The Asian Legend at Finch and Leslie may or may not be bigger than the Markham and North York locations, but it definitely feels more spacious. The décor is more...

Asian Legend (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

5188 Yonge St. 416.221.9797 Website
Asian Legend (Yonge St.)

Asian Legend on Yonge between Sheppard and Finch is one of a chain of six Chinese restaurants in Toronto. It's known for its juicy steamed dumplings. ...

AT Bubble Soccer / Fitness Clubs

1300 Alness St. Unit 3, Vaughan 647.980.9080 Website
AT Bubble Soccer

AT Bubble Soccer is located less than a block north of Steeles Ave. in Vaughan. Amidst rather uniform warehouses and strip malls, the indoor sports facility lets players take soccer...

Atlas Boxing Club / Fitness Clubs

100 Bridgeland Ave 416.240.0269 Website
Atlas Boxing Club

Atlas Boxing Club boasts that it is the only Toronto club to produce an Olympic gold medalist, along with two silver medalist. And perhaps it is so, in that specific...

Auberge du Pommier / Restaurants

4150 Yonge St. 416.222.2220 Website
Auberge du Pommier

Auberge du Pommier,one of the early Oliver and Bonacini collaborations, offers refined and modern interpretations of classic French dishes. ...

Autentica Spanish Food and Empanadas / Baked Goods

9 Milvan Drive 416.742.2917
Autentica Spanish Food and Empanadas

Autentica is the real deal - empanadas, humita, churros, milhojas, pan amasado, tres leches cake and more made by owner Elena Bazaes. Find it all at the shop in the...

Ava Esfehan / Grocery Stores

193 Sheppard Ave. E 647.347.7065 Website
Ava Esfehan

Ava Esfehan is a Middle Eastern food market. There are several meals on the menu: chicken stew, fish on rice, many Persian dishes, and daily specials for cheap....

Bagel Nash / Baked Goods

7355 Bayview Ave 905.763.7766
Bagel Nash

Bagel Nash offers up fresh baked bagels as well as various sandwiches and other lunch fare....

Bagel Plus / Baked Goods

634 Sheppard Avenue West 416.635.9988
Bagel Plus

Bagel Plus might be famous for their fresh bagels but there's a lot more in store than just chewy/bready round things. Also on the shelves are a variety of fresh...

Bagel World (Thornhill) / Baked Goods

10 Disera Drive 905.709.7776 Website
Bagel World (Thornhill)

Bagel World has been baking up delicious Montreal-style bagels and the like for over 45 years. Don't be fooled by the name, there's more than just bagels to be had...

Bagel World (Wilson Avenue) / Baked Goods

336 Wilson Avenue 416.635.5931 Website
Bagel World (Wilson Avenue)

Bagel World has been on Wilson Avenue for over 45 years, serving their famous "Bagelini" (flat bagel panini) to loyal patrons. There are a couple other locations in the GTA,...

Baharan Pizza & Sandwiches / Restaurants

15 Northtown Way 416.223.8777 Website
Baharan Pizza & Sandwiches

Baharan Pizza & Sandwiches serves up hot and cold sandwiches including, notably, veal tongue and lamb brain. For the less adventurous, there's also chicken, hotdogs and burgers....

Bake Code / Baked Goods

4910 Yonge St. 647.346.3888 Website
Bake Code

Bake Code has opened its first flagship in Canada, located at Yonge and Sheppard in North York. This Taiwanese chain, a "high-end bakery boutique," shares a parent company with bubble...

Bamiyan Kabob (Keele St.) / Restaurants

4205 Keele St. 416.650.0111 Website
Bamiyan Kabob (Keele St.)

Bamiyan Kabob has several locations throughout the GTA, and lucky York students have one right by campus. The prospect of beef tenderloin marinated in spices for 24 hours might motivate...

Bangali Sweet House / Restaurants

2497 Finch Ave W 416.740.9566
Bangali Sweet House

Bangali Sweet House is the spot to get your ladoo, jalebi and other Indian sweets. It's got two huge counters stocked with an overwhelming selection of colourful treats. The aesthetics...

Banh Mi Que Huong / Restaurants

2437 Finch Ave W 416.749.8088
Banh Mi Que Huong

Banh Mi Que Huong is a tiny, suburban banh mi shop on Finch near Weston does Vietnamese subs over a dozen different ways for only $2. Choose from sandwiches stacked...

Bar Burrito (North York) / Restaurants

4918 Yonge Street 416.733.2424 Website
Bar Burrito (North York)

Bar Burrito offers quick service Tex-Mex fare including burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, made with fresh ingredients and homemade guacamole. ...

Baro Gun Pang Bakery / Baked Goods

6118 Yonge Street 416.225.4882
Baro Gun Pang Bakery

Baro Gun Pang Bakery is a Korean bakery serving fresh daily treats that are famous for their tender flavours. When you walk in, there's always a sample platter sitting...

Batner Bookstore / Bookstores

4-180 Steeles Avenue West 905.731.4440 Website
Batner Bookstore

The Batner Bookstore on Steeles Avenue West has been in business for decades selling text books, books for children and young adults as well as resources for both Advanced Placement...

BB Cafe / Grocery Stores

6095 Yonge St. 416.505.5855 Website
BB Cafe

BB Cafe has been thriving in North York in the heart of the Persian community for the past two years, though the cafe strikes me as the type that would...

Beiruti Grand Cafe / Restaurants

155 Consumers Road 416.491.2227 Website
Beiruti Grand Cafe

Beiruti Grand Cafe inhabits a massive 13,000 square-foot space in a business park near Sheppard and Victoria Park. Jack Boyadjian and his family are behind the venture; They were previously...

Ben & Izzy's Deli / Restaurants

3513 Bathurst St 416.787.3354 Website
Ben & Izzy's Deli

Ben & Izzy's Deli is Toronto's only truly Kosher deli. Located on the aging corridor of Bathurst north of Lawrence that caters mainly to Toronto's Orthodox Jewish community. Notable neighbours...

Ben Thanh Moi / Restaurants

2437 Finch Ave W 416.745.1900
Ben Thanh Moi

Ben Thanh Moi is a dream come true for those who love to throw a new flick and totally veg-out with some take-out. This little Vietnamese sandwich counter doubles as...

Berries and Blooms (York Lanes) / Restaurants

4700 Keele Street 416.663.0030 Website
Berries and Blooms (York Lanes)

Berries and Blooms is a haven from the over-processed, beige-coloured foods normally found in abundance on campus. The York Lanes restaurant and catering company offers smoothies on the cheap, as...

Best Dragon / Restaurants

100 Steeles Avenue West 905.731.3288
Best Dragon

Best Dragon Seafood Cuisine boasts tanks of gargantuan lobsters, fresh dim sum, an eclectic melange of menu items from all over China and a host of amiable staff. Formerly called...

Big Al's Delish / Restaurants

3325 Bathurst Street 647.258.3354
Big Al's Delish

Big Al's Delish is a deli and takeout restaurant in the North York region. Offerings include sandwiches (such as corned beef on rye), salads, barbecue and baked goods. Big Al's...

Big Beef Bowl / Restaurants

1 Byng Avenue 416.222.5282 Website
Big Beef Bowl

Big Beef Bowl serves up exactly what its name implies - homemade Lanzhou-style beef noodles in big bowls. The super-small restaurant near Yonge and Finch seats around ten. The Bruce...

Bike Depot / Services

7043 Yonge Street 905.881.7474 Website
Bike Depot

The Bike Depot is where to buy a bike when you find yourself near Yonge and Steeles. Like its sibling downtown bike store Broadway Cycle, the Bike Depot offers a...

Bo Bon / Baked Goods

3543 Bathurst Street 416.642.0906 Website
Bo Bon

Bo Bon is a North York pastry shop specializing in macarons, chocolate confections and fresh baked goods. The shop also does custom cakes, catering and yummy gift baskets. All products...

Body Language Fitness / Fitness Clubs

107 Orfus Road 416.785.9882 Website
Body Language Fitness

Body Language Fitness, located on Orfus Road - smack down in the middle of clothing outlet haven - is a fitness facility. Take a gym break in between your shopping...

Boneyard Grill / Restaurants

10 Disera Drive 905.762.0825 Website
Boneyard Grill

Boneyard Grill is a semi-upscale burger and rib joint up in the Thornhill area. They feature a large variety of daily lunch specials with delicious burgers, but perhaps my favourite...

Bread Stuff Bakery / Baked Goods

2885 Bayview Ave 416.733.2885 Website
Bread Stuff Bakery

Bread Stuff Bakery feels like a rustic country bake shop, despite its location on the ground floor of a busy North York condo. At the corner of Sheppard and Bayview,...

Brooklyn Furniture / Design Stores

3742 Bathurst St. 416.635.6111 Website
Brooklyn Furniture

Brooklyn Furniture is actually just south of Wilson on Bathurst, on a lot where it's been for the past 50 years. This isn't a King Street furniture store, so don't...

Brooklyn Pizza / Restaurants

3016 Bathurst Street 416.789.4085
Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza is a tiny little hole in the wall of a pizza joint across from Haymishe Bagel Shop on Bathurst. ...

Btrust Supermarket / Grocery Stores

1105 Wilson Avenue 416.245.8858 Website
Btrust Supermarket

Btrust Supermarket is a growing Asian supermarket chain with multiple locations in the GTA. With spacious and clean surroundings, it's a nice alternative to the more heavily-frequented T&T Supermarket chain....

Bubble Bubble / Cafes

10 Northtown Way #106 416.850.6190
Bubble Bubble

Bubble Bubble is a North York bubble tea hotspot that offers promotions such as movie ticket deals with the purchase of bubble teas. What could be sweeter? In addition to...

Buda Cafe / Restaurants

5418 Yonge Street 647.430.5579
Buda Cafe

Buda Cafe offers coffee and tea drinks to satisfy your caffeine cravings, and hookah pipes with shisha to satisfy another sort of craving. Also on the menu are desserts and...

Buk Chang Dong Soon ToFu (Yonge & Finch) / Restaurants

5445 Yonge Street 647.430.7458
Buk Chang Dong Soon ToFu (Yonge & Finch)

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu has two locations in Toronto including one near Bloor and Christie in Koreatown as well as this one in North York. The restaurant is an...

Bul Go Gee / Restaurants

26 Spring Garden Avenue 416.250.6094
Bul Go Gee

Bul Go Gee is a Korean BBQ house near Yonge and Sheppard....

Bulakena / Restaurants

3525 Bathurst Street 416.783.6497

Bulakena operates as a Filipino takeout eatery, market, and video store. Everything from frozen foods and rice to cleaning supplies are available. The store also specializes in homemade Bulacan sweets...

Bun Bo Hue Pho / Restaurants

2385 Finch Ave W 416.747.7336
Bun Bo Hue Pho

Bun Bo Hue Pho is a conventional Vietnamese restaurant, from the Asian inspired décor, down to the eclectic background music. Bowls of pho, vermicelli and the like, to be enjoyed...

Burgy's / Restaurants

7000 Bathurst St, Thornhill 905.597.3444 Website

Burgy's serves fresh burgers, chicken and steak sandwiches. This burger joint in Thornhill has a bunch of fast food offerings and combos - schnitzel, chicken nuggets, and fries - there's...

Burrito Place / Restaurants

5653 Yonge St. 416.838.9888 Website
Burrito Place

Burrito Place is a Mexican eatery at Yonge and Finch that can be found cooking up a storm until 3:30 a.m. on the weekends. The menu here features classic fillings...

Cafe Aries / Restaurants

5322 Yonge Street 416.226.5434
Cafe Aries

Cafe Aries is a little dessert and coffee spot with hanging decor as sweet as its treats. If offers a variety of teas, including ginger and bubble....

Cafe Le Monde / Restaurants

5418 Yonge Street 416.250.7557
Cafe Le Monde

Cafe Le Monde, appropriately named, offers a variety of international cuisine and hookah pipes on its patio....

Cafe Princess / Cafes

5590 Yonge St. 416.733.9600
Cafe Princess

Café Princess is where you should be hanging out if you've ever been jealous of where rich kids take their afternoon tea in Korean television dramas. What makes a café a...

Cagsawa Haus / Restaurants

363 Wilson Avenue 647.352.7253
Cagsawa Haus

Cagsawa Haus, named after an 18th Century Church in the Philippines, is a small restaurant serving up traditional Filipino comfort food in the North York region. Adobo dishes, noodle soups...

Camarra Pizza / Restaurants

2899 Dufferin Street 416.789.3221 Website
Camarra Pizza

Camarra Pizza has been serving its authentic Italian cuisine to hungry Torontonians for over 50 years. Its menu includes pizza and pasta, of course, as well as grilled lamb chops,...

Canada Goose / Fashion Stores

3401 Dufferin Street, Unit #501 416.789.5002 Website
Canada Goose

Canada Goose has its first ever flagship inside of Yorkdale Mall. With an expanding selection of ultra high end brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Coach, over 19 million visitors...

Capriccio Cafe / Baked Goods

5379 Yonge St. 647.351.5550 Website
Capriccio Cafe

Capriccio Cafe is part cafe, part patisserie. There's ample room to settle in for a hot tea or latte and pair it with one of the delicate pastries baked in...

Caribbean Heat / Restaurants

1300 Finch Avenue West 416.739.6600
Caribbean Heat

Caribbean Heat is a small and simple Asian-Caribbean restaurant located close to Keele and Finch. It offers cheap eats for under $10 and has Caribbean favourites like roti mixed with...

Caribbean Heat 3 / Restaurants

2356 Finch Ave W 647.288.0801 Website
Caribbean Heat 3

Caribbean Heat 3 is a family restaurant that serves Caribbean, West Indian, and Chinese cuisine. It's the third location of its kind, the others are in the Keele Commercial Centre...

Caribbean Queen Jerk Drum / Restaurants

3408 Weston Rd, North York 416.746.8169
Caribbean Queen Jerk Drum

Caribbean Queen Jerk Drum stands out from its many competitors found in the same plaza. It opens at 6am every day, offers breakfast, and cheap Jamaican lunch specials. Plenty of...

Caribu West Indian Cuisine / Restaurants

3412A Weston Rd 647.346.8833
Caribu West Indian Cuisine

Caribu West Indian Cuisine's menu has a wide range of flavours. They specialize in Guyanese dishes and also serve chicken curry, roti, and even some Chinese options. Hot food for...

Casa Maroc / Restaurants

1943 Avenue Road 647.268.3327 Website
Casa Maroc

Casa Maroc, formerly Walima Cafe, specializes in Moroccan cuisine. Highlights on the menu include the Casablanca couscous, vegetarian tangine and chicken bestilla, a traditional pie that boasts sweet an savoury...

Cataldi Supermarket / Grocery Stores

2542 Keele Street 416.249.9511 Website
Cataldi Supermarket

On the advice of a reader I paid a visit to Cataldi Supermarket, along Keele just south of 401. With plenty of Italians in the area it wasn't a surprise...

Centre Street Deli / Restaurants

1136 Centre Street 905.731.8037 Website
Centre Street Deli

Centre Street Deli looks like it hasn't changed since it opened in Thornhill in the 1980s. Despite a move one plaza over in 1998, this Montreal-style deli maintains a retro...

Centron Self Storage / Services

4500 Chesswood Dr. 416.739.0000 Website
Centron Self Storage

Centron Self Storage prices start at $154 a month ($5.50 a day) for a 50 sq. ft. storage locker at Danforth and Dawes Road. A second location near Dufferin and...

Charcoal and Salt / Restaurants

5523 Yonge Street 416.551.1668
Charcoal and Salt

Charcoal and Salt is situated on the northern tip of Yonge Street's Koreatown just south of Finch. A barbecue joint that does not specialize in a particular breed or cut...

Chattanooga / Restaurants

5 Northtown Way 647.933.0140

Chattanooga is all about its pizzas, though it has been said its lamb shank can hold its own. Also offers salads, coffee, and WiFi....

Cheers Chicken & Beers / Restaurants

19 Finch Ave W 647.503.3245 Website
Cheers Chicken & Beers

Cheers Chicken & Beers serves up some Korean meets 'western' style food. The menu is diverse, a total chicken wings and beer place with Korean flava - like, fried wings...

China Gourmet / Restaurants

877 York Mills Road 416.444.1212
China Gourmet

China Gourmet is a fast food Chinese restaurant located in a York Mills strip mall. ...

Chinese Halal Restaurant (Finch and Leslie) / Restaurants

101 Ravel Rd 416.498.9800
Chinese Halal Restaurant (Finch and Leslie)

Chinese Halal Restaurant serves unique Chinese Muslim dishes that highlight the flavours of Xinjiang in China. They specialize in cooking delicious lamb and beef kebabs seasoned with an interesting fusion...

Cho Sun Ok / Restaurants

7353 Yonge St. 905.707.8426
Cho Sun Ok

Cho Sun Ok is a purveyor of fine, homemade Korean food and is best known for their thin arrowroot noodles served over icy broth. Known as naengmyeon/naengmyun, the dish originated...

Cho Won / Restaurants

17 Drewry Ave. 416.250.7422 Website
Cho Won

Cho Won is a family-run restaurant in North York where both the service and food are on point. Snuggle into a cozy booth and try specialties like spicy seafood hot...

Chocolada / Baked Goods

180 Steeles Avenue West 905.882.4825 Website

Chocolada is well known in North York for making some of the best wedding and special occasion cakes in the area. ...

Chocolate Charm / Grocery Stores

3541 Bathurst Street 416.787.4256 Website
Chocolate Charm

Chocolate Charm is a charming (ha!) chocolatier and cake shop that has a slight twist: their products are all kosher. Located rather unsurprisingly on Bathurst Street, this shop specializes in...

Cinque Lire / Restaurants

2910 Dufferin St 416.780.0033 Website
Cinque Lire

Cinque Lire is an Italian restaurant that makes its own fresh gelato. Dessert first? The dinner menu lists thin-crust pizza, homemade pasta, and stuffed panini among its offerings, as well...

Clancy's Boxing Academy / Fitness Clubs

100 Sunrise Ave. Unit 119 416.285.0222 Website
Clancy's Boxing Academy

Clancy's Boxing Academy has been open for about a year in the east end of North York. While the location seems a bit out of the way - in an...

Classic Creations / Fashion Stores

5799 Yonge St 416.222.0405 Website
Classic Creations

Classic Creations stocks a collection of jewelry and loads of bling, like watches, bridal stuff, and rings for both men and women. Shopping online is available, and so are personalized...

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Finch Avenue) / Cafes

17 Finch Ave. West (unit B) 416. 221.4135 Website
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Finch Avenue)

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice is an extremely popular name in the international bubble tea industry, and is slowly making its way into Canada with outlets here in North York...

Coffee Jazz Mixers / Cafes

28 Finch Avenue West 647.800.8280 Website
Coffee Jazz Mixers

Coffee Jazz Mixer takes coffee and puts it with jazz. This place, just off Yonge street, has live jazz nights and serves a range of coffee and tea, even exotic...

Columbus Bakery (Jane St.) / Baked Goods

2111 Jane St. 416.782.4520
Columbus Bakery (Jane St.)

Columbus Bakery on Jane St. is the second Toronto location of the ever-popular Colombian bakery on Dufferin....

Commisso Bros (Eddystone) / Restaurants

33 Eddystone Avenue 416.743.6600 Website
Commisso Bros (Eddystone)

Commisso Bros is a long-standing Italian bakery and deli with two locations in the GTA. This Eddystone location is a bit less-known than its southern counterpart, but that friendly yellow-and-red...

Congee Delight / Restaurants

3555 Don Mills Rd 416.498.6988
Congee Delight

Congee Delight is a hidden culinary gem. Their sliced fish congee is arguably more flavourful than most similar offerings at the more well-known congee establishments, and their small snacks are...

Congee Queen (Steeles Avenue) / Restaurants

2930 Steeles Avenue East 905.731.3880 Website
Congee Queen (Steeles Avenue)

Congee Queen on Steeles east of Don Mills is one of three Congee Queens in the GTA, offering extremely generous portions at reasonable prices....

Congee Time / Restaurants

5817 Yonge St 416.225.6688 Website
Congee Time

Congee Time has been satisfying patrons in the Koreatown North area of Yonge and Finch for several years now, and shows no signs of slowing down. The star of the...

Congee Wong (Finch and Leslie) / Restaurants

10 Ravel Road 416.493.8222 Website
Congee Wong (Finch and Leslie)

Congee Wong has been around for many years and is a popular chain restarant amongst locals for a quick Canton style meal (i.e. anything with congee, noodles and rice). The...

Continental Foods / Grocery Stores

180 Steeles Avenue West 905.370.0882
Continental Foods

Continental Foods is a large, Middle Eastern grocery store on Steeles Avenue West that sells fruit, vegetables, bread, canned goods and prepared food....

Cook's Fine Food Mart / Restaurants

15 Finch Ave. West, Unit B 416.226.2324
Cook's Fine Food Mart

Cook's Fine Food Mart can be found on Finch Avenue just west of Yonge Street. The front window busily advertises homemade ice cream, chicken burgers and teriyaki - it's so...

Crazy Wings / Restaurants

5600 Yonge St 416.224.5509
Crazy Wings

Crazy Wings is a brand-spankin'-new pub and bar right on the corner of Yonge and Finch. The place is very cool and sleek with a built-in fro-yo place right outside...

Creative Bag / Design Stores

1100 Lodestar Rd. 416.631.6444 Website
Creative Bag

Creative Bag is probably the best place in Toronto to pick up anything bag related. Want to package or wrap something up. They probably have it here, or at their...

Curvaceous Consignments / Fashion Stores

7670 Yonge St. 905.764.0099 Website
Curvaceous Consignments

Curvaceous Consignments specializes in outfitting the bodies of full figured women, sizes 14 to 5X. Here ladies can shop for clothing, shoes, purses, hats, scarves and jewellery in a range...

Cuscatlan / Restaurants

3232 Steeles Ave. West 647.261.1374 Website

Cuscatlan Latin American Cuisine opened their doors over two years ago, serving up genuine Salvadoran cuisine from a strip mall close to York University, on Steeles by Jane. Named after...

Cusina Lounge / Restaurants

288A Wilson Avenue 416.638.8388 Website
Cusina Lounge

Cusina Lounge is a Filipino restaurant and Karaoke bar with delicious, delicious BBQ stick prepared fresh on the patio in the summertime. The restaurant often hosts live music and karaoke,...

Cyclepath (North York) / Services

5330 Yonge St. 416.512.2538 Website
Cyclepath (North York)

Cyclepath has a number of locations in Toronto including this one in North York near Yonge and Churchill. Inside, the store carries plenty of road, mountain and other bikes, as...

Da Best Filipino Bakery / Baked Goods

373 Wilson Avenue 647.430.8328
Da Best Filipino Bakery

Da Best Filipino Bakery may not be hip or quaint, but it smells absolutely divine. And isn't that all that matters? This shop offers Filipino treats such as Halo Halo,...

Dae Bak / Restaurants

100 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 2B 905.709.3564
Dae Bak

Dae Bak Korean Restaurant is a casual eatery located in a stripmall on Steeles just west of Yonge St....

Daily Bread Bakery / Baked Goods

332 Wilson Avenue 416.633.0220
Daily Bread Bakery

Daily Bread Bakery is a North York bakeshop specializing in Filipino and Spanish breads and desserts, such as pandesal (salt rolls) and pan de coco (coconut rolls). Takeout is recommended....

Dala Decor / Design Stores

1259A Caledonia Road 416.901.5576 Website
Dala Decor

Dala Décor, furniture store on Caledonia Road, offers unique, hand picked pieces. From architectural, dinning, to art and living, there's a broad range of stuff here. The popular aesthetic at...

Dalisay / Restaurants

800 Steeles Avenue West 905.597.8545

Dalisay offers authentic Filipino fare for dine-in or take-out from its restaurant on Steeles at Bathurst....

Dar-B-Dar Pizza / Restaurants

10 Northtown Way #105 647.748.8647 Website
Dar-B-Dar Pizza

Dar-B-Dar Pizza is a small Persian pizza and pasta restaurant located in North York. Their thin crust pizzas are always a hit, with options ranging from all-time favourites like chicken...

Darband Restaurant / Restaurants

879 York Mills Road 416.445.1777 Website
Darband Restaurant

Darband Restaurant might be giving away its secrets online. Well, someone's secrets anyway; who knows if the Persian links it provides on its website actually match up to the recipes...

Dear Born Baby / Fashion Stores

72 Doncaster Ave. 905.881.3334 Website
Dear Born Baby

Dear Born Baby is a source for many big name baby brands on Doncaster Avenue. In-store car seat installation knocks one more thing off your to-do list....

Decorium / Design Stores

363 Supertest Rd. 416.736.6120 Website

Decorium is a 100,000-square-foot home furnishings store near Dufferin and Steeles. You'll find everything you could possibly need to furnish your place, including sofas, dining furniture, bed frames, desks, and...

Dine on 3 (Yorkdale Mall) / Restaurants

3401 Dufferin St. 416.789.3261 Website
Dine on 3 (Yorkdale Mall)

Dine on 3 is Yorkdale's new food court which the mall is selling as a new dining experience. Part of a major expansion to the mall, the $35 million project...

Diwan / Restaurants

77 Wynford Dr. 416.646.4670 Website

Diwan is the fine dining restaurant at the architecturally-photogenic Aga Khan Museum. The 85-seat rectangular room is filled with natural light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows that offer views of the...

Domi Cafe / Restaurants

14 Northtown Way 416.340.9093
Domi Cafe

Domi Cafe is a small and charming Korean cafe and bakery located on Yonge just south of Finch. Its decorations are not fancy, and everything as a no-frills feel to...

Dora's (Finch Avenue) / Restaurants

1126 Finch Avenue West 416.667.1160
Dora's (Finch Avenue)

Dora's is a simple Italian-Canadian eatery located in the far back of a retail plaza on Finch, just west of Dufferin. They have lunch special combos such as veal with...

Dr. Laffa (Bathurst) / Restaurants

3021 Bathurst Street 647.352.9001 Website
Dr. Laffa (Bathurst)

Dr. Laffa, the popular Israeli-Iraqi North York eater opened up its second location just south of Lawrence on Bathurst earlier this year. Offering up the same traditional recipes brought over...

Dragon Pearl Buffet / Restaurants

865 York Mills Road Unit 2 647.352.2288 Website
Dragon Pearl Buffet

Dragon Pearl Buffet is a massive new all your can eat buffet restaurant near York Mills and Leslie. The menu features Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, and the food is...

Dumpling King (North York) / Restaurants

15 Northtown Way 416.226.6818
Dumpling King (North York)

Dumpling King makes rave-worthy steamed, fried, or boiled dumplings. It's a mom and pop operation with all the charm of plastic folding chairs....

Earth Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar / Restaurants

5949 Yonge St. 416.800.1585 Website
Earth Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Earth Indian Restaurant is a welcoming new addition to the otherwise Korean-and-Persian oriented restaurant scene at Yonge and Finch. Already famous for its sumptuous $ 9.99 Lunch-Buffet, Earth Indian Restaurant...

Easy Drink Easy Go (Yonge St.) / Cafes

5423 Yonge Street 647.748.5423
Easy Drink Easy Go (Yonge St.)

Easy Drink Easy Go is proof in the value of double-takes. While you may at first glance not see this bubble tea spot when walking on Yonge Street after a...

Eat BKK / Restaurants

4704 Yonge St. 647.352.8989 Website

Eat BKK is a Thai restaurant devoted to Bangkok-style street food. It's from Phanom (Patrick) Suksaen, who also runs Kub Khao. Suksaen has owned and operated numerous Toronto Thai restaurants over...

Eddystone Meats / Grocery Stores

245 Eddystone Ave 416.743.5601 Website
Eddystone Meats

Eddystone Meats was made famous by its porchetta. Famous only in a north-of-Sheppard Italian community, perhaps, but famous nonetheless. The family-owned butcher shop has seen its share of changes over...

EHWA / Restaurants

5182 Yonge Street, 416.229.6719

Ehwa is a Korean powerhouse on Yonge Street at which its' possible to try the "Scent of Pusan" and a Spicy Snail noodle entrée (10.95 and 25.95 respectively). The...

Ely's Fine Foods / Grocery Stores

3537 Bathurst Street 416.782.3231 Website
Ely's Fine Foods

Ely's Fine Foods is a kosher eatery and retail destination, offering both prepared and frozen foods. Products include fresh meats, a variety of salads and soups (matzah balls are a...

Empire Bakery / Baked Goods

180 Steeles Avenue West 905.709.6310 Website
Empire Bakery

Empire Bakery is one of a number of area bakeries that specializes in wedding, bar mitzvah and other special-occasion cakes. ...

Euro Food Favourite Market / Grocery Stores

4911 Bathurst St.
Euro Food Favourite Market

Euro Food Favourite Market is an Eastern European grocery store on Bathurst south of Finch....

Euro Shawarma / Restaurants

2706 Keele St. 416.245.9888 Website
Euro Shawarma

Euro Shawarma is an eatery new Downsview known for pita stuffed with shawarma in chicken ($6.50) or beef ($6.75) varieties, both house favourites. Complete shwarma dinners ($11-$11.25) are also on...

Europe Bar and Restaurant / Restaurants

3030 Bathurst St 647.436.9739
Europe Bar and Restaurant

Europe Bar and Restaurant boasts a bountiful array of Hungarian classics on Bathurst just south of Lawrence in an area better known for its Cash for Gold stores than its...

European Delicatessens / Grocery Stores

1335 Lawrence Ave East 416.444.0719 Website
European Delicatessens

European Delicatessens serves food and items from European countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Ex-Yugoslavia. From imported meats and cheeses to pastries and fresh hot food - it's...

European Food / Grocery Stores

390 Steeles Ave West 905.763.0725
European Food

European Food is a food store that (no surprise here) sells plenty of European products including deli meats, cheese, seafood and imported grocery items....

Express Pizza & Grill / Restaurants

4917 Bathurst Street 416.222.0222
Express Pizza & Grill

Express Pizza & Grill offers a little bit of everything at its restaurant at Bathurst and Finch, from shawarma and falafel to a variety of fresh pizzas....

Fabricland / Design Stores

3240 Dufferin St 416.787.7324 Website

Fabricland has been selling its fabrics and sewing materials in Toronto since 1968. Although the company has diversified over the years in offering craft materials, sewing-free home decor kits, and...

Falafel Express / Restaurants

1300 Finch Ave W 416.665.2552
Falafel Express

Falafel Express is a Middle-Eastern restaurant in the Keele and Finch area. Try their delectable baba ganoush or the fried eggplant (which is usually found together in their veggie platter...

Falafel Hut Village (York Lanes) / Restaurants

4700 Keele Street 416.736.5767 Website
Falafel Hut Village (York Lanes)

Falafel Hut Village, found Inside York Lanes (York University's own little mini-mall), reigns supreme for all things falafel, shawarma, and Middle Eastern grill. While the consensus may be split on...

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Yorkdale) / Restaurants

3401 Dufferin Street 647.748.2222 Website
Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Yorkdale)

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria serves up authentic Naples pizza to the Yorkdale crowds. You'll find the menu stacked with pies featuring classic ingredients like oven-roasted italian sausage, pecorino romano, and white...

Famous Laffa / Restaurants

401 Magnetic Dr 416.739.7134 Website
Famous Laffa

Famous Laffa serves up fresh falafel, shawarma and other kosher eats from this hidden-away spot on Magnetic Drive. Photo by Jesse Milns...

Famous Laffa (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

6283 Yonge St. 416.792.4420 Website
Famous Laffa (Yonge St.)

Famous Laffa has opened its first franchised location on Yonge St. just south of Steeles. It's a two storey joint where the kitchen and takeout counter operate on the main...

Fatburger / Restaurants

10 Disera Dr. Thornhill 905.889.0880 Website

Fatburger is an American restaurant chain founded in 1947. Since then, it's made inroads in Canada's western provinces, but in Ontario, it remains a novel, single entity that exists only...

Favourite Market / Grocery Stores

800 Steeles Avenue West 905.738.2346
Favourite Market

Favourite Market, not to be confused with the nearby Euro Food Favourite Market, is an Eastern European grocer on Steeles Avenue West that sells fish, cakes, candies, bread, cheese and...

Ferg's / Restaurants

5254 Yonge Street 416.224.2196

Ferg's is your favourite neighbourhood bar, for a daytime chat with regulars, or a brewski at night with friends on the little patio out front. This bar is a...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries / Restaurants

7600 Weston Road 905.856.7007 Website
Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has finally arrived in the GTA. I have to drive to Woodbridge for this meal, but the chain (sometimes referred to as an East Coast...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (York Mills) / Restaurants

865 York Mills Rd 647.347.4510 Website
Five Guys Burgers and Fries (York Mills)

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is part of the Five Guys restaurant group that opened to much fanfare a year or so ago in Scarborough. This North York location is...

Fox and Fiddle (York Mills) / Restaurants

865 York Mills Road 416.792.8299 Website
Fox and Fiddle (York Mills)

Fox and Fiddle is located in the new retail plaza across the Westin Prince Hotel. It features a nice patio and a large selection of your pub/bar favourites like burgers,...

Free Topping Pizza (Don Mills) / Restaurants

1300 Don Mills Rd 416.750.1750
Free Topping Pizza (Don Mills)

Free Topping Pizza is a pizza establishment with several chain locations. Like its name, you choose a pizza and then pay an additional price to get unlimited "free" toppings. They...

Friedmans Fresh Fish / Grocery Stores

3019 Bathurst Street 416.782.6056
Friedmans Fresh Fish

Friedmans Fresh Fish on Bathurst is a kosher fishmonger selling a good selection of fresh fish and seafood. ...

Friendly House Restaurant / Restaurants

5734 Yonge Street 416.221.2662
Friendly House Restaurant

Friendly House Restaurant is a greasy spoon in North York that claims its fame with the "Best Souvlaki" despite being owned by a non-Greek. For a deliciously unhealthy meal,...

Fry Basket / Restaurants

7057 Yonge Street 905.881.3165
Fry Basket

Fry Basket is more than just fish and chips, with its all-day-breakfast and bottomless coffee winning over the 905 crowd....

FV Foods (Wilson Avenue) / Baked Goods

280 Wilson Avenue 416.638.2700 Website
FV Foods (Wilson Avenue)

FV Foods is a Filipino bakery with numerous locations throughout the GTA. Traditional Filipino breads, pastries and cakes are sold, alongside savory Asian-inspired delicacies. Some FV Foods products are available...

Gabby Pub / Restaurants

7059 Yonge Street 905.886.2561
Gabby Pub

Gabby Pub is famous for its all-day-breakfast and live music every Friday and Saturday night....

Galleria Supermarket / Grocery Stores

865 York Mills Road 647.352.7788 Website
Galleria Supermarket

Galleria Supermarket is probably the best Korean grocery in the Toronto area. This new store, found near York Mills and Leslie, is jam packed with fresh vegetables, prepared foods, fresh...

Galleria Supermarket (Steeles) / Grocery Stores

7040 Yonge St. 905.882.0040 Website
Galleria Supermarket (Steeles)

Galleria Supermarket near Yonge and Steeles is the original location of the Korean supermarket chain. Along with its usual massive selection of Korean grocery items, this location also hosts a...

Georgia Restaurant / Restaurants

1118 Finch Avenue West 416.907.2200 Website
Georgia Restaurant

Georgia Restaurant is a new Georgian (the former Soviet Republic country, not the American southern state where housing is cheap) restaurant located close to Finch and Dufferin. With heavy draperies...

Ginza Sushi (Thornhill) / Restaurants

7330 Yonge Street 905.709.0049 Website
Ginza Sushi (Thornhill)

Ginza Sushi in Thornhill is part of the Ginza Sushi family of upscale and modern-chic sushi bar that offers all you can eat options. The service is friendly and the...

Gobo Sushi (Dufferin) / Restaurants

3203 Dufferin Street 416.780.1688
Gobo Sushi (Dufferin)

Gobo Sushi is a small AYCE sushi restaurant located on Dufferin, just north of Lawrence. It features your normal selection of sushi rolls, along with fried noodles and other staples....

Gol Inc. / Restaurants

5 Spring Garden Avenue 416.223.3465
Gol Inc.

Gol Inc. is a tiny Iranian take-out restaurant in North York (a.k.a. Tehranto) that serves some serious comfort food. I stopped by earlier this week to find a 5 foot...

Golden Chopsticks / Restaurants

7000 Bathurst Street 905.760.2689 Website
Golden Chopsticks

Golden Chopsticks offers most Chinese food favourites including general tao chicken, egg fried rice, and hot & sour soup, all of which also happens to be certified glatt kosher. So...

Golden Shawarma / Restaurants

5 Northtown Way 647.350.8468
Golden Shawarma

Golden Shawarma is a restaurant near Yonge and Finch offering shawarma and other Middle Eastern cuisine. ...

Golden Star / Restaurants

7123 Yonge Street 905.889.6891
Golden Star

Golden Star doesn't need a web site, Twitter or Groupon. In business since 1964 near the corner of Yonge and Steeles, this family-owned burger joint can rely on its legions...

Golden Star (Finch and Weston) / Restaurants

3434 Weston Rd 416.742.6334
Golden Star (Finch and Weston)

Golden Star is a Chinese spot in the Terrace Square Plaza off Finch and Weston. The lunch specials are cheap, and it has super quick take out and delivery options....

Golden Wheat Bakery Cafe / Baked Goods

579 Rogers Rd 416.654.2867 Website
Golden Wheat Bakery Cafe

Golden Wheat Bakery Café - a cute little family spot - serves up some delicious baked good and coffee. There's cake, Portuguese custard cups, fresh bread and more. This place...

Gong Cha (Yonge St.) / Cafes

5449 Yonge St. 647.346.2600 Website
Gong Cha (Yonge St.)

Gong Cha is a chic International bubble tea chain that already boasts a location in Markham. Signature offerings here include yogurt drinks and fruity teas served with optional mix-ins including...

Gonoe Sushi (Thornhill) / Restaurants

5 Glen Cameron Road 905.597.0176 Website
Gonoe Sushi (Thornhill)

Gonoe Sushi is a modern sushi bar/restaurant located in Thornhill. Featuring a large variety of rolls as well as other Japanese dishes such as kara-age (fried chicken) and tempura, this...

Goodfield's Meats / Grocery Stores

800 Steeles Avenue West 905.738.1856
Goodfield's Meats

Goodfield's Meats on Steeles Avenue West is a favourite of deli-man Zane Caplansky. Read his story about the father of the sons who own this butcher shop....

Gourmet Bites / Restaurants

3500 Bathurst Street 416.663.7779
Gourmet Bites

Gourmet Bites, attached to Hartman's Fine Kosher Foods, is a casual sandwich shop offering a variety of deli-style sandwiches and sides. Menu items include marinated steak and southwestern veal sandwiches,...

Grande Cheese Factory Outlet / Grocery Stores

22 Orfus Road 416.787.7670
Grande Cheese Factory Outlet

Grande Cheese Factory Outlet is not just a cheese shop. Rather, it's a sprawling Italian superstore, stocked with grocery basics and edible indulgences. While the Orfus Road shop does have...

Gravitate Studio / Fitness Clubs

1947 Avenue Road Suite 206 416.783.4455 Website
Gravitate Studio

Gravitate Studio is located in a commercial strip of Avenue Road between Wilson and Lawrence, and the space--on a second floor above ground level stores--is surprisingly modest considering the exclusive...

Grodzinski / Baked Goods

3437 Bathurst St 416.789.0785 Website

Grodzinski touts that it started baking in 1888, but don't expect to find evidence of the Bathurst Street bakery in the Toronto Archives from that time. From Lithuania to England...

Gryfe's Bagels / Baked Goods

3421 Bathurst Street 416.783.1552
Gryfe's Bagels

Gryfe's Bagels has, in my opinion, the best bagels in the city. Bold statement, I know. But I have yet to find another bakery in Toronto that makes bagels that...

H&H Groceries Store / Grocery Stores

304 Wilson Avenue 416.630.8225 Website
H&H Groceries Store

H & H Groceries Store has Filipino and Canadian (whatever that is) groceries, but the real draw here is its hot table. Dishes such as fried tilapia, fried tuyo, Bangus...

Haida Sandwich / Restaurants

15 Northtown Way 647.352.3344 Website
Haida Sandwich

Haida Sandwich is everything sub and sandwich, offering free drinks with every sandwich purchase....

Hakata Ramen / Restaurants

5321 Yonge Street 416.733.3725 Website
Hakata Ramen

Hakata Shoryuken Ramen is not a Street Fighter special move, but rather a restaurant that serves up Hakata-style ramen In North York. Found a few blocks north of the North York...

Hakka No. 1 Restaurant / Restaurants

2440 Finch Ave W 416.743.8088
Hakka No. 1 Restaurant

Hakka No. 1 serves Chinese, Szechaun, Indian, Hakka, and Halal dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Lots of parking space available, as well as plenty of tables for seating big groups....

Han Ba Tang / Restaurants

4862 Yonge St. 416.546.8218 Website
Han Ba Tang

Han Ba Tang is a newly-opened Korean restaurant and bar in North York, featuring traditional ingredients with a modern twist as well as innovative cocktails. The restaurant's name actually means...

Hansik / Restaurants

1101 Finch Avenue 416.650.1212 Website

Hansik is an unassuming Korean restaurant along the North York Finch corridor. Combining traditional and modern takes on Korean cooking, Hansik's menu features classics like pork ribs and chicken galbi...

Happy Bagel Bakery / Baked Goods

4949 Bathurst St. 416.733.2936
Happy Bagel Bakery

Happy Bagel Bakery bakes fresh bagels, bread, pies, pastries and cakes. ...

Harbour Fish and Chips / Restaurants

3034 Don Mills Rd E 416.492.2822
Harbour Fish and Chips

Harbour Fish and Chips is a long-standing fish & chips takeout joint located in Peanut Plaza. While the owners are clearly not the original ones (they're Chinese immigrants who speak...

Hartmans Fine Kosher Foods / Grocery Stores

3500 Bathurst Street 416.663.7779 Website
Hartmans Fine Kosher Foods

Hartmans Fine Kosher Foods is a well-established kosher butcher and prepared foods store with two locations, both unsurprisingly on Bathurst Street. Calling itself "the old-fashioned butcher shop with modern day...

Hat Box / Fashion Stores

3385 Bathurst Street 416.781.4990
Hat Box

Hat Box is a North York retailer selling unisex hats, fashion accessories and suits. Everything from ladies' golf hats to men's dress hats are available. Enjoy a large selection of...

Hat Box / Fashion Stores

3385 Bathurst Street 416.781.4990
Hat Box

Hat Box is a North York retailer selling unisex hats, fashion accessories and suits. Everything from ladies' golf hats to men's dress hats are available. Enjoy a large selection of...

HazelLily / Fashion Stores

3235 Yonge St. 647.351.4477 Website

HazelLily was bred out of good old-fashioned designer envy. "I was working in high-end retail for years," says HazelLily owner and founder Vanessa Stein. "And I loved it. The problem...

Headrush Training Centre / Fitness Clubs

4884 Dufferin Street 416.736.7770 Website
Headrush Training Centre

Grant Brothers Boxing and MMA is home to professional fighters such as Sean Pierson (MMA) and Troy Ross (boxing), and boasts a strong presence in local amateur competitions. But...

Hell's Chicken / Restaurants

6080 Yonge St. 416.226.0038 Website
Hell's Chicken

Hell's Chicken in North York is definitely one for the carnivores out there. Despite its name, it serves up other types of food besides chicken, including steaks and ribs, with...

Hermes Bakery / Baked Goods

2885 Bathurst St. 416.787.1234
Hermes Bakery

Hermes is a kosher bakery and grocery store on Bathurst just south of Lawrence Avenue. Those in the know avoid Hermes on Friday mornings unless they have lots of time...

Hmart Finch / Grocery Stores

9737 Yonge St. 905.883.6200 Website
Hmart Finch

Hmart Finch is one of the locations of the Hmart chain of Korean grocery stores in Toronto....

Hmart North York / Grocery Stores

9737 Yonge St 905.883.6200 Website
Hmart North York

Hmart North York is one of the Yonge St. branches of the Hmart Korean grocery store. There's another location south of Finch....

Hollywood Costumes / Fashion Stores

7718 Yonge St. 905.882.4863 Website
Hollywood Costumes

Hollywood Costumes is a boutique costume shop, offering high quality get ups for both rental and for purchase. They are located on Yonge Street just north of Steeles. Upon entering...

Holt's Cafe (Yorkdale) / Restaurants

3401 Dufferin Street 416.789.5377 Website
Holt's Cafe (Yorkdale)

Holt's Cafe operates in conjunction with the Holt Renfrew in Yorkdale mall, just like the one downtown. It's an upscale place for refined crowd that shops at Holt's, serving casual...

Hong Yu / Restaurants

189 Sheppard Ave East 416.221.6686 Website
Hong Yu

Hong Yu is a long-standing Chinese restaurant located in North York, close to Willowdale and Sheppard. Its wonton soup is a sure-fire crowd pleaser, and I've been a long-time fan...

Hooraiya Sushi / Restaurants

5021 Yonge Street 416.221.7764
Hooraiya Sushi

Hooraiya Sushi is a corner Japanese restaurant on Yonge Street north of Sheppard known for creatively designed rolls and lunch special bento boxes....

Hot Pot on Yonge / Restaurants

5441 Yonge St. 647.346.0512
Hot Pot on Yonge

Hot Pot on Yonge is a tight and loud space, but it's a favourite among many for several reasons, not the least of which is the excellently prompt service and...

Hot Spicy Spicy / Restaurants

173 Ravel Rd. 416.491.8988
Hot Spicy Spicy

Hot Spicy Spicy pairs simple decor with very good food and service that is usually quite fast. Highly recommended is the cumin beef and the spicy fish soup, both my...

Howie T's Burger Bar / Restaurants

7000 Bathurst Street Thornhill 416.646.2422 Website
Howie T's Burger Bar

Howie T's Burger Bar offers kosher hamburgers, hot dogs, and deli subs. Their Bathurst and Lawrence location also features a "text your order in advance" service....

Huh Ga Ne / Restaurants

19a Finch Ave. West 416.901.1288 Website
Huh Ga Ne

Huh Ga Ne is a 24-hour Korean BBQ restaurant located near Yonge and Finch. Be it sirloin beef or thinly sliced pork belly, this restaurant does it right and draws...

I Barbieri / Fashion Stores

3524 Bathurst St 416.829.8127
I Barbieri

It's the middle of Sukkot when I visit Anthony Del Maestro at I Barbieri, his old school barbershop in the middle of the heavily orthodox Jewish stretch of Bathurst by...

I Saw That on TV / Design Stores

39 Orfus Road 416.781.6663
I Saw That on TV

I Saw That on TV is a shop that offers the Slap Chop, Bumpit, and Jack LaLanne Power Juicer all in one space, and all at a discount. I Saw...

i-migo / Cafes

5351 Yonge St.

i-migo is as cute as the cartoon mascot that marks its entrance. The tea house with locations across China offers drinks like the Potted Milk Tea, sprouting with fresh mint...

Ichiban Spring Garden / Restaurants

15 Spring Garden Avenue 416.512.7899 Website
Ichiban Spring Garden

Iciban Spring Garden is an area favourite for fresh sushi and tasty sashimi. It will also prepare rolls made with brown rice on request....

IKEA Restaurant / Restaurants

15 Provost Drive 1.888.889.4532 Website
IKEA Restaurant

IKEA is a great brand to play word association games with. The polarizing purveyors of flat-packed furniture generate opinions almost as wide ranging as the company's selection of lamps. For example,...

Imperator / Restaurants

2901 Steeles Ave W 416.661.4333

Imperator is a Russian restaurant that emulates the red-and-gold opulence of an elaborate banquet. Fitting up to 150 guests, it's the perfect place to bring your family and friends for...

In N Out Burrito / Restaurants

1077 Wilson Ave 416.916.8150 Website
In N Out Burrito

In N Out Burrito is no way affiliated with the popular west coast burger chain, but it certainly has its own cult following. This indie outfit does massive burritos packed...

Inakaya / Restaurants

126 Willowdale Avenue 416.224.8881

Inakaya in North York bills itself as a Japanese sake bar. It's more drink-oriented than most sushi restaurants in this city but still a casual spot for any day of...

Iryewon / Restaurants

100 Steeles Avenue West 905.731.0500

Iryewon is an Asian fusion restaurant on Steeles west of Yonge with many Korean and Northern Chinese dishes....

Isaac Ely / Fashion Stores

485 Champagne Dr 416.440.8989 Website
Isaac Ely

The Isaac Ely studio is a design dream and is situated on Champagne Drive. Never heard of that street? Well, it's at Finch and Dufferin, but nonetheless, Isaac Ely had...

Isaac's Bakery / Baked Goods

3390 Bathurst St 416.789.7587
Isaac's Bakery

Isaac's is just a stone's throw from Grodzinski, but wins when the two are compared for price. Isaac's regular egg loaves start at $2.85, and vary depending on size and...

Jack Astor's (Yonge and Sheppard) / Restaurants

5051 Yonge St. 416.221.1221 Website
Jack Astor's (Yonge and Sheppard)

The Jack Astor's at Yonge and Sheppard rivals the patio scene at the chain's location further south near the Eaton Centre....

Jacobs Deli / Restaurants

1470 Centre Street Thornhill 905.597.1127 Website
Jacobs Deli

Jacobs Deli in Thornhill is a pocket-sized spot that doesn't skimp on flavour -- or meat. It serves up massive fressor (which means gluttonous in Yiddish) sandwiches, smoked meat-topped burgers,...

Jamaica House Restaurant / Restaurants

2531 Finch Ave W 416.744.2913
Jamaica House Restaurant

Jamaica House Restaurant is all about back to basics Jamaican cooking. Everything is made right there behind the counter. The regulars relax in the booths and down their patties and...

Jamie's Italian / Restaurants

3401 Dufferin St. 416.238.7450 Website
Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian at Yorkdale Mall is the first of its kind in North America. The Naked Chef operates over three dozen restaurants internationally but for this first foray into Toronto,...

Jessica Cosmetic Nail and Beauty Supplies / Fashion Stores

39 Orfus Road 647.435.3856
Jessica Cosmetic Nail and Beauty Supplies

While it's not much from the outside, this beauty supply shop is like a nail care haven, with everything you could ever possibly need to give yourself a perfect manicure....

Jetsun's Juicyburger (Yonge) / Restaurants

5165 Yonge Street 647.350.5387 Website
Jetsun's Juicyburger (Yonge)

Jetsun's Juicyburger does burgers and fries the old fashioned way, made from scratch with fresh ingredients. For just a snack, you can order from its "Mini" menu of mini burgers,...

Joe Boo's Cookoos / Restaurants

7421 Bathurst St. 647.724.3401 Website
Joe Boo's Cookoos

Joe Boo's Cookoos, a glatt kosher rotisserie grill house on Bathurst in Thornhill, goes by just Cookoo's for short. While the menu covers burgers and steaks the thing to get...

Johnvince Foods / Grocery Stores

555 Steeprock Dr 416.636.6146 Website
Johnvince Foods

Johnvince Foods has an incredible selection of everything, and its bulk candies and chocolates would surely incite euphoria in the confectionary fanatic. The North York store has bulk gummies, sugar-free...

Jollytops / Restaurants

288 Wilson Avenue 416.633.9233

Jollytops is a casual Filipino restaurant specializing in authentic fast food. Barbecued meats, rice noodles and coconut juice are featured on the menu. There is limited indoor seating available, though...

Joons (North York) / Restaurants

4852 Yonge Street 416.840.0589
Joons (North York)

Joons will cook its signature Korean dishes right in front of you at your table. Its Dak Gal Bee is a customer favourite....

Juan Meat Market (El Gaucho) / Baked Goods

40 Beverly Hills Drive 416.248.2808
Juan Meat Market (El Gaucho)

Juan Meat Market is known not just for its chorizos, chicken, ribs, and other meats, but also for its freshly baked goods. The North York Market offers pastries and breads...

Juicy Hut / Restaurants

40 Carl Hall Rd, Downsview Website
Juicy Hut

Juicy Hut, in the food court of the Downsview Park Merchant's Market, serves up some seriously fresh, original juice combos. Best is the sour sop with pineapple, strawberries and a...

Jung Soo Nae / Restaurants

5754 Yonge St. 416.222.4267
Jung Soo Nae

Jung Soo Nae is a small Korean restaurant that specializes in a hard-to-find dish: seasoned raw crab. It also serves a smorgasbord of seafood dishes along with a smattering of...

Just Drums / Services

137 Willowdale Ave 416.226.1211 Website
Just Drums

Just Drums is a music shop focused entirely on drums and percussion. It's funny how much roomier a music store can feel without the egos of guitarists cramping it up....

Kabalen / Restaurants

3778 Bathurst Street 647.352.7222

Kabalen is a casual Filipino eatery located in North York. The restaurant serves up authentic dishes from the Pampanga province of the Philippines, including hearty stews, adobo and rice mixed...

Kanama High Performance / Fitness Clubs

39 Cosentino Drive 416.854.3843 Website
Kanama High Performance

Kanama High Performance is all about weightlifting...Olympic weightlifting to be exact. This is the place to go if you're seriously interested in anything to do with weightlifting. They have the...

Katsura Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

900 York Mills Road 416.444.2511 Website
Katsura Japanese Restaurant

Katsura Japanese Restaurant is tucked away inside the Westin Prince Hotel and is a popular spot in the area for business lunches and dinners. The restaurant itself has two distinct...

Kayagum / Restaurants

5460 Yonge St. 647.340.8086

Kayagum isn't something you can pick up at the impulse counter of your supermarket's cashier. Rather, it is a 24-hour Korean restaurant on Yonge, just south Finch, in the heart...

Khorak Supermarket / Grocery Stores

6125 Yonge Street 416.221.7558
Khorak Supermarket

Khorak Supermarket, affectionately known as Super Khorak, is a Persian grocery store on Yonge Street that's been in business since 1989. The place may look a little run down, but the...

Kiev Restaurant / Restaurants

1520 Steeles Ave W 905.669.2002
Kiev Restaurant

Kiev Restaurant offers spreads that are equal in size, quality, and dishes to its competitors, but for a more affordable price. The decor is also less grandiose, and it's typically...

Kiku Japanese Cuisine / Restaurants

808 York Mills Rd 416.331.8666 Website
Kiku Japanese Cuisine

Kiku Japanese Cuisine on York Mills serves up AYCE sushi for lunch and dinner at prices a bit higher than the average AYCE spot.. They also have a location in...

King David / Restaurants

219 Wilmington Avenue 416.636.3456
King David

Falafels are the ideal fast food. They're quick, cheap and satisfying with a delicious and balanced mix of produce and protein. In theory. I was introduced to them when I moved...

King David (Disera Drive) / Restaurants

11 Disera Drive 905.771.7077 Website
King David (Disera Drive)

King David is a kosher pizza and Middle Eastern restaurant located in Thornhill. This family-run establishment also provides delicious focaccia toast bread and possibly one of the best avocado wraps...

King Sushi / Restaurants

15 Northtown Way 416.221.1407
King Sushi

King Sushi is a little sushi restaurant prepared to tackle late-night rainbow roll cravings. It is open until 2 a.m. each day....

King's Crown / Fashion Stores

2901 Bayview Mews Lane 647.348.1774 Website
King's Crown

King's Crown is a North York grooming supply mecca and barbershop that gives men a new reason to ditch their Gillette razors. If you like to maintain perfectly coiffed facial...

King's Palace / Restaurants

40 Carl Hall Rd, Downsview
King's Palace

King's Palace if one of 16 fast-food restaurants lining the Downsview Park Merchant's Market's food court. Best is a heaping plate of ackee and saltfish ($5.99) with green banana and...

Kinka Izakaya (North York) / Restaurants

4775 Yonge Street 647.346.6246 Website
Kinka Izakaya (North York)

Kinka Izakaya is the new name for what used to be Guu Toronto. This North York location boasts the same lively atmosphere as the downtown locations. The menu has many...

Kinton Ramen (North York) / Restaurants

5165 Yonge St. 647.350.7887 Website
Kinton Ramen (North York)

Kinton Ramen North York opened last month at Yonge and Empress, marking the fourth location in the local ramen chain. The tight, compact interior is much the same as the...

Kirsch Cosmetic Studio / Fashion Stores

503 Marlee Avenue 416.487.4887 Website
Kirsch Cosmetic Studio

Kirsch Cosmetic Studio is the place to go for anything to do with make-up. From regular applications to lessons, and even special occasions like prom makeup, it's a popular place...

Kiva's Restaurant & Bakery / Baked Goods

1027 Steeles Avenue West 416.663.9933 Website
Kiva's Restaurant & Bakery

Kiva's Restaurant & Bakery is a sit down affair in a crowded strip mall (good luck finding parking). Kiva's bakes 17 bagels and twisters, all made in small batches and...

Kiyomizu / Restaurants

41 Spring Garden Avenue 416.223.8807

Kiyomizu! At least that's what I think they're shouting at us, as we enter this modest Japanese restaurant located on Spring Garden Road, north of Sheppard off Yonge. This quaint...

Kokame Sushi / Restaurants

362 Wilson Avenue 416.398.6446 Website
Kokame Sushi

Kokame Sushi is a North York restaurant serving up traditional Japanese fare, including a large selection of special rolls, noodle soups and raw fish. Lunch specials, including plentiful bento boxes,...

Kokoya / Restaurants

5515 Yonge Street 416.221.2002

Kokoya keeps the beer and soju flowing, accompanying its traditional Korean fare and specialty fried chicken....

Kokuryo / Restaurants

3 Elmhurst Avenue 416.221.4700

Kokuryo is a Korean restaurant and bar just north of Yonge and Sheppard....

Kosher City Plus / Grocery Stores

3468 Bathurst Street 416.782.6788
Kosher City Plus

Kosher City Plus is a small kosher grocery store located on that Jewish stronghold of the GTA, Bathurst Street. It is one of the busier stores in the area, serving...

Kosher Pizza Delight / Restaurants

3028 Bathurst St 416.789.3443
Kosher Pizza Delight

Kosher Pizza Delight is the source for kosher pizza, falafel and a variety of sandwiches and salads. ...

Koto Sushi / Restaurants

2900 Steeles Avenue East 905.881.5686
Koto Sushi

Koto Sushi at Steeles and Don Mills offers fresh sushi and other Japanese cuisine....

Krudar Muay Thai (North York) / Fitness Clubs

1335 Lawrence Ave East 416.444.5633 Website
Krudar Muay Thai (North York)

Krudar Muay Thai has two locations across Toronto - one in Kensington Market and the other in Scarborough. This fitness facility teaches Muay Thai martial arts. Training options include private...

Kruzo Grill / Restaurants

1470 Centre St, Thornhill 905.709.2274 Website
Kruzo Grill

Kruzo Grill is the intersection where Russia meets the Middle East. This place offers an eclectic menu that includes Russian and Middle Eastern classics- in one place. Think kiev cutlet...

Kung Fu Duck / Restaurants

106 Northtown Way
Kung Fu Duck

Kung Fu Duck is a Chinese specialty restaurant that really should be winning awards based on its name alone. Look a little deeper though, and you'll find an interesting selection...

Kwan (York Mills) / Restaurants

808 York Mills Rd. 647.352.0108
Kwan (York Mills)

Kwan at York Mills has gone back to the basics. Unlike its location at Yonge and St. Clair, this restaurant doesn't do whimsical bunny-shaped desserts or cartoon-looking pork buns. This Kwan...

L'arte Del Caffe / Restaurants

1262 Don Mills Rd 416.385.0003 Website
L'arte Del Caffe

L'arte Del Caffe, located within a medical facility, is a little Italian spot that cooks up daily food and baked treats. There's pizza, pasta and panini. Of course, there are...

L'Opera Patisserie et Cafe / Baked Goods

5291 Yonge St 416.733.8830
L'Opera Patisserie et Cafe

L'Opera is a quaint little bakery and cafe near Yonge and Finch. While they serve macarons and a variety of pastries, the best thing to get here is a slice...

LA Fitness Toronto / Fitness Clubs

1380 Don Mills Road 416.391.0220 Website
LA Fitness Toronto

LA Fitness has a Toronto location and its found right here at their signature club on Don Mills. This mammoth fitness club features a pool, basketball courts, squash courts, sauna,...

La Guanaquita / Restaurants

1621 Wilson Ave 416.249.4141
La Guanaquita

La Guanaquita dishes out pupusas, empanadas, sopas and ceviche. All day breakfasts are a big draw too. You can have your huevos with frijoles, queso, avocado and plantains complete with...

La Mexicana (Bathurst) / Restaurants

3337 Bathurst Street 416.783.9452 Website
La Mexicana (Bathurst)

La Mexicana is a Mexican restaurant and catering company with four locations in the GTA. Menu items include authentic empanadas, burritos and tacos with a variety of filling options. Restaurant...

La Pasiva / Restaurants

896 Wilson Avenue 416.636.6555
La Pasiva

La Pasiva offers Uruguayan dishes, which itself draws on the region's European culinary roots in Spain, Italy and other neighbouring areas. Find empandas, faina and chivitos as well as other...

La Stella Bakery / Baked Goods

2725 Jane Street 416.745.4371
La Stella Bakery

La Stella Bakery is a North York bake shop offering cakes, pastries, and cookies, as well as gelato, grocery, and deli items....

La Traviata / Restaurants

852 Wilson Avenue 416.635.8891 Website
La Traviata

La Traviata is a traditional Italian restaurant open for lunch and dinner, offering antipasti, soups, salads, and a variety of pasta dishes. Their entrees range from veal, to chicken to...

Lady York Foods / Grocery Stores

2939 Dufferin Street 416.781.8585 Website
Lady York Foods

Lady York Foods is an Italian grocery store that is kind of like your typical grocery store but it also sells a good selection of fresh Italian bread, cheeses and...

Lamis Restaurant / Restaurants

5 Northtown Way
Lamis Restaurant

Lamis Restaurant is a newly opened Persian pizza joint located in the retail section of the Triomphe 1 community within the Yonge and Finch area. Its specialty, without a doubt,...

Laterna Family Restaurant / Restaurants

6301 Yonge Street 416.221.2501 Website
Laterna Family Restaurant

Laterna is one of those odd blink and you miss it places. Located in north end of the city, just south of Steeles on the east side of Yonge, Laterna...

Le Mille Feuilles / Baked Goods

3507 Bathurst Street 416.783.0000
Le Mille Feuilles

Le Mille Feuilles is a North York patisserie serving up cakes, pastries and other sweet treats. In addition to operating as a pastry shop, Le Mille Feuilles offers Chinese takeout...

Lee Namjang / Restaurants

4846 Yonge Street 416.512.1345
Lee Namjang

Lee Namjang offers all the Korean classics, including Mul Neng Myun, Sootbul Bulgogi, and Kimchi Jjim. Fear not, translations available....

Legend Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

5 Glen Cameron Road 905.882.6272 Website
Legend Chinese Restaurant

Legend Chinese Restaurant is a Thornhill staple for almost 20 years, featuring one of the area's best dim sum offerings. From classic shao mai to delicious har gow, this place...

Legs Plus and Bra Boutique / Fashion Stores

5867 Leslie St. 416.497.2350 Website
Legs Plus and Bra Boutique

Legs Plus and Bra Boutique is hidden in a suburban strip mall. It's claustrophobically packed with both upscale and everyday lingerie. Unlike other bra specialists claiming to service plus sizes,...

Leila's Curry Pot & Roti Hut / Restaurants

3414 Weston Rd
Leila's Curry Pot & Roti Hut

Leila's Curry Pot & Roti Hut is a cafeteria-style strip mall joint, only as big as the serving counter is long. They provide take-out jerk wings and roti made to...

Leslie Cafe / Restaurants

149B Ravel Rd 416.493.4933
Leslie Cafe

Leslie Cafe is a very cheap Western-style HK restaurant. They offer a wide variety of combos and specials. Their HK milk tea is one of the better ones that I've...

LF Warehouse / Fashion Stores

131 Sunrise Avenue 416.752.4433 Website
LF Warehouse

LF Warehouse can be found In an aging industrial park in North York. Their east end location sells a broad range of name frames at deep discounts, thanks mostly to...

Lily Garden / Restaurants

361 Wilson Avenue 416.630.8888
Lily Garden

Lily Garden is an ultra-casual Chinese buffet restaurant (dinner may be had for under $10) in North York. Asian-inspired dishes, such as lo mein, fried rice, and egg drop soup...

Lim Ga Ne / Restaurants

5529 Yonge St. 647.435.2700
Lim Ga Ne

Lim Ga Ne is a quaint and cozy restaurant that features authentic low tables for cross-legged dining (the downtown location at least) and a simple but traditional menu. The ban...

Little Master / Restaurants

5369 Yonge St. 647.640.5369
Little Master

Little Master serves up Shaanxi-style (Northwestern) Chinese cuisine a stone's throw away from the Mecca of good food that is Northtown Way. There's seating for maybe a dozen and the...

Loconte Fine Meats & Deli / Grocery Stores

200 Marycroft Ave 905.856.0024
Loconte Fine Meats & Deli

Loconte Fine Meats & Deli in Woodbridge sells a range of high quality, locally-sourced beef, chicken and pork....

Long Hui Supermarket / Grocery Stores

2437 Finch Ave W 416.744.8888
Long Hui Supermarket

Long Hui Supermarket is a bit larger than your typical Asian supermarket, but carries the usual finds. Foods are fresh and very inexpensive. Your credit card is no good here,...

Mabu Station / Restaurants

5457 Yonge St, Toronto, 416.551.2511 Website
Mabu Station

Mabu Station is a North York restaurant serving up authentic Taiwanese dishes. The menu boasts favourites like deep fried squid balls, Taiwanese style chicken and rice, stewed beef ramen and...

Maki Sushi / Restaurants

30 Disera Drive 905.709.2238 Website
Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi rather amusingly calls itself "One of the most famouse japanese resturant in Toronto" on its website. Misspells aside, the "resturant" provides a variety of sushi and maki rolls...

Malado Sushi / Restaurants

2437 Finch Ave W 416.741.9728
Malado Sushi

Malado Sushi is a pleasant surprise to find in this Finch Ave. strip mall. It's a large place, with unique wooden design. The food is cheap, so invite friends, order...

Mama Mia Place / Restaurants

28 Satterly Road 647.351.1477 Website
Mama Mia Place

Mama Mia Place is home to some of the best Chilean empanadas in Toronto. Deep fried or toasty from the oven, Mama Mia's offerings ($2.50) err on the meatier side....

Man Doo Hyang / Restaurants

6068 Yonge Street 416.512.2007
Man Doo Hyang

Man Doo Hyang is a traditional Korean restaurant specializing in noodles and dumplings. The vapours streaming past your nose as bowls of noodle soups are hustled by busy servers...

Mandarin Garden / Restaurants

5463 Yonge Street 647.349.7588
Mandarin Garden

Mandarin Garden offers northern Chinese cuisine including deep fried sweet buns, dumplings, and pickled cabbage....

Mangia Mangia Italian Eatery / Restaurants

4700 Keele Street 416.736.9484
Mangia Mangia Italian Eatery

Mangia Mangia Italian Eatery in York Lanes doesn't look like much, though it offers the best Italian you'll likely find in or around York University. While I've only had the...

Manisha Express / Restaurants

2430 Dufferin Street 647.290.0228
Manisha Express

Manisha Express is a North York Caribbean take-out spot offering roti, jerk chicken, and more....

Marcelina's / Restaurants

355 Wilson Avenue 416.635.6812

Marcelina's (formerly Aristokrat BBQ Restaurant) is a casual yet comfortable eatery offering up authentic Filipino food and drink. Indoor seating is available....

Marche Istanbul / Grocery Stores

3220 Dufferin St. 416.782.8668
Marche Istanbul

Marche Istanbul is a Turkish grocery store in an unremarkable strip mall by Lawrence and Dufferin. I'm sure I've passed right by this store countless times, yet I've never much...

Market-tino / Grocery Stores

2801 Keele St. 416.614.7701 Website

Market-tino probably has every type of soda available in Latin America. While the store itself isn't exactly expansive, the small space manages to cram in bottle after bottle of brightly...

Maru & Maru Sake Bar / Restaurants

5347 Yonge St. 416.224.9797 Website
Maru & Maru Sake Bar

Maru & Maru is a new fusion sushi and sake bar located in the Koreatown North neighbourhood of Yonge and Finch. It is a noticeably upscale joint, much more akin...

Max's Restaurant / Restaurants

1520 Steeles Ave W 289.597.9433 Website
Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant offers fried chicken characteristic of the Philippines. Other traditional dishes include Kare-Kare, Sinigang, and Halo Halo, plus everyone's favourite: all-day-breakfast....

Me Va Me / Restaurants

7000 Bathurst St. 905.771.7377 Website
Me Va Me

Me Va Me is, for many North Yorkers, a neighbourhood institution. Situated in the corner of a strip plaza, the restaurant specializes mainly in Israeli/Middle Eastern cuisine and has proven...

Me Va Me Express / Restaurants

330 Steeles Avenue West 905.771.7377 Website
Me Va Me Express

Me Va Me Express is just like its parent restaurant, only accelerated. You can order all of your familiar favourites, including grilled chicken breast skewers, falafel, or shawarma, or opt...

MeNami / Restaurants

5469 Yonge Street 416.229.6191 Website

MeNami is a Sanuki udon house in Willowdale that makes fresh Japanese noodles from scratch. It's a venture from Chae Kim, the owner of Han Ba Tang. On Yonge Street just...

Meron Restaurant (Disera Drive) / Restaurants

11 Disera Drive 905.881.7575
Meron Restaurant (Disera Drive)

Meron Restaurant is a Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of Vaughan. Serving up your usual assortment of shawarmas and falafels, you can be sure to enjoy your favourites at...

Mezza Notte / Restaurants

5304 Yonge Street 416.222.2888 Website
Mezza Notte

Mezza Notte is Italian through and through, offering fresh pizzas, pastas, and other generously sized entrees. It also has a fairly large selection of wines, ranging from about $30 to...

Mii Sandwich Co. / Restaurants

3401 Dufferin Street 647.748.0300 Website
Mii Sandwich Co.

Mii Sandwich Co. specializes in modern Vietnamese cusine. On the menu you'll find savoury eats like grilled coconut chicken tacos and beef pho. Find it in the Yorkdale food court....

Milk N Honey / Restaurants

3457 Bathurst Street 416.789.7651 Website
Milk N Honey

Milk N Honey is a North York restaurant and catering company specializing in kosher comfort foods. Menu items include pastas, deli-style sandwiches, savory crepes and panzarottis....

Ming Lou / Restaurants

10 Ravel Rd 416.492.2688
Ming Lou

Ming Lou is a Chinese restaurant specializing in Chiu Chow cuisine. They have an assorted menu that includes quick-serve dishes such as chiu chow congee, noodles and rices, and also...

Mistaan Catering and Sweets / Restaurants

478 McNicoll Avenue 416.502.2737 Website
Mistaan Catering and Sweets

Mistaan Catering & Sweets operates predominantly as a catering and takeout business, but it also acts as a restaurant between 11 am to 7 pm on weekdays, giving you enough...

Mivgash / Restaurants

398 Steeles Avenue West 905.370.0880

Mivgash offers its shawarma and other Mediterranean fare for dine-in, delivery, or take-out from its restaurant on Steeles west of Hilda Avenue....

Moda Sushi / Restaurants

3020 Bathurst St 647.393.3833
Moda Sushi

Moda Sushi has been operating out of King David Pizza on Bathurst since early September. They offer kosher sushi for take-out only....

Momo Yama / Restaurants

100 Steeles Avenue West 905.763.4039
Momo Yama

Momo Yama is a typical Japanese restaurant with possibly the most attentive servers in the industry. The meals always come with "presents" from the sushi chefs and the quality...

Moo Kyo Dong Nak Ji / Restaurants

7325 Yonge Street 905.771.0771
Moo Kyo Dong Nak Ji

Moo Kyo Dong Nak Ji (also known as Mookyodong) is a Korean restaurant located in Thornhill. This place specializes in that stereotypical-yet-always-awesome tabletop cooking that is prevalent in a lot...

Mot Na Son / Restaurants

5374 Yonge Street 416.222.1170
Mot Na Son

Mot Na Son is a cozy Korean restaurant offering authentic fare including pork bone soup, bulgogi, and kimchi....

Mr. Greek Express (Yonge) / Restaurants

4914 Yonge Street 416.226.1212 Website
Mr. Greek Express (Yonge)

Mr. Greek Express is a grab n' go option for those in the Yonge and Sheppard area. It may not exactly be homestyle fare, but its menu is stacked with...

Mr. Jerk (Peanut Plaza) / Restaurants

3050 Don Mills Rd 416.491.3593
Mr. Jerk (Peanut Plaza)

Mr. Jerk is actually a pretty nice guy. In all seriousness, the restaurant has been providing Jamaican favourites for over 25 years. While there are 6 locations across the GTA,...

Muncheez Creperie / Restaurants

7181 Yonge St, Thornhill 416.788.9999 Website
Muncheez Creperie

Muncheez Creperie offers a bunch of jam packed crepes - both sweet and savory. The specialty here is the deli style crepe, like Pastrami aka New York's own crepe or...

Mundy Brothers / Design Stores

49 Colville Rd 416.783.4241 Website
Mundy Brothers

Mundy Brothers has been operating as a family business in the city for about 90 years, and they're still rockin the art of letterpress. They use vintage presses to create...

Mustafa / Restaurants

866 Wilson Avenue 416.631.0300

Mustafa is THE place to get Turkish pizza in North York, perhaps Toronto. Turkish pizza, or pide (pronounced pee-deh) as it's more traditionally known, is a long, flat, boat-like bread...

My Sushi (North York) / Restaurants

5440 Yonge St. 416.222.6463
My Sushi (North York)

My Sushi has been a basement tenant of a North York condo for more than a decade. A modest interior renovation at the hands of new owners about five years...

My Zaidy's Bakery / Baked Goods

7241 Bathurst St 905.763.0373
My Zaidy's Bakery

My Zaidy's Bakery evokes all of those warm Zaidy-like feelings not just in name, but in bread. Its challahs are, of course, all baked fresh (I'm sure with lots of...

N9 Cafe / Cafes

23 Spring Garden Ave 647.990.8996
N9 Cafe

N9 Café in the Yonge and Sheppard area serves up some mighty sweet, scrumptious sweets. Crepes, cakes, waffles - my fav by far is the green tea and red bean...

Nagomi Sushi / Restaurants

390 Steeles Avenue West 905.370.2332
Nagomi Sushi

Nagomi Sushi has many unique and original sushi rolls created by chef Joon. Nagomi is known for great service....

Nak Won / Restaurants

5594 Yonge St. 416.590.1435
Nak Won

Nak Won is a Korean restaurant in North York. It takes a while to get a table here on a Saturday night, but it's worth the wait. We suggest the...

Nanashake / Restaurants

4750 Yonge St. 416.226.6262 Website

Nanashake may sound like a new dance move, but it's actually a little joint serving up delicious vegan soft serve desserts in North York. Located right by Sheppard subway station...

Natural Life Health Market / Grocery Stores

7700 Bathurst St. 905.707.3350
Natural Life Health Market

The Natural Life Health Market on Bathurst is at the very north end of the city, so I probably would have passed it over and chose a competitor listed in...

Nawab Fusion Grill / Restaurants

5009 Yonge St. 416.221.4255 Website
Nawab Fusion Grill

Nawab Fusion Grill is an Indian gastro pub that has been serving Mumbai's finest flavours for over 20 years in Dubai, India, Uganda, and now Toronto. Their menu has something...

Neagohyang / Restaurants

5582 Yonge Street 416.224.8179

Neagohyang is a favourite for students in the area, offering authentic Korean cuisine including seafood udong, dolsot bi bim bap, and yuk gae jang. Karaoke is conveniently located right next...

New Greatime Corp / Restaurants

3875 Don Mills Rd 416.900.2468
New Greatime Corp

New Greatime Corp confusingly goes by the name "Hot World" on its business card. This restaurant serves up a ton of the everyday Szechuan favourites. Fortunately, all of the ones...

Nino D'Aversa / Baked Goods

1 Toro Rd 416.638.3271
Nino D'Aversa

Nino D'Aversa in North York offers two cannoli varieties. Its signature Cannoli Siciliani and its Cannoli Sfoglia. The Cannoli Siciliani is made with fresh ricotta cheese, and the Cannoli Sfoglia...

Nolbu Sushi / Restaurants

3 Elmhurst Ave 416.221.4700
Nolbu Sushi

Nolbu Sushi serves sushi and Korean food, and some Chinese food - a 3-in-1. Located on Yonge and Sheppard, this place has got it all and does delivery too. But...

Nome Izakaya / Restaurants

4848 Yonge Street 647.347.7937 Website
Nome Izakaya

Nome Izakaya sits among the hoards of restaurants that line Yonge Street north of Sheppard but they've craftily managed to separate themselves from the flock. This is not a bare...

Noodle King / Restaurants

3240 Dufferin St. 416.781.9928 Website
Noodle King

Noodle King is a Chinese restaurant that, despite its name, offers much more than just noodles. Past the orange brick tile wall and flowers and potted plans by the front...

Noodle on Finch / Restaurants

1054 Finch Avenue West 416.663.6259
Noodle on Finch

Noodle on Finch is a, well, noodle restaurant on Finch Avenue (no surprises there). This restaurant was formerly a Noodle Delight location, which has since closed. While the menu...

North Restaurant (Shomal) / Restaurants

100 Steeles Ave. West 905.881.7704 Website
North Restaurant (Shomal)

North is a large Persian restaurant found in a strip mall near Yonge and Steeles. The restaurant is also known by its other name - Shomal - which means North...

Northern Karate Toronto / Fitness Clubs

1515 Steeles Avenue East 416.499.5555 Website
Northern Karate Toronto

Northern Karate Martial Arts Club has 10 locations throughout the GTA. It offers a Quick Start, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced program, as well as free workshops called "Bully Proof" to...

O Patio Churrasqueira / Restaurants

2255 Keele St 416.792.7313
O Patio Churrasqueira

O Patio Churrasqueira is a family run Portuguese diner with a home-like feel. There's a set menu full of home-cooked style goodies and a daily hot table with traditional Portuguese...

Of Things Past / Design Stores

185 Bridgeland Avenue 416.256.9256 Website
Of Things Past

Of Things Past is a consignment showroom of classic home furnishings....

Oh Geul Buh Geul / Restaurants

5320 Yonge Street 416.733.3385
Oh Geul Buh Geul

Oh Geul Buh Geul is a Korean restaurant for the truly indecisive. The restaurant's offerings span the gamut of Korean cuisine. Stews, noodles, barbeque and virtually everything in between make...

Oishi Sushi / Restaurants

1325 Finch Avenue West 416.630.6333 Website
Oishi Sushi

Oishi Sushi is close enough to the York campus to serve as a favourite for sit-down Japanese and Chinese cuisine, and it doesn't hurt that York students are offered 10%...

Orfus Wrap & Grill / Restaurants

3240 Dufferin St. 416.780.9217
Orfus Wrap & Grill

Orfus Wrap & Grill offers Middle Eastern fare in a little space with remarkably high ceilings. The menu includes everything you'd expect including falafel, shawarma, kebobs, and tabbouleh salad, but...

Orly / Restaurants

650 Sheppard Avenue West 416.633.7700

Orly on Sheppard Avenue near Bathurst provides the standard Israeli/Russian menu, complete with shawarma, falafel and borscht....

Owl of Minerva (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

5324 Yonge Street 416.221.7275
Owl of Minerva (Yonge St.)

Owl of Minerva has multiple locations in Toronto including this one on Yonge Street. Although it's on the menu of every other restaurant on this list, when I specifically crave...

P&M Restaurant / Restaurants

1972 Weston Rd. 416.241.3838 Website
P&M Restaurant

P&M Restaurant is a family-run diner located on Weston at Lawrence. The restaurant often draws line-ups of locals seeking hearty breakfasts and Greek dinners from the grill. Home burger combos...

Paese Ristorante (Bathurst) / Restaurants

3827 Bathurst Street 416.631.6585 Website
Paese Ristorante (Bathurst)

Paese Ristorante's second location is complete with classic Italian cuisine with a Canadian take. The house-made menu includes, pizzas and pastas as well as an extensive wine list with over...

Paisano's / Restaurants

116 Willowdale Avenue 416.222.5487 Website

Paisano's has been slinging sauce and flipping pies since just before the last Stanley Cup Parade passed through our city, first opening in the tony Bayview Village mall before shifting...

Pak Tandoori Kitchen / Restaurants

2503 Finch Ave W 416.741.5647
Pak Tandoori Kitchen

Pak Tandoori Kitchen is tucked away in a plaza on Finch Ave. It offers a variety of Halal dishes, and Middle Eastern sweets for dessert. Grab some sizzling tandoori for...

Pancer's Original Deli / Restaurants

3856 Bathurst St. 416.636.1230 Website
Pancer's Original Deli

Pancer's Original Deli is the new name for the Bathurst St. deli previously known as Moe Pancer's Deli. The iconic delicatessen has been reclaimed by the Pancer family who originally...

Pantry Foods / Grocery Stores

3456 Bathurst St. 416.785.0996 Website
Pantry Foods

Pantry offers prepared kosher food made a little bit trendier than at its North York neighbours. And it's not just the decor - though the bright green walls, wooden accents,...

Paoletti's / Restaurants

8700 Dufferin St. 905.761.1115

Paoletti's quietly opened its doors mid-December and already it's garnering quite a buzz. I called my aunt who lives nearby, and she raved about her recent take-out experience for a...

Paprika / Restaurants

3450 Bathurst Street 416.789.3478

Paprika is a casual Hungarian eatery offering both eat-in and takeout options. Dishes include authentic wiener schnitzels, fried chicken liver and homemade crepes. The ambiance is old-world and homey....

Paradise Comics / Bookstores

3278 Yonge St. 416.487.9807 Website
Paradise Comics

Paradise Comics prides itself on carrying one of the city's largest selections of graphic novels and comics, spread over its sprawling 1,000 sq. ft. space. They carry titles from...

Paradise Farms Cafe / Restaurants

678C Sheppard Ave. E. 647.347.4195 Website
Paradise Farms Cafe

Paradise Farms Cafe recently opened their first of many (at least that's the plan) farm-inspired eateries in the condo-filled Bayview and Sheppard area. Owned by real estate mogul Shane Baghai,...

Paradise Fine Chinese Dining / Restaurants

5505 Leslie St 416.490.8828
Paradise Fine Chinese Dining

Paradise Fine Chinese Dining is a dim sum and fine dining Chinese restaurant. It is a nice place to enjoy a more lavish family-style meal such as Peking Duck and...

Paramount Fine Foods (Thornhill) / Restaurants

7315 Yonge St. 905.886.4600 Website
Paramount Fine Foods (Thornhill)

Paramount Fine Foods is a halal Middle Eastern restaurant located on Yonge Street in Thornhill. They serve a large variety of pitas, shawarmas, and other favourites in a spacious and...

Pars Bakery / Baked Goods

6089 Yonge Street 416.223.0200
Pars Bakery

Pars Bakery has all sorts of Persian baked goods along with your typical household food products. Also, in the back there are free magazines available for anyone that can,...

Pastel / Restaurants

5417 Yonge Street 647.352.5588 Website

Pastel is a creperie that offers both sweet and savoury crepes, as well as other desserts, ice creams, and coffees. Its frankfurter crepe is a unique favourite....

Patough / Restaurants

6347 Yonge Street 416.225.2949

Patough (or Tanoor, a style of bread) is a Persian multi-purpose restaurant where you can find belly-dancing, live music, traditional art and delicious authentic Persian food on any given night....

Pawfect Spa (Willowdale) / Services

124 Willowdale Avenue 416.222.7721 Website
Pawfect Spa (Willowdale)

Pawfect Spa pampers your pet with grooming and styling services. With style consultations and private partitioned rooms, you might forget that this spa is only meant for our furry friends....

Peach Garden Restaurant (Finch) / Restaurants

2437 Finch Ave W, North York 647.439.6382
Peach Garden Restaurant (Finch)

Peach Garden Restaurant on Finch Ave. is a Vietnamese chain that boasts about its beef noodle soup. Not unlike other pho places, they serve big portions for relatively cheap. There's...

Pearl Bayview / Restaurants

2901 Bayview Ave. 416.226.1233 Website
Pearl Bayview

Pearl Bayview is located at Bayview Village shopping mall. Known for its all-day dim sum, the eatery is a great spot to dine in or take out if you're in...

Petit Potato / Restaurants

10 Ravel Rd. 416.756.3311 Website
Petit Potato

Petit Potato is, despite its quasi-French name, a Taiwanese-Japanese restaurant. Found in the Finch-Leslie Square plaza, it offers a collection of Asian dishes and awe-inspiring desserts. Inside, a collection of bare...

Pho 88 (North York) / Restaurants

5197 Yonge Street 416.225.8899
Pho 88 (North York)

Pho 88 offers Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine, including satays, cold rolls, and of course, pho....

Pho Bistro / Restaurants

100 Steeles Avenue West 905.886.8879
Pho Bistro

Pho Bistro is an Asian fusion restaurant serving Vietnamese and Thai cuisine....

Pho Con Bo / Restaurants

1625 Wilson Ave. 416.249.5611 Website
Pho Con Bo

Pho Con Bo is a Vietnamese eatery, found in a nondescript strip mall on Wilson in North York, that attracts brisk business at lunch. Their menu of noodle soups is...

Pho Dau Bo / Restaurants

2437 Finch Ave W 416.749.9943
Pho Dau Bo

Pho Dau Bo claims to be famous for their Vietnamese cuisine. Maybe its true, they certainly do have a thick menu of fairly priced items. The polished interior has lots...

Pho Lien Hung / Restaurants

1300 Finch Avenue West 647.430.7218
Pho Lien Hung

Pho Lien Hung (formerly Viet Huong) is a simple Vietnamese restaurant located in a rather old business/retail plaza in the corner of Finch and Keele. It offers a large variety...

Pho Mi Asia / Restaurants

1008 Wilson Avenue 416.630.7567
Pho Mi Asia

Pho Mi Asia is a casual eatery consistently buzzing with both local Vietnamese patrons and overspill from nearby Yorkdale mall. Bowls of pho come with enough meat to host a...

Pho Spring Garden / Restaurants

25 Spring Garden 416.250.5959
Pho Spring Garden

Has pho replaced sushi and tapas as Toronto's 'it' food? Lately everyone is talking about pho, debating where to get the best, most authentic Vietnamese rice-noodle soup. While the...

Piggy's Restaurant / Restaurants

5 Glen Cameron Road 905.597.1522 Website
Piggy's Restaurant

Piggys Restaurant, while it may not sound like one, is a Korean restaurant located just off of Yonge Street in Thornhill. Stepping into the bright and modern restaurant, you will...

Pioneer Delicatessen / Grocery Stores

747 Don Mills Road, Unit 23A 416.422.4383 Website
Pioneer Delicatessen

Pioneer Delicatessen is a European deli and food store located off Don Mills Road. They specialize in stocking and preparing various Eastern European goods, particularly Polish and Romanian. With freshly-made...

Pita Golden Pocket / Restaurants

2104 Hwy 7 L4K2S9 905.532.0405 Website
Pita Golden Pocket

Pita Golden Pocket is a family run establishment that sells great shawarma. All of the sauces are made on site, and they don't skimp on meat. For $9 you can...

Pita Lite / Restaurants

4910 Yonge Street 416.907.5160 Website
Pita Lite

Pita Lite is a cheap grab n' go Middle Eastern restaurant in North York. On the menu you'll find all the tried and true options from souvlaki to falafel. ...

Pita Paradise / Restaurants

1027 Finch Avenue West 416.663.4860
Pita Paradise

Pita Paradise is a Middle Eastern restaurant on Finch Avenue in North York. They specialize in shawarmas and sandwiches, a particular noteworthy one being their baba ganoush sandwich. You can...

Pizza Pros / Restaurants

3430 Weston Rd 416.744.4141 Website
Pizza Pros

Pizza Pros in the Terrace Square Plaza is one of five locations in the city. Pizza, wings, and New York fries are their specialties, available for pick up or delivery....

PizzaCafe / Restaurants

3774 Bathurst Street 416.633.5678 Website

PizzaCafe is a kosher eatery serving up comfort food in a casual setting. Menu items include a variety of pizzas, deli-style sandwiches and hearty breakfast dishes. Catering and takeout are...

Pupuseria Salvadorena / Restaurants

2459 Finch Ave. West 416.743.4001
Pupuseria Salvadorena

The first thing I do whenever I'm heading to a new neighbourhood is get onto Chowhound and find out where I can eat. So when work took me to Finch...

Pusateri's (Sheppard Ave) / Grocery Stores

2901 Bayview Avenue 416.785.9100 Website
Pusateri's (Sheppard Ave)

Pusateri's offers shoppers an array of local and internationally sourced products out of a 10,000 foot space, including an olive oil bar, prepared meals, desserts and cheeses, as well as...

Rachel's Nail Nook / Fashion Stores

3539 Bathurst Street 416.781.5900
Rachel's Nail Nook

Rachel's Nail Nook is a well-stocked beauty salon in North York. Available services include manicures and pedicures, facials and waxing. Appointments are recommended, though not necessary....

Radiance Restaurant / Restaurants

1025 Finch Ave West 416.663.0002
Radiance Restaurant

Radiance Restaurant is a banquet hall and Afghan restaurant in the North York area of Toronto. Specializing in kabobs and ashaks (stuffed Afghan scallion dumplings), it is definitely a place...

Red Bean Waffle House / Restaurants

100 Steeles Ave West 905.597.5589
Red Bean Waffle House

Red Bean Waffle House is an ice cream spot in Thornhill. The shop specializes in red bean waffle ice cream cones shaped like fish. Ice cream flavours include mango, black...

Red Nile Cafe and Hookah Lounge / Cafes

1290 Finch Ave. W 416.874.6886 Website
Red Nile Cafe and Hookah Lounge

Red Nile Cafe and Hookah Lounge attracts York University students looking for shisha, coffee and quick eats like smoothies and cake. ...

Red Rose Patisserie / Baked Goods

6184 Yonge Street 416.223.6001
Red Rose Patisserie

I asked my friend Sona to take us to her favourite Persian bakery in Toronto, so she meets us (picks us up... in a car!) at Finch station and drives...

Red Square / Restaurants

1027 Finch Avenue West 416.739.9797 Website
Red Square

Red Square Restaurant is a Russian restaurant located close to Finch and Dufferin. Situated in a strip plaza, the restaurant's location belies its noticeably fancy interior and ambience. For their...

Regino's Pizza / Restaurants

1300 Finch Avenue West 416.663.0663 Website
Regino's Pizza

Regino's Pizza at Finch and Keele is part a little-known local chain of pizza restaurants. Featuring combo specials such as an extra large pizza with 5 toppings for under $13,...

Reyhan Kebab / Restaurants

5467 Yonge Street 416.250.5888
Reyhan Kebab

Reyhan Kebab is a restaurant on Yonge south of Finch offering kebabs and other Middle Eastern cuisine....

Richtree Marketplace / Grocery Stores

305 York Mills, Unit 19 416.445.1555 Website
Richtree Marketplace

Since my quick chicken fix from Pusteri's, I have been on the hunt for the best bbq chicken to go. I see restaurants and grocery stores offering specials for chicken meals...

Roll.com / Restaurants

5 Northtown Way 416.889.1112

Roll.com is an Asian fusion restaurant offering Korean and Japanese cuisine. The URL "www.roll.com" is actually that of a privately held, $2 billion U.S. corporation....

Rose's New York / Restaurants

6313 Yonge St 416.733.3636
Rose's New York

Rose's New York food doesn't stray from it's rather straightforward name - Persian meals and American grub can both be found here in an unexpected (apolitical) food union. For...

Royal Market / Grocery Stores

5460 Yonge Street 416.221.0300
Royal Market

Royal Market is a great 24 hour supermarket for the sorts of odds and ends you feel you desire in the middle of the night if you're like me and...

Royaltea / Cafes

4188 Finch Ave East #9 416.321.8588

Royaltea is single-handedly responsible for those cute lightbulb milk tea pictures that may have crowded your Instagram feed. In contrast with many other bubble tea shops, Royaltea is a smaller chain,...

Rustic Bakery / Baked Goods

318 Rustic Road 416.245.1919
Rustic Bakery

Rustic Bakery is one of those places that has managed to slowly absorb the spaces around it. Like a taralli-filled version of The Blob, the Italian bake shop and grocery...

Sababa / Restaurants

390 Steeles Avenue West 905.764.6440 Website

Sababa is one part restaurant, one part Middle Eastern grocer, located on the north side of Steeles east of Bathurst. It's been a business since 1987, and I've certainly been...

Sakura / Restaurants

7 Spring Garden Avenue 416.227.2270

Sakura offers Korean and Japanese cuisine, including kimchi, sushi, tempura, and green tea ice cream....

Sam Jung Sushi / Restaurants

1865 Leslie Street 416.510.3300
Sam Jung Sushi

Sam Jung Sushi is an unassuming little restaurant on the east side of Leslie, sandwiched between a Shoppers Drug Mart and a Macs variety store. ...

Sampaguita Village / Restaurants

322 Wilson Avenue 416.630.2122
Sampaguita Village

Sampaguita Village is a fusion restaurant offering a mix of Chinese and Filipino dishes--something a little different from the typical Asian fusion. Don't let the word "village" fool you; this...

San Francesco Foods (Finch) / Restaurants

1048 Finch Avenue West 416.661.2417
San Francesco Foods (Finch)

San Francesco Foods has many locations in the GTA including this one near Finch and Keele. For as low as $4, you can get an order of gnocchi or ravioli...

San Gennaro / Restaurants

3250 Dufferin St. 647.346.9202
San Gennaro

San Gennaro is a casual Italian restaurant that does a brisk take-out and delivery business. On the menu is a variety of pizza, pasta and Panini....

Sapporo Sushi / Restaurants

5469 Yonge Street 416.229.6191
Sapporo Sushi

Sapporo Sushi has some of the cheapest a la carte sushi along Yonge Street. $3 can get you 3 pieces of sashimi (some types of fish, not all) or...

Sardab Express / Restaurants

6084 Yonge Street 416.222.6622
Sardab Express

Sardab Express is where to get Middle Eastern food quickly in North York at a reasonable price. The dishes, such as falafel and shawarma, are available for take-out....

Sariwon / Restaurants

7388 Yonge St. 905.881.5103

Sariwon is technically located in Thornhill, but folks in Toronto seem more than willing to hike a few blocks north of Steeles for this premium table top grilling spot. Quality...

Sea-Hi Chop Suey Tavern / Restaurants

3645 Bathurst St. 416.789.1258
Sea-Hi Chop Suey Tavern

Sea-Hi Chop Suey Tavern is considered by many as the absolute stalwart of mid-20th century Canadian Chinese restaurant (just look at its official name!), so much so that its kitschy...

Seneca Pub / Restaurants

3030 Don Mills Road East 647.350.0222
Seneca Pub

Seneca Pub is, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, a pub that is not within the walls Seneca College campus. Rather, it is located in the Peanut Plaza on Don Mills Road. The...

Seoul House / Restaurants

3220 Dufferin Street 416.782.4405
Seoul House

Seoul House is a popular Korean restaurant located in a strip mall south of Yorkdale Mall. There's plenty of seating here and the food is mostly cheap, filling and delicious....

Seoul House (Steeles) / Restaurants

180 Steeles Avenue West 905.709.1593
Seoul House (Steeles)

Seoul House has two uptown locations. This BBQ restaurant eschews the all-you-can-eat mentality of its competitors to focus on a la carte portions of high-grade kalbi, bulgogi, pork belly and...

Shanghai Chinese / Restaurants

5451 Yonge Street 647.430.7560
Shanghai Chinese

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant is a simple Chinese restaurant serving a variety of interesting dishes like Julienned Bamboo Shoots with Beef and Shrimp and Jelly Fish, Cucumber and Garlic Sauce. ...

Sharetea (North York) / Cafes

15 Northtown Way 416.901.9988 Website
Sharetea (North York)

Share Tea serves up a bunch of cool ass tea. Bubble tea is the specialty, which can also be made using milk. There are some hot drinks too, but the...

Shawarma and Falafel Express / Restaurants

2389 Finch Ave W 647.351.1010
Shawarma and Falafel Express

Shawarma and Falafel Express displays spits of spinning meat behind a counter of chopped and pickled vegetables, as one would expect from a shawarma spot touting its speed of service....

Shawarma Max / Restaurants

4969 Yonge Street 416.224.2423
Shawarma Max

Shawarma Max is a Middle Eastern restaurant on Yonge north of Sheppard offering its signature shawarma sandwich late into the night....

Shelly's Beauty Studio / Fashion Stores

21 Elmwood Ave. 647.716.6187 Website
Shelly's Beauty Studio

Shelly's Beauty Studio in Willowdale caters to more than just men or women on their wedding day - they even do drag makeup. Besides the expected daytime, evening, and bridal...

Shirini Sara Pastry House / Baked Goods

1875 Leslie St. Unit #6 416.510.1050 Website
Shirini Sara Pastry House

Shirini Sara has been serving Toronto's Iranian community - and in-the-know dessert lovers in general - for over 20 years. Selling exquisite Persian cookies and French pastries, husband-and-wife owners/bakers Nader...

Shogun Ramen / Restaurants

10097 Yonge St., Unit 7 Thornhill 905.237.7499
Shogun Ramen

Shogun Ramen is a small-ish ramen place on Yonge north of Major Mackenzie in the old Richmond Hill area. They offer a pretty limited amount of ramen varieties, with the...

Siberia Boxing Club / Fitness Clubs

115 Dolemite Dr. 647.995.7048 Website
Siberia Boxing Club

Siberia Boxing Club is a North York gym that teaches Russian and Cuban-style techniques to beginners and professionals alike. The club caters to both adults and children (over eight) and...

Silent Sports / Services

111 Doncaster Ave. Thornhill 905.889.3772 Website
Silent Sports

Silent Sports is not a shop you would ride by on your daily commute. Located just off of Yonge Street in Thornhill, this is a destination store. Doncaster Ave. is...

So Great Thai / Restaurants

5195 Yonge Street 416.512.9111
So Great Thai

So Great Thai tries to live up to its name with an extensive menu Thai dishes including of pad thai, curry, spring rolls, and soup....

Song Cook's / Restaurants

72 Steeles Avenue West 647.678.8000
Song Cook's

Song Cook's is an amazing, authentic Korean restaurant that is virtually hidden at the back of a strip mall off Steeles Avenue near Yonge Street. The restaurant is separated into two...

Sorelle and Co. / Baked Goods

1050 Rutherford Rd. 905.303.1073 Website
Sorelle and Co.

Sorelle & Co. is a bake shop that prides itself on using worry-free ingredients to craft its sweet collection of cupcakes, scones, squares, cookies,and cakes. In addition the sweet treats,...

Soul Drums / Services

5295 Yonge St 416.225.5295 Website
Soul Drums

Soul Drums sell all kinds of drums from all around the world like African, Native, Middle Eastern and of course the standard rock 'n' roll stuff. Aside from selling, they...

Spynga (Thornhill) / Fitness Clubs

10 Disera Drive 905.882.7799 Website
Spynga (Thornhill)

Spynga Studio in Thornhill brings the worlds of yoga and indoor cycling into one convenient and invigorating space. Pick your favorite or embrace a new adventure with the studio's signature...

Squared Circle Training / Fitness Clubs

320 Deerhide Crescent 416.346.0809 Website
Squared Circle Training

Squared Circle Training is a bit tricky to locate. It's tucked away on a warehouse-filled crescent west of Hwy. 400. There are no signs announcing its presence. Its only tells...

St. Pio Bakery / Baked Goods

2133 Jane St 416.249.0762 Website
St. Pio Bakery

St. Pio Bakery specializes in custom wedding cakes, and also offers pies, buns, cookies, and other pastries....

Star Karaoke / Bars

5521A Yonge St. 416.512.6092
Star Karaoke

Star Karaoke is a popular karaoke bar near Yonge and Finch. They have private rooms and a good selection of tunes....

Steeles Bakery / Baked Goods

6235 Bathurst St. 416.223.8776 Website
Steeles Bakery

Steeles Bakery, found in a strip mall at Bathurst and Steeles has been baking wedding cakes, chalah, rye bread, bagels and more since the 1960s....

Steeles Deli Restaurant / Restaurants

180 Steeles Avenue West 905.881.8366
Steeles Deli Restaurant

Steeles feels like a diner my mum or dad would have taken me in the eighties when we were in need of some comfort food. It is full of elderly...

Steve Jackson Pianos / Services

3415 Bathurst Street 416.849.3199 Website
Steve Jackson Pianos

Steve Jackson Pianos is a North York shop specializing in restored vintage and upright pianos. In addition to selling pianos and piano accessories, the shop offers a multitude of services...

Steve's Restaurant / Restaurants

3788 Bathurst St. 416.633.8812 Website
Steve's Restaurant

Steve's Restaurant, just north of Wilson on Bathurst, is one of those inexplicably popular greasy spoon-ish restaurants that's packed with families on Sunday nights. Perhaps its esteem is due to...

Sugar Marmalade (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

5322 Yonge St. 416.226.5434 Website
Sugar Marmalade (Yonge St.)

Sugar Marmalade isn't the name of a burlesque club, but rather an Asian fusion and dessert restaurant. This new location is the chain's third location, with the other two being...

Sullivan & Bleeker / Baked Goods

877 Alness Street 416.961.3553 Website
Sullivan & Bleeker

Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co. is all about decadence. "Cupcakes, after all," says owner Elyse Wahle, "are supposed to be extravagant." And indeed, these cupcakes certainly are. I'm standing in...

Sultan's Fine Fabrics / Fashion Stores

89 Bentworth Avenue, Unit 2A 416.783.7786 Website
Sultan's Fine Fabrics

Sultan's Fine Fabrics is a large fabric wholesaler located right by the 401 and Dufferin. If you've ever wanted to get the materials present in high-class Savile Row tailor shops,...

Sun-Up Barbecue Co. / Restaurants

3411 Bathurst Street 416.789.5023
Sun-Up Barbecue Co.

Sun-Up Barbecue Co. is a small, casual eatery specializing in Filipino and Chinese style foods. Menu offerings include lechon (roasted pig) and barbecued meats. Takeout is available....

Sunny Dragon / Restaurants

398 Steeles Avenue West 905.707.5550
Sunny Dragon

Sunny Dragon is a family-run restaurant serving a fusion of Korean and Chinese cuisine....

Sunny Supermarket / Grocery Stores

115 Ravel Rd 416.498.1495 Website
Sunny Supermarket

Sunny Foodmart is a full service supermarket specializing in ethnic foods. They have a produce department, meat, fish and seafood department, grocery department, deli department, dairy department, and a bakery...

Sunrise Caribbean (Jane St.) / Restaurants

2029 Jane St. 416.614.7776 Website
Sunrise Caribbean (Jane St.)

Sunrise Caribbean restaurants dot the city of Toronto but this one on Jane just north of the 401 might be the largest of the bunch. They even have a drive-through,...

Sunrise Foods (Sheppard) / Grocery Stores

650 Sheppard Avenue West 416.633.0493
Sunrise Foods (Sheppard)

Sunrise Foods is a classic dairy-based grocery store/deli, selling what pleases the old-school, Jewish appetite. Cheeses, lox, a variety of mayo-infused salads are all available by the 100g. Entering Sunrise,...

Sunshine Spot / Restaurants

796 Sheppard Avenue 416.512.9741 Website
Sunshine Spot

Sunshine Spot is a breakfast and lunch joint, most notable for their extensive sandwiches/wraps and egg inspired breakfasts. From their chicken club to their eggs Benny, they're stacked with all...

Super Arzon Food Market / Grocery Stores

6105 Yonge Street 416.590.1234
Super Arzon Food Market

Super Arzon Food Market is known in the area for its' great take-out kebab that is available till the early hours of 3 am every day (however, it's open 24...

Super Hakka / Restaurants

1801 Lawrence Ave. East 416.755.0855 Website
Super Hakka

Super Hakka unfortunately doesn't refer to the most multicultural superhero the world (or at least Toronto) has never heard of, but the Manchurian Chicken at this Scarborough restaurant is pretty...

Super Zamani / Grocery Stores

6120 Yonge Street 416.250.7314
Super Zamani

Super Zamani is a butchery with fresh meat being brought in daily from local farms and made Halal style. There's also a variety of cuts that wouldn't be usually...

Sushi Bong / Restaurants

5 Northtown Way 416.227.0022
Sushi Bong

Sushi Bong is one of 8 Asian food restos in a tiny traffic circle strip mall with only 20 shops. It's mostly a take-out deal with only 3 tables and...

Sushi House (Sheppard Avenue) / Restaurants

191 East Sheppard Avenue 416.224.0630
Sushi House (Sheppard Avenue)

Sushi House is a small family-run sushi restaurant located on the intersection of Willowdale and Sheppard. They offer the usual selection of Korean and Japanese dishes, with some of the...

Sushi Legend / Restaurants

10 Ravel Road 416.496.8881 Website
Sushi Legend

Sushi Legend is an AYCE sushi establishment located in that cluster of Asian restaurants right off of Finch and Leslie in North York. Apart from the usual assortment of AYCE...

Sushi Moto / Restaurants

4901 Yonge Street 416.224.0741 Website
Sushi Moto

Sushi Moto has been open for almost five years in North York, taking over from the gnarly Black Sheep Pub on Yonge Street, north of Sheppard. This area is replete...

Sushi One / Restaurants

4924 Yonge Street 416.222.0303 Website
Sushi One

Sushi One is a Japanese restaurant near Yonge and Sheppard serving sushi, curry, and teriyaki dishes....

Sushi Seoul / Restaurants

7089 Yonge Street 905.731.2711
Sushi Seoul

Sushi Seoul is a restaurant near Yonge and Steeles that serves a mix of Chinese and Korean staples as well as sushi....

Sweet O'Clock / Cafes

5461 Yonge Street 647.352.5461 Website
Sweet O'Clock

Sweet O'Clock serves up sugary beverages and eats in North York. The menu is chock full of of sweet items like red bean shaved ice, traditional tofu pudding, and fresh...

Szechuan Gourmet / Restaurants

1033 Steeles Ave. West 416.663.8888 Website
Szechuan Gourmet

Szechuan Gourmet is tucked in a plaza at Bathurst and Steeles, not exactly a location known for good Chinese food, but many consider it to be a hidden gem...

Taftan Kebab / Restaurants

5372 Yonge Street 416.224.5985
Taftan Kebab

Taftan Kebab is a Persian take-out and catering restaurant that boasts its' "low calorie" healthy food. Persian cooking by nature is very greasy (and delicious), so a healthy option...

Tah Deeg / Restaurants

5525 Yonge Street 416.225.1688
Tah Deeg

Tah Deeg is a Persian buffet restaurant at Yonge and Finch, also offering take-out....

Talise / Restaurants

5421 Yonge St. 416.551.2111 Website

Talise is a boutique sandwich and pasta restaurant located at the Yonge and Finch area. Among many others, they offer extensive sub selections, such as the delicious veal pomodoro and...

Taro's Fish / Grocery Stores

800 Sheppard Ave E 416.730.8555 Website
Taro's Fish

Taro's Fish is a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon for a boatful of reasons, not the least of which because a trip there allows me to check off...

Tastes Like More Bakery / Baked Goods

3507 Bathurst St. 416.795.1089 Website
Tastes Like More Bakery

Tastes Like More Bakery bakes up a wide range of pastries, cakes and other desserts and even offers challah on Fridays. The best bets include their whoopie pies, cupcakes and...

Tasty Paan and More / Restaurants

2497 Finch Ave W 416.746.9746
Tasty Paan and More

Tasty Paan and More mixes up slushies, falooda, and ice cream drinks behind the counter. The "and More" in the name refers to the fact that this place is...

Tea Shop / Cafes

5184 Yonge St. 416.229.6288.
Tea Shop

The Tea Shop is a mostly take-out tea shop in North York specializing in milk tea....

Tekka Sushi / Restaurants

107 Parkway Forest Drive 416.496.2685 Website
Tekka Sushi

Tekka Sushi is located in an awkwardly shaped plaza directly across from Fairview Mall and offers AYCE sushi as well as a regular menu. Their a la carte items include...

Terrain Flowers / Design Stores

2847 Dufferin Street 416.489.7246 Website
Terrain Flowers

Terrain Flowers offers floral designs and hand-tied bouquets from its new shop on Dufferin....

Thai Basil Garden / Restaurants

1011 Finch Ave W 416.665.0588
Thai Basil Garden

Thai Basil Garden is a Thai and Chinese restaurant located close to Garthdale Park on Finch Avenue. The restaurant has a rather kitschy bamboo decor permeating its interior, but with...

Thai Bistro / Restaurants

5306 Yonge Street 416.222.4653
Thai Bistro

Thai Bistro is a tiny North York Thai restaurant, but don't let the size fool you. It offers big satisfaction with its authentic soups, curry dishes, and of course, pad...

The Burger Hut / Restaurants

804 Sheppard Avenue East 416.590.9287
The Burger Hut

The Burger Hut - despite the fact it is not, in fact, a hut - is otherwise one of the most honestly named restaurants I know. This is because unlike...

The Cake Boutique / Baked Goods

358 Wilson Avenue 416.636.6942 Website
The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique is a bakery serving up specialty cakes and pastries, in addition to a variety of other desserts. Visit The Cake Boutique's website for samples of shop owner...

The Captain's Boil / Restaurants

5313 Yonge St. 647.348.7808 Website
The Captain's Boil

The Captain's Boil is not some embarrassing foot ailment for the nautically inclined, but rather, an Asian-Cajun seafood restaurant in Toronto. There are two locations - North York and College...

The Chicken Nest / Restaurants

3038 Bathurst Street 416.787.6378
The Chicken Nest

The Chicken Nest is a deli-style eatery featuring mainly kosher products. Menu items include barbecued meats, hearty sandwiches (including schnitzel and shawarma) and salads....

The Chicken Place / Restaurants

142 Willowdale Avenue 416.229.2777
The Chicken Place

The Chicken Place is, unsurprisingly, a pretty good place to get your chicken fix. Located in North York, this small family-run restaurant is a favourite with locals, many of whom...

The Currach / Restaurants

4916 Yonge Street 416.225.4343 Website
The Currach

The Currach is a North York pub that serves up classic Irish pub fare. On the menu you'll find old and faithfuls like roast beef dip, fried pickles, shepherd's pie...

The Fat Beet / Restaurants

7330 Yonge Street Thornhill 905.597.8081 Website
The Fat Beet

The Fat Beet is an all day eatery at the base of a condo tower in Thornhill where Indian and Israeli cuisines meet on one menu. Expect to find thali...

The Golden Burrito / Restaurants

2215 Steeles Ave. West 416.650.5551 Website
The Golden Burrito

The Golden Burrito is a North York fast food outlet where burritos, quesadillas, and naked burritos are the specialties. Customize each order from a choice of classic fillings like chicken,...

The Guksu and Noodle / Restaurants

7771 Yonge St, Thornhill 905.771.7777 Website
The Guksu and Noodle

The Guksu and Noodle is a Korean restaurant in Thornhill. They specialize in noodle soup and also serve deep-fried vegetables and dumplings. There's convenient parking right outside. ...

The Indian Kitchen (Thornhill) / Restaurants

7335 Yonge Street 905.881.0195 Website
The Indian Kitchen (Thornhill)

The Indian Kitchen is an Indian restaurant located in Thornhill, on Yonge just north of Steeles. The restaurant isn't very noticeable from the main road due to it being buried...

The OWL's Meat Shop / Grocery Stores

5334 Yonge Street 416.226.4848
The OWL's Meat Shop

The OWL's Meat Shop offers marinated cuts of meat and more. The store is a spin-off from the popular OWL of Minerva chain of Korean restaurants....

The Steak Pit / Restaurants

1666 Avenue Rd. 416.783.3077 Website
The Steak Pit

The Steak Pit on Avenue Road has been a top choice for beefsteaks, ribs and seafood since 1948. The menu opens with iconic apps including French onion soup, shrimp cocktails...

The West Wing / Restaurants

699 Lawrence Ave W 416.783.4999
The West Wing

The West Wing, located on Lawrence, is a diner/restaurant that cooks up some good ol' fashion comfort food. Guaranteed 'feel good' meals includes the fish 'n' chips, the signature dish,...

The Westin Prince / Hotels

900 York Mills Rd. 416.444.2511 Website
The Westin Prince

The Westin Prince is a popular uptown hotel located in Toronto. The hotel features a variety of dining options, spacious guest rooms, outdoor activities, a fitness studio and a business...

Tian Xin Place / Restaurants

5 Glen Cameron Road 905.707.7990
Tian Xin Place

Tian Xin Place is a Shanghainese Chinese restaurant located on Glen Cameron Road, just off of Yonge Street in Thornhill. The place isn't fancy, but they serve one of the...

Times Square Diner / Restaurants

531 Wilson Heights Bl 416.630.7696 Website
Times Square Diner

Times Square Diner may not exactly remind you of the famous NYC attraction, but it's full of retro charm. It's dimly lit, rather messy, and teeming with bygone relics like...

Tindahan / Grocery Stores

100 Steeles Avenue 905.882.1885

Tindahan is a South-East Asian grocery store located in the "Yorkville North" plaza on Steeles. If there's ever a craving for large amounts of Tapioca or Curry, or otherwise...

Toong / Restaurants

5588 Yonge St. 416.225.0904

Toong is a watering hole that may be fairly run-of-the-mill, but it does have an ace up its sleeve with its proximity to several Karaoke establishments, some located in the...

Top Saigon Restaurant / Restaurants

157 Ravel Rd. 416.490.8822
Top Saigon Restaurant

Top Saigon Restaurant has barely been open a month, but it already has one thing going for it -- impeccable location. Tucked inside a bustling plaza at the corner of...

Toronto Kosher / Grocery Stores

3459 Bathurst Street 416.633.9642 Website
Toronto Kosher

Toronto Kosher is a kosher butcher and food store on Bathurst Street. Providing a huge array of meat selections such as chicken, lamb, and veal, the store also offers a...

TOV-LI / Restaurants

3519 Bathurst Street 416.784.9900 Website

TOV-LI is popular amongst the Bathurst Jewish community, but also a victim of its popularity. Wait times are long, employees seem bewildered and in the end their $8 deluxe...

Traditional Korean Restaurant (Wonjo) / Restaurants

6016 Yonge Street 416.221.0590
Traditional Korean Restaurant (Wonjo)

Traditional Korean Restaurant (aka Wonjo), is a gem in the midst of a multitude of self-proclaimed best Pork Bone Soups, Bibimbops and Soon Tofu restaurants in North York. Though the...

Triple Crown Bar & Grill / Restaurants

1252 Lawrence Ave E 416.443.3376 Website
Triple Crown Bar & Grill

Triple Crown Bar and Grill is your standard pub on Lawrence near Victoria Park. It has a decent patio and pub grub, but is probably best known/patronized for its cheap...

TRX TrainStation / Fitness Clubs

75 Carl Hall Road, Unit #15??? 416.635.9200 Website
TRX TrainStation

TRX TrainStation is hard to find. Of course, if take the wrong left turn on approach as I did (I have 2 left feet), it makes it a lot...

Tuong Phat / Grocery Stores

309 Finch Avenue West 416.225.7935
Tuong Phat

Tuong Phat is a Korean supermarket located near Finch and Bathurst....

Twister Karaoke / Bars

5586 Yonge Street 416.225.2465 Website
Twister Karaoke

Twister Karaoke is the pride of North York. It's the only joint in town offering "karaoke boxes," though exactly what differentiates them from private rooms must be more nuanced...

Umami Sushi / Restaurants

3459 Bathurst Street 416.782.3375 Website
Umami Sushi

A fully kosher Japanese restaurant (I love Toronto's multiculturalism!) offers a full array of sushi options, as well as udon and rice noodles....

Underground Restaurant (York U) / Restaurants

4700 Keele Street 416.736.2100
Underground Restaurant (York U)

The Underground Restaurant is found in the lower level of the Student Centre at York University. It's a full sit-down restaurant serving salads, sandwiches and rotisserie specials....

United Bakers Dairy / Restaurants

506 Lawrence Ave West 416.789.0519
United Bakers Dairy

The United Bakers Dairy was once a pillar of Jewish Spadina but it moved uptown years ago with its clientele, into this big, buzzing space where you can get a...

Universal Lamp / Design Stores

121 Cartwright Ave. 416.787.8900 Website
Universal Lamp

Universal Lamp is one of the city's go-to lighting locations for interior designers. Open since 1949, the store offers a huge selection of interior and exterior lightening. Their North York...

Urmia Market / Grocery Stores

5323 Yonge Street 416.464.7920 Website
Urmia Market

Urmia Market is a Middle Eastern grocery store that offers pantry staples and Middle Eastern products, as well as prepared foods and pastries....

Urraca Resto Lounge / Restaurants

19A Finch Avenue 647.748.7122 Website
Urraca Resto Lounge

Urraca Resto Lounge is a chic Asian restaurant and lounge located within the confines of Koreatown North, close to the Finch TTC station. They offer fusion takes on various Korean...

Valentino's Smokin' Salmon / Grocery Stores

1875 Leslie St. 416.425.2177 Website
Valentino's Smokin' Salmon

Valentino's Smokin Salmon is the new kid on the block when it comes to smoked fish, but the family-run shop has already landed on the shelves at Pusateri's, Fiesta Farms,...

Vegan Danish Bakery / Baked Goods

7718 Yonge St. 905.882.1331 Website
Vegan Danish Bakery

Vegan Danish Bakery in Thornhill is a tiny shop that bakes up just what their names promises - Danish pastries, cookies, cakes and bread all made with 100% vegan ingredients....

Veggie Thali / Restaurants

1410 Victoria Park Ave. 416.285.8344 Website
Veggie Thali

Veggie Thali sells its namesake thali for less than $10, but there are lots of other budget friendly, all-veg offerings here too. Hot table selections include aloo gobi, dal makhni...

Vernisage / Restaurants

72 Steeles Avenue West 905.707.1844 Website

Vernisage is an event space and restaurant serving cabbage rolls, potato dumplings and more to crowds of up to 120 people....

Via Cibo / Restaurants

808 York Mills 647.352.7556 Website
Via Cibo

Via Cibo is a fast casual restaurant on York Mills that purports to make tasty Italian street food. The eating experience here feels like a fast food chain without the...

Vietnamese Delight / Restaurants

5533 Yonge Street 416.229.4321
Vietnamese Delight

Vietnamese Delight is a restaurant and take-out spot offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Just look for the cartoon cow....

Wakame Sushi / Restaurants

638 Sheppard Ave. W 416.631.0505 Website
Wakame Sushi

Wakame Sushi in North York offers both all-you-can-eat and set dinner options of Japanese cuisine, including noodles, soups and, of course, sushi. ...

Wako Sushi & Sake Bar / Restaurants

5213 Yonge Street 416.551.4476
Wako Sushi & Sake Bar

Wako is a sushi restaurant and sake bar on Yonge St. near Sheppard Avenue. Despite its name resembling a character from the Animaniacs, this place is decidedly (and fortunately) less...

Warrior Muay Thai (Railside Road) / Fitness Clubs

12-73 Railside Road 647.295.6143 Website
Warrior Muay Thai (Railside Road)

Warrior Muay Thai on Railside Road opened up after their previous location on Don Mills Rd. became too small to house their growing student numbers. They continue to host Muay...

What A Bagel / Baked Goods

3515 Bathurst St 416.785.7222 Website
What A Bagel

What a Bagel can do more than just bagels. Challah masters may be able to detect slight differences between loaves with so many locations throughout the GTA, but What A...

Wiki Star / Restaurants

15 Northtown Way 416.223.6661
Wiki Star

Wiki Star is a bubble tea shop on Northtown way that also sells cheap Taiwanese take-out including noodle soups and rice dishes....

Willy's Jerk (Weston Road) / Restaurants

2349 Finch Ave W 416.740.5893
Willy's Jerk (Weston Road)

Willy's Jerk is easy to find, just follow the Jamaican music booming above the entrance. You guessed it, jerk chicken, curry, and all the classic West Indian dishes served up...

Wolfie's Deli / Restaurants

670 Sheppard Ave. W 416.638.9653
Wolfie's Deli

The owner of Wolfie's Deli is incredible, talking electronics and cracking open tiny glass bottles of coke from his 1954 pop dispenser. He is ecstatic to serve up massive sandwiches...

Wonderpho / Restaurants

865 York Mills Rd 647.352.5777 Website

Wonderpho has recently opened their slick Vietnamese restaurant on York Mills. As the name suggests, there is pho on the menu alongside crowd favourites like spring rolls, skewers and curry...

Xe Lua (Steeles) / Restaurants

180 Steeles Avenue West 905.882.2122
Xe Lua (Steeles)

Xe Lua is a Vietnamese restaurant on Steeles between Yonge and Hilda....

Yakamoz Grill / Restaurants

373 Wilson Avenue 416.633.6142
Yakamoz Grill

Yakamoz Grill is Wilson Avenue's resident shawarma joint. Yakamoz's menu includes typical Middle Eastern fare such as falafels, shawarma, and kebabs, but also includes a couple of out-of-the-box items including...

Yama Sushi / Restaurants

4704 Yonge Street 416.849.8321
Yama Sushi

Yama Sushi is a cozy Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices and an all-you-can-eat option....

YellowKorner / Galleries

34 Clock Tower Road 647.348.7122 Website

YellowKorner is a contemporary photography gallery with outposts across the globe. Founded in 2006, YellowKorner aims to promote photographers worldwide by making their work as accessible as possible. Visit the...

Yi Tea Shop / Restaurants

3030 Don Mills Rd West 647.476.7783 Website
Yi Tea Shop

Yi Tea Shop is a small bubble tea shop that takes the place of what was formerly Tea Shop 168. Despite the fact that it looks small from the outside,...

Yogoberri / Restaurants

6070 Yonge Street 416.512.0488

Yogoberri in North York offers Korean-style desserts, with its specialty being frozen yogurt AKA "frogurt." Patrons pick their flavour of yogurt and then garnish it with their choice of toppings....

Yoko Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

490 McNicoll Ave. 416.502.9750
Yoko Japanese Restaurant

Yoko Japanese Restaurant offers fresh sushi and exquisitely presented rolls. Enjoy the quiet, relaxing atmosphere at dinnertime and be sure to try the beautifully decorated Green Dragon Roll (around $15)....

Yorkyaki Restaurant / Restaurants

3030 Don Mills Road East 647.968.9863
Yorkyaki Restaurant

Yorkyaki Restaurant is a newly-opened Japanese restaurant located in Peanut Plaza, right outside the Tone Tai Supermarket. With a memorable name (which I assume is a portmanteau of "North York"...

Yu Ki Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

3259 Dufferin St. 416.781.8433
Yu Ki Japanese Restaurant

Yu Ki Japanese Restaurant is a serviceable sushi joint near Orfus Road and Dufferin....

Yummy Cone / Restaurants

7191 Yonge St. Thornhill 647.778.1111 Website
Yummy Cone

Yummy Cone is a small restaurant that serves up an interesting take on pizza - it's stuffed inside a cone. Capitalizing on a new food trend that's apparently gaining steam...

Yummy Market / Grocery Stores

4400 Dufferin Street 416.665.0040
Yummy Market

Yummy Market is the largest Eastern European supermarket in Toronto. While its location (on Dufferin between Finch and Sheppard) is not the most accessible by public transportation, the food definitely...

Yuzu Izakaya / Restaurants

5582 Yonge Street 416.224.8179
Yuzu Izakaya

Yuzu Izakaya is one of the latest additions to Koreatown North. Open since May of this year, the pub like Japanese restaurant focuses on what's fresh and seasonal as the...

Zaffron / Restaurants

6200 Yonge St. 416.223.7070 Website

Zaffron is a creative medley of Italian and Persian cuisine in Thornhill. There aren't many places where one can order risotto and fesenjoon in one sitting but Zaffron does it...

Zaneen Lighting / Design Stores

30 Tycos Drive 416.247.9221 Website
Zaneen Lighting

Zaneen Lighting is the place to go for all your unique and upscale lighting needs. With an office in Toronto and a showroom in New York, these guys take lighting...

ZenQ Desserts / Cafes

5437 Yonge St 647.350.9367 Website
ZenQ Desserts

ZenQ Desserts is an international chain that started in Taiwan and spread to Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and now Canada. This place takes traditional desserts and adds a modern twist. Think...

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