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Diemonds shine on Day 2 at CMW

Posted by Roger Cullman / March 24, 2012

Diemonds at CMW Day 2 at WrongbarLocal rockers Diemonds brought The Bad Pack sound to Wrongbar on Thursday night, giving a spirited trip down '80s hair metal nostalgia during day two of Canadian Music Fest.

The Truth Explosion and Jagermeister showcase party featured seven bands in all. Starting things off was the soulful Tanika Charles and The Wonderfuls.

Tanika Charles at Wrongbar during CMWShe showed off a little leg early in her set and there was a huge bruise there, where the tambourine landed from her previous gig. This woman doesn't hold back. You can catch her tonight at The Great Hall (1087 Queen St. W.) with Van Hunt.

Tanika Charles at Wrongbar during CMWAll the bands on the bill were Toronto-based. Next up was Troubador, decidedly more liquored up and rock 'n' roll. Their bass player was fun to watch as he moved about the stage, but the band's sound wasn't too memorable.

Troubador at Wrongbar during CMWLava and Ash came up next and the crowd perked up a bit more.

Lava and Ash at Wrongbar during CMWBut a change of pace came quick once Neon Windbreaker got on stage, surprising a few on hand with their in-your-face punk, led by a frenetic young guy in a plain white t-shirt screaming into a microphone, prancing about the stage and amongst the crowd with equal aplomb.

Neon Windbreaker at Wrongbar during CMWBy the time Brews Willis got on, the PBR was flowing - as was the Jager. But these guys didn't offer much new or interesting. At least compared to what came before or what was about to hit the stage.

Brews Willis at Wrongbar during CMWI first encountered the band Diemonds a few weeks ago at The Pinball Cafe, where at least three of them showed up all decked out in matching jean jackets emblazoned with DIEMONDS on them, unmistakably and unabashedly wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Diemonds at Wrongbar during CMWDiemonds, who also opened up for the Slash show at The Phoenix last night, know how to crank it up a few notches on stage.

Diemonds at Wrongbar during CMWThey always dress the part and act the part. And tear the place apart.

Diemonds at Wrongbar during CMWLots of hair and attitude, led by a wailing Priya Panda and featuring C.C. Diemond on guitar. The band is going on a U.S. tour in May and June. If you missed them during CMW, be sure to keep an eye out for Diemonds, as I'm sure more good things will follow for them.

DZ Deathrays at Wrongbar during CMWAfter six Toronto-based bands on the set, I kinda felt bad for Brisbane, Australia duo DZ Deathrays, as Wrongbar really cleared out after Diemonds. But you can catch them again this evening at 4:45 at The ElMo (downstairs) for the Aussie BBQ.

Photos by Roger Cullman Photography.



Anthony / March 26, 2012 at 07:15 am
Wow, the only thing I gathered from this blog was that Roger Cullman must love diamond studded gaggers. I wasn't able to make it to this show, but from what I've been hearing; DZ deathrays were amazing, and though they were good - most of the crowd dissipated before Diemonds hit the stage.
hater / March 26, 2012 at 09:59 am
cant stand that diemonds band

definately not worth the hype.
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