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Bayview and Leaside

Leaside might not get the acclaim of Rosedale or Forest Hill, but it's one of Toronto's most posh neighbourhoods and has recently become something of a dining destination for residents of mid-town Toronto and beyond. The flavour of the month is Amaya, now widely appointed as one of the city's top Indian restaurants. It anchors a bustling stretch on Bayview south of Eglinton that's bursting with antiques stores, restaurants and specialty stores. Nearby there's not just one but a handful of green spaces to while away a weekend afternoon including Serena Gundy, Trace Manes and Howard Talbot Parks.

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Adamson Barbecue / Restaurants

176 Wicksteed Avenue 416.316.5216 Website
Adamson Barbecue

Adamson Barbecue encapsulates every romanticized expectation I have of Texas barbecue joint. That's probably because Adam Skelly modeled his lunch-only spot - located inside a Leaside-area warehouse - after the...

Against the Grain (Leaside) / Restaurants

85 Laird Dr. 647.748.2840 Website
Against the Grain (Leaside)

Against the Grain is a casual neighbourhood tavern modelled after the original Harbourfront location. The menu is eclectic offering everything pub standards like nachos and wings to more upmarket options...

All Canadian Self Storage / Services

1 Laird Drive 416.203.3331 Website
All Canadian Self Storage

All Canadian Self Storage has three locations in the Toronto area including a sprawling one on Laird Drive. Rates here are about average ($175 for a 5x10) but all units...

Amaya Express / Restaurants

1574 Bayview Avenue 416.322.0020 Website
Amaya Express

Amaya Express is the quick serve and take out sibling to Bayview's all-the-rage Amaya the Indian Room. There's a second location at 3305 Yonge Street. ...

Amsterdam Brewery / Grocery Stores

45 Esander Dr. 416.504.1040 Website
Amsterdam Brewery

Amsterdam Brewery has been around in Toronto since 1986. Formerly located near the bottom of Bathurst Street, the brewery headed to a larger space in Leaside back in 2012. It...

Aroma Espresso Bar (Leaside) / Cafes

89 Laird Dr. 647.352.2183 Website
Aroma Espresso Bar (Leaside)

Aroma Espresso Bar in Leaside offers the same coffee and sandwich menu of other locations in spacious setting adjacent to a new shopping plaza....

B to B Maternity / Fashion Stores

1643 Bayview Ave. 647.352.8440 Website
B to B Maternity

B to B Maternity is a great solution for expecting moms' clothing budget woes (hey, buying a whole new wardrobe gets expensive). Thrifty moms-to-be can head to Bayview and Eglinton...

Badali's Fruit Market / Grocery Stores

1587 Bayview Avenue 416.488.4232
Badali's Fruit Market

Badali's is a fruit and vegetable store on Bayview that stocks good quality produce year round. ...

Bagel House / Baked Goods

1548 Bayview Avenue 416.481.8184 Website
Bagel House

The Bagel House is the best source in Toronto for Montreal-style bagels. Crafted by a pair of ex-Montrealers, the bagels are now available 24 hours a day at Bagel House's...

Big Stretch Yoga (Bayview) / Fitness Clubs

1560 Bayview Avenue 416.486.4448 Website
Big Stretch Yoga (Bayview)

Big Stretch Yoga on Bayview if an intimate yoga studio that offers classes throughout the week. ...

Boardsports / Fashion Stores

105 Vanderhoof Ave. 416.485.9463 Website

Boardsports is a shop located near Vanderhoof skatepark in Leaside that encompasses all types of boarding activities from skating, longboarding and snowboarding to kite, wake and wind surfing. Skate decks ($55...

Bravo Pizza / Restaurants

901 Millwood Road 416.425.2500 Website
Bravo Pizza

Bravo Pizza bills itself as having Toronto's best pizza. It backs this up with an extensive menu featuring gourmet and Sicilian pizza options and toppings like bocconcini, pecorino and baby...

California Roll / Restaurants

1634 Bayview Ave 416.322.6668
California Roll

California Roll serves up Japanese food, all-you-can-eat sushi, as well as Chinese dim sum and Thai food....

Charmaine Sweets / Baked Goods

115 Vanderhoof Ave. 416.234.5105 Website
Charmaine Sweets

Charmaine Sweets Studio immediately catches my eye from the outside, a standalone rectangular box with its name written in huge letters across the building. Found at the corner of an...

Chocolate Messenger / Grocery Stores

1645 Bayview Avenue 416.488.1414 Website
Chocolate Messenger

Chocolate Messenger has been making natural chocolate goodies in the Swiss tradition since 1985. They carry one of the largest selections of chocolate in Toronto and are famous for their...

Collage Designs / Design Stores

1745 Bayview Ave 416.932.0302 Website
Collage Designs

Collage Designs is the location of the Collage Designs interior design firm, run primarily by a mother-daughter team. They specialize in ornate and luxurious looks, and can update your personal...

Core Body Science Pilates / Fitness Clubs

856 Millwood Road 416.799.0444 Website
Core Body Science Pilates

Core Body Science Pilates is the go-to spot in Leaside for pilates classes. Classes are offered multiple times daily as privates or semi. Personal training is also available....

Corks Beer & Wine Bar / Restaurants

25 Industrial Street 416.421.6806
Corks Beer & Wine Bar

Corks Beer and Wine Bar is next to the a Longo's supermarket in Leaside. Their specialty is panini, wine and craft beer....

Cornflower Blue / Fashion Stores

1606 Bayview Avenue 416.489.4167 Website
Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue on Bayview sells women's tops, pants and accessories....

Cumbrae's (Bayview) / Grocery Stores

1636 Bayview Avenue 416.485.5620 Website
Cumbrae's (Bayview)

Cumbrae's has three locations in Toronto including this one on South Bayview. Like their other locations, this one is home to some of the city's best selection of dry-aged beef,...

Cupcakes Leaside / Baked Goods

85 Laird Drive, Unit 4 416.287.2253 Website
Cupcakes Leaside

Cupcakes Leaside is the first foray into the Toronto market by the Vancouver-based Cupcakes chain. Most people would probably recognize the brand for its W Network series The Cupcake Girls,...

De La Mer / Grocery Stores

1543 Bayview Avenue 647.350.3355 Website
De La Mer

De La Mer is a recent addition to South Bayview. The fishmonger stocks a fresh selection of fish, oysters and other seafood items. As a nice bonus, the lemons and...

Dew / Fashion Stores

1553 Bayview Avenue 647.436.1232

Dew on Bayview stocks stylish women's accessories, cashmere sweaters, tops and knitwear....

Drink Juice Co. / Restaurants

463 Manor Rd E. 647.352.4333 Website
Drink Juice Co.

Drink Juice Co. is a smoothie and juice bar in the Bayview and Eglinton area where you'll find a line-up of cold pressed juices and almond milks bottled and ready...

Duff's Famous Wings (Bayview) / Restaurants

1604 Bayview Avenue 416.544.0100 Website
Duff's Famous Wings (Bayview)

Duff's Famous Wings' infamous Tuesday night wing special (10 wings for $7.25) has undoubtedly worked its way into many a Leaside household's routine. This Bayview location is much larger than...

Enduro Sport / Services

94 Laird Drive 416.449.0432 Website
Enduro Sport

Enduro Sport sells products that - as the name suggests - cater to those participating in endurance sports like running, cycling, and triathlons....

Epi Breads / Baked Goods

1526 Bayview Ave 416.488.1952 Website
Epi Breads

The only bakery in the area (and possibly the city) with a conical roof, Epi Breads has a complete selection of freshly-baked breads and pastries, as well as a good-sized...

Extoggery / Fashion Stores

10 Brentcliffe Rd 416.696.6700 Website

Extoggery is an upscale consignment shop offering brand named new and used men's and women's clothing and accessories. ...

Fine Asian Bowl / Restaurants

1634 Bayview Avenue 416.481.4900 Website
Fine Asian Bowl

Fine Asian Bowl has two locations in Toronto - 522 Yonge Street and this one uptown at 1634 Bayview. Both restaurants offer a wide selection of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese...

Fiorio Salon / Fashion Stores

1541 Bayview Avenue 416.481.7700 Website
Fiorio Salon

Fiorio Salon has nine locations in the Toronto area including this one on Bayview. Others can be found on Avenue Road, Yonge St., Yorkville and Queen East in the Beaches....

FitWall Toronto / Fitness Clubs

1675 Bayview Avenue 647.748.8011 Website
FitWall Toronto

FitWall Toronto is the latest gym to offer (you guessed it) FitWall, which is one of the latest fitness trends to hit Toronto, but you probably haven't heard of it...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Laird) / Restaurants

85 Laird Dr. 416.429.4141 Website
Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Laird)

Five Guys Burgers and Fries promises to provide you with the classic, greasy burger and fry experience. The chain serves up the dependable menu of assorted cheeseburgers, regular burgers, and...bulk...

Flower Plus / Design Stores

1709 Bayview Avenue 416.485.1167 Website
Flower Plus

Flower Plus supplies fresh cut flowers and other floral arrangements to North Toronto homes. ...

Flying Wheels / Services

463 Manor Road 416.487.5601 Website
Flying Wheels

Flying Wheels is a tiny bike shop on Manor Road that sells a small selection of bikes and accessories and also provides services like tune-ups, repairs and major overhauls. ...

Fukui Sushi / Restaurants

1612 Bayview Avenue 416.487.3388 Website
Fukui Sushi

Fukui Sushi on Bayview is popular for its daily lunch specials and fresh sushi, sashimi and donburi. ...

Gayle Force / Fitness Clubs

1399 Bayview Ave 416.421.5095 Website
Gayle Force

Gayle Force is a group fitness facility that teaches pilates, stretch, yoga, cardio and my favourite, physique barre method. Located inside a church, classes are offered daily....

Hollywood Gelato / Restaurants

1640 Bayview 416.544.9829 Website
Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato is proof that gelato is not simply a Toronto trend. Naturally made, made-from-scratch, freshly prepared gelato, that is. Hollywood Gelato has been around for eons compared to all...

Homefront / Design Stores

1579 Bayview Avenue 416.485.2305 Website

Homefront has a couple of locations in Toronto including one on Bayview Avenue. They sell a range of kitchen supplies and dishware....

Horticultural Design / Design Stores

1610 Bayview Ave 416.488.7716
Horticultural Design

Horticultural Design creates custom floral arrangements, as well as offers garden and outdoor accessories....

Indian Street Food Co. / Restaurants

1701 Bayview Ave. 416.322.3270 Website
Indian Street Food Co.

Indian Street Food Co. has replaced Amaya the Indian Room on Bayview. It's a 50-seat canteen from Hemant Bhagwani that made headlines upon launch for its no tipping policy, a...

Insideout Studio / Fitness Clubs

210 Laird 416.849.4765 Website
Insideout Studio

Insideout Studio believes in a holistic approach to fitness. This fitness facility offers personalized individual programs as well as group classes - for athletes and regular og's looking to get...

Kamasutra Indian Restaurant / Restaurants

1522 Bayview Avenue 416.489.4899 Website
Kamasutra Indian Restaurant

Kamasutra Indian Restaurant was the original destination for Indian food on Bayview, long before Amaya the Indian Kitchen arrived. ...

Kintako Sushi / Restaurants

214 Laird Dr. 416.800.6074 Website
Kintako Sushi

Kintako is a Japanese restaurant in East York that does dine-in, takeaway and delivery. The menu lists a la carte sushi selections, noodles, donburi bowls, and complete teishoku meal sets....

L'Avenue Bistro / Restaurants

1568 Bayview Ave 416.485.1568 Website
L'Avenue Bistro

L'Avenue Bistro serves lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on weekends. You'll find French-inspired dishes such as french onion soup, steak frites, rabbit rillette, and lentil du puy, as...

Landmark Oriental Kitchen / Restaurants

1620 Bayview Avenue 416.544.0888 Website
Landmark Oriental Kitchen

Landmark Oriental Kitchen is a pan-Asian restaurant on Bayview south of Eglinton. It offers a mix of Chinese and Thai dishes, with a particular highlight being the pepper chili shrimp....

Leaside Yoga / Fitness Clubs

862 Millwood Road 416.822.1402 Website
Leaside Yoga

Leaside Yoga on Millwood Road specializes in Iyengar Hatha yoga classes aimed at improving balance, strength and stability....

Lemongrass / Restaurants

1630 Bayview Avenue 416.322.8202 Website

"This is the best calamari I've ever had," Jeff says to me suddenly. We're sharing the deep-fried calamari at Lemongrass on Bayview, a restaurant which specializes in Thai and Vietnamese...

Leonard's Family Restaurant / Restaurants

220 Laird Drive 416.421.9797
Leonard's Family Restaurant

Leonard's Family Restaurant is a popular weekend brunch spot across from the shopping plaza near Laird and Eglinton Avenue East. Expect plenty of egg offerings like eggs benedict as well...

Lit Espresso Bar (Leaside) / Cafes

1517 Bayview Ave. 416.519.1884 Website
Lit Espresso Bar (Leaside)

Lit Espresso Bar has closed up its location at College and Ossington and opened an outpost on Bayview in Leaside instead. Taking over the space that used to be Play...

Local Public Eatery (Leaside) / Restaurants

180 Laird Drive 416.696.6226 Website
Local Public Eatery (Leaside)

Local Public Eatery is a chain based out of Vancouver. In Toronto, locations in Liberty Village and Leaside have been warmly welcomed by locals looking for elevated pub grub, brunch...

Maki Sushi III (Laird) / Restaurants

45 Wicksteed Avenue 416.696.1258 Website
Maki Sushi III (Laird)

Maki Sushi on Laird has a wide range of sushi options and all you can eat offerings. The portions here are more than generous so be wary when ordering, your...

McSorley's Saloon / Restaurants

1544 Bayview Avenue 416.932.0655 Website
McSorley's Saloon

McSorley's Saloon is a neighbourhood pub on Bayview that serves a popular All Day Hangover breakfast and better than average pub fare including a pulled pork sandwich, baked brie and...

Menchie's (Leaside) / Restaurants

45 Wicksteed Ave 647.933.6132 Website
Menchie's (Leaside)

Menchie's is an American-based frozen yogurt chain with locations across the GTA. While supply has already seemed to outstrip demand for this fad-ish product, Menchie's just might be able to...

Merchant of Tennis / Fashion Stores

1621 Bayview Avenue 416.932.2396 Website
Merchant of Tennis

The Merchant of Tennis just might be Toronto's best source for tennis clothes, shoes, racquets, balls and other gear. They can also hook you up with local pros to help...

Millwood Melt / Restaurants

902 Millwood Road 647.885.7048 Website
Millwood Melt

Millwood Melt serves up gourmet version of grilled cheese sandwiches--featuring tuna, bacon, smoked ham or spiced avocados--coffee from Ideal Coffee, teas from Tealish, and bread from St. John's Bakery....

Mt. Everest Restaurant (Eglinton) / Restaurants

804 Eglinton Ave. East 647.748.8849 Website
Mt. Everest Restaurant (Eglinton)

Mt. Everest Restaurant deals in Royal Indian and Nepali cuisines offering dishes like khasi ko maasu (goat curry) along with an abundance of vegetarian options including jhane ko dal (stewed...

Nigiri-Ya / Restaurants

897 Millwood Road 416.423.4419

Nigiri-Ya is a new Japanese take-out restaurant which opened early May in a tiny strip mall in Leaside. The decor is simple yet sophisticated: a blackboard lists the menu and...

North Movement Studio / Fitness Clubs

1675 Bayview Ave 647.351.3335 Website
North Movement Studio

North Movement Studio is a fitness studio located in the Bayview and Leaside area. It offers mat classes, private sessions, equipment circuit classes, message therapy and more. Photo via North Movement...

Olde Yorke / Restaurants

96 Laird Dr. 416.696.9670
Olde Yorke

The Olde Yorke Fish & Chips is a throwback in the very best sense of the word. Walking into the dining room I am surrounded by dark wood, (now) vintage...

Once Upon A Child / Fashion Stores

1386 Bayview Avenue 416.485.2776 Website
Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child is a chain of used children's clothing and accessories stores. If you don't mind doing a bit of sifting and settling, then this is the place...

Passion Fruits / Grocery Stores

1535 Bayview Avenue 416.322.6110
Passion Fruits

Passion Fruits is a neighbourhood grocer on Bayview that sells a decent selection of flowers, fruits and vegetables....

Patisserie La Cigogne / Baked Goods

1626 Bayview Avenue 416.487.1234
Patisserie La Cigogne

Entering Patisserie La Cigogne, I make a beeline for the front pastry showcase to drool over the offerings of the day. The posted descriptions are mouthwatering on their own: the...

Pluck Teas / Grocery Stores

#200 89 Research Rd . 416.882.7787 Website
Pluck Teas

Pluck Teas is a bespoke loose-leaf teahouse founded by sommelier and connoisseur Jennifer Commins. It sells its one-of-a-kind tea blends online and wholesale and incorporates local ingredients like lavender from...

Power Yoga Canada (Leaside) / Fitness Clubs

85 Laird Dr. 416.728.9010 Website
Power Yoga Canada (Leaside)

Power Yoga Canada opened its first Toronto franchise in August and it already has a loyal following of Leaside yummy mummies (and daddies), getting their sweat on with the signature...

Pure Fitness / Fitness Clubs

939 Eglinton Avenue East 416.429.7873 Website
Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness offers 30,000 square feet of space for you to sweat in. Group exercise, yoga, Pilates, spinning and the usual are on offer as well as unusual classes like...

Rahier / Baked Goods

1586 Bayview Avenue 416.482.0917 Website

Rahier Patisserie is said to offer some of the best French baked goods and pastries in all of Leaside. Of course, many would say its croissants rival all others in...

Refuel Juicery (Bayview) / Restaurants

1633 Bayview Ave 416.792.1192 Website
Refuel Juicery (Bayview)

Refuel Juice Bar offers cold press juices, shakes, power smoothies and some healthy salads. On Bayview in the Davisville area, all shakes can be made using almond milk, coconut water,...

Revolution MMA / Fitness Clubs

150 Lesmill Road 416.847.1020 Website
Revolution MMA

Revolution MMA is a beautiful gym that makes the most of its space. The gym consists of a pro shop, octagon, MMA training area and a sound-proof Krav Maga room....

Riz Pan Asian / Restaurants

1677 Bayview Avenue 416.487.8388 Website
Riz Pan Asian

Riz is a chic restaurant on Bayview that cooks up a range of Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian and Korean cuisine. It's a great spot for those on gluten free diets as...

Roarockit / Fashion Stores

880 Millwood Road 416.938.4588 Website

Roarockit is a Leaside skate shop with a twist - nstead of carrying all the usual brands, general hardware, clothing and other skate related goods, they sell starter kits of...

Robert Lowrey Piano Experts / Services

943 Eglinton Ave. East 416.423.0434 Website
Robert Lowrey Piano Experts

Robert Lowrey's name is on the side of grand pianos rented for professional recitals all over the city - one afternoon when I wandered the upstairs showrooms, the nine-and-a-half foot...

Rollian Sushi / Restaurants

660 Eglinton Avenue East 416.489.4303 Website
Rollian Sushi

Rollian Sushi serves all the usual rolls, sushi, and sashimi. They also offer teriyaki, tempura and udon dishes for those who prefer hot meals. ...

Rosie's Kitchen / Restaurants

1549 Bayview Ave 416.482.4197
Rosie's Kitchen

Rosie's Kitchen is a popular neighbourhood brunch and lunch spot serving bacon, eggs and toasted bagels. ...

Sandy's Cycle and Book Shop / Services

95 Research Road #1 416.467.1035
Sandy's Cycle and Book Shop

Sandy's Cycle has been selling and servicing bikes for around for 40 years. Carrying primarily Trek and Norco, Sandy's Cycle also offers tandem, and touring bicycles. They also sell used...

Satay on the Road / Restaurants

1572 Bayview Avenue 416.488.5153 Website
Satay on the Road

I won't pretend to be an expert of any Asian cuisine. However, I know enough to see that the city is flooded with "Toronto Thai" led by the success...

Savory Thymes / Grocery Stores

1537 Bayview Avenue 647.430.5730
Savory Thymes

Savory Thymes on Bayview sells a little bit of everything including prepared meals, flowers, fruits, vegetables, canned goods and more....

Sky Zone Toronto / Fitness Clubs

45 Esandar Drive 416.421.4567 Website
Sky Zone Toronto

Sky Zone Toronto is the second location of this trampoline park franchise opened by owner, Caroline Irving, in the GTA. Following on the heels of her popular outpost in Mississauga,...

St. John's Music / Services

109 Vanderhoof Ave 416.785.6300 Website
St. John's Music

St. John's Music has been selling instruments in Canada for over 80 years. They offer a wide range of instruments to either buy or rent. They also boast a repair...

Stars Food Shop / Grocery Stores

900 Millwood Road 416.467.8277 Website
Stars Food Shop

Stars Food Shop has pretty much everything; hot food to eat-in, fresh food to take-away, espresso pulled to order, and beer for the patio. And Reserved parking in the front...

The Flower Nook / Design Stores

1542 Bayview Ave 416.482.8200 Website
The Flower Nook

The Flower Nook has been selling flowers in Toronto for more than three decades. They specialize in floral arrangements, fruit and gourmet gift baskets....

The Sleuth Of Baker Street / Bookstores

907 Millwood Rd. 416.483.3111 Website
The Sleuth Of Baker Street

The Sleuth Of Baker Street offers perhaps the best selection of crime and mystery books in Toronto. Operated by Marian Misters and JD Singh, the little shop offers all of...

The Smokin' Cigar / Grocery Stores

1540 Bayview Ave. 416.545.0063 Website
The Smokin' Cigar

The Smokin' Cigar, open for 17 years on Bayview in Leaside, recently moved a block south to new, bigger digs with a sidewalk patio for enjoying what you've bought...

Tinto Bar de Tapas / Restaurants

1581 Bayview Ave 416.485.1581 Website
Tinto Bar de Tapas

Tinto Bar de Tapas is a place to eat and a place to chill for drinks. Don't be surprised if the entire restaurant breaks up into a group song after...

Tutti Violini / Services

1560 Bayview Av. 416.486.5050 Website
Tutti Violini

Tutti Violini offers patrons the opportunity to schedule an in-person appointment with owner Jaime Weisenblum or drop in during regular hours. In either case, Weisenblum offers his personal attention in...

Two Doors South / Restaurants

1568 Bayview Ave 416.544.1466
Two Doors South

Two Doors South is from the same team behind all the Amaya restaurants. They offer a mix of Italian and Indian fusion with dishes like chicken tikka pizza....

Verdi Trattoria / Restaurants

1566 Bayview Avenue 416.440.0452
Verdi Trattoria

Verdi Trattoria on Bayview specializes in wood-fired oven pizzas, pasta, fish and other Italian fare. ...

Vero Trattoria / Restaurants

1580 Bayview Avenue 416.322.8376
Vero Trattoria

Vero Trattoria is a newish restaurant on Bayview that replaced the suburban sounding Joey Fiasco's. The owners have earned their stripes at Bar Italia and have created a menu heavy...

Vizio Eyewear / Fashion Stores

1532 Bayview Avenue 416.486.8474 Website
Vizio Eyewear

Vizio Eyewear has some issues with spelling. At least in their web site url (check the s instead of the z). Irregardless, this South Bayview store has a good selection...

West Coast Kids / Fashion Stores

1646 Bayview Ave. 416.480.2288 Website
West Coast Kids

West Coast Kids established a foothold out west (where else?) before expanding to Toronto with a shop on Bayview Ave. that used to be Moms and More, stocking it with...

Whatever Lola Wants / Fashion Stores

1625 Bayview 647.350.1833
Whatever Lola Wants

I was killing some time between tasty treats at Hollywood Gelato and my massage appointment at Glow Spa when I discovered a new store on Bayview mysteriously named Whatever Lola...

Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse / Baked Goods

874 Eglinton Ave. East 416.423.9473 Website
Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse

Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse at Eglinton and Laird is one of those places that you step into and immediately want to chow down. The display case brims with sweet and...

Write Impressions / Design Stores

1515 Bayview Ave 416.322.5834 Website
Write Impressions

Write Impressions is a small chain of paper, card and stationery stores in the Toronto area including the above location on Bayview. ...

Your Clothes Friend / Fashion Stores

1573 Bayview Ave. 416.486.7755
Your Clothes Friend

Your Clothes Friend was rated by Jeanne Beker as one of her 100 top shops in Toronto. Inside, this women's only boutique stocks a wide range of tops, pants and...

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